Why I Want Sonny and Carly to Go Away for a While

Friday April 20


This week is taking another break from our normal Deconstructing GH column, which will return next week, to discuss an unpopular opinion. In this case my opinion isn’t unpopular depending on which half of General Hospital’s audience you ask. I believe that as soon as their current storylines wrap up, it’s time for Sonny and Carly to be back-burnered for a bit. I’m not suggesting they be written off, but instead given a break while the show concentrates on other storylines.

Sonny should visit Puerto Rico soon

The mob has always been a big part of GH for decades, going back to Luke Spencer. However Luke Spencer had stories outside the mob. Sonny’s life and stories on the other-hand are almost always linked to the mob, or revenge and violence in some way. The storyline with his father Mike’s Alzheimer’s has been a wonderful departure, until recently. As I ranted in last week’s Deconstructing GH, Mike recalling a secret from Sonny’s mob past was really disappointing. The writers could have come up with countless other secrets involving Sonny’s past. They could have drawn on his mother, his sister or something else he himself wasn’t aware of stemming back to his childhood. They could have even turned to Mike’s relationship with Luke and the Spencers, giving Lulu a renewed purpose and a reason to bring Laura back. Instead they went to the mob as usual. Sometimes it feels like General Hospital and its staff are just supporting characters in The Sonny Show, and are there to treat the fallout from his mob-related activities. Once Mike and Avery are found, and this issue with the body in the field is dealt with, perhaps Sonny should take Mike to his island off Puerto Rico to make some magical memories and bond with him. We can be shown a glimpse of them every now and then, and to be updated on Mike’s condition, but it’s time for a vacation for and from Sonny and the mob.

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Carly needs time to relax too

Even if you aren’t a fan of Sonny, the storyline with Mike’s Alzheimer’s is well written and brilliantly acted. Max Gail is knocking it out of the park as Mike. Seriously, just hand him the Daytime Emmy next year for Guest Actor. Nobody else should bother to apply. In contrast, Carly’s storyline involving Nelle trying to drive her crazy by making her believe Morgan is haunting her is just simply awful. Nelle has become a character who is simply unlikeable. Every time she shows a slight glimmer of humanity, I’m quickly reminded how much I should hate her. She’s even willing to throw her only friend Ava under the bus to suit her needs. What’s even worse, I really don’t feel sorry for Carly in all of this either, and feel like I am supposed to because Nelle is preying on the memory of her dead son. Once Carly finds out what Nelle has been doing, and properly puts her in her place, it is time for her to take a break too. She’ll need some mental relaxation and time away to yet again grieve her precious Morgan. Sonny should take her to the island with him. Also this will benefit others in town, mainly Jason, Sam and Drew, because Carly won’t be around to meddle in their lives.

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I need a break from Morgan too

If Sonny and Carly are back-burnered for awhile then the best part is that Morgan the magnificent won’t be mentioned on a daily basis. Seriously, I’m surprised they haven’t built a statue to Saint Morgan at Perk’s by now. Morgan was often a slime in life, but he’s become an angel in death and mentioned now more than when he was alive. Just make it stop!

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– Dustin Cushman


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