Deconstructing GH: Mike’s Storyline the Best on the Show

April 2 - 6:


General Hospital’s big anniversary show was a hit with many, though some felt important characters were slighted. However the best thing by far right now is the Alzheimer’s storyline involving Sonny’s father Mike. Many of the other stories on the show seems to have hit a slow slump. Fortunately the Jim Harvey storyline picked up steam by the week’s end.

The best storyline on the show.
Max Gail’s portrayal of Sonny’s father Mike slowly succumbing to the symptoms of Alzheimer’s has been moving and fantastic. It truly is the best storyline the show has going right now, and it is great to see Sonny doing something other than being a mobster. The closeness between Sonny and his father, but also his sons Michael and Dante, has been wonderful to see. The mystery of what Mike knows about Sonny’s past is interesting as well. Unfortunately, this storyline is not going to have a happy ending, which makes it all the more heartbreaking. When the time comes, tears will be shed, and not just by the characters on screen.

GH celebrates 55.
The big anniversary show centered around Sonny recreating Luke’s nightclub in hopes of jogging Mike’s memory. This of course set-up lots of great interactions and flashbacks. Seeing Alan and Lila again was fantastic, and I loved the scenes of Mac and Kevin going undercover in drag. Jason telling Monica that he loved her and she was his mom was touching as well. The flashbacks of Bobbie losing BJ, and her heart going to Maxie, were just as devastating today as they were then. Still, a lot was overlooked, and there obviously just wasn’t enough room to fit every great moment in. Many took to social media to vent that Laura was not mentioned, and is still off canvas. Liz received no flashback love as well. Then shortly after the big celebration came word that Kin Shriner may be out as Scott Baldwin, which infuriated many fans over another vet being disrespected. It was not the type of publicity the show was likely looking for on this big day.

Are you kidding me?
I explained in last week’s GH blog why I’m a fan of Franco and Liz as a couple. Still, as much as I like them, this Jim Harvey storyline has long since expired. On Friday’s episode it looked like the end was in sight with Betsy telling Drew what happened, which naturally we the viewers didn’t hear, and Franco saving Liz and Jake from Harvey. Then Harvey got the upper hand and has apparently kidnapped Franco. Couldn’t it just have been resolved then and there?

Other stalled storylines stinking up the screen.
While the Harvey storyline at least seems to be coming to a conclusion, others drag on. Nelle’s gaslighting of Carly is driving me crazier than Carly. How many times do we have to watch Carly sit around telling people about that ugly scarf Nelle planted? And don’t get me started on the episodes wasted watching Ava try and convince Nelle to ditch her plan and just be nice to Carly. Now Nelle’s haunting a house Carly no longer lives in, and making Carly talk about Morgan more than ever before. Great idea Nelle. Then there is Anna and Finn, who should have been a couple yesterday, but every time they get time alone they seem to have nothing to say. Neither one seems to have the guts to make the first move and reveal how they feel.

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So long Sam!
Sam taking a break to find herself was a welcomed move. She does need time to figure out what and who she wants, and I welcome the break from the Jason, Sam and Drew drama! Seeing Drew explore who he is, and bonding with Franco and Betsy has been far more interesting.

Peter, Peter, Peter!
Any doubts that Peter has an agenda, and it’s probably not a good one, were put to rest when he prepared himself before entering Griffin’s office where he put on a hell of a “poor me” performance in convincing Griffin to keep his secret. Griffin is going to be sorry, and so will the viewers who have to watch this farce continue to drag out.

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Dr. Disgusting.
Dr. Bensch’s apology to Kiki, and insisting he was not a predator, almost had me convinced. Kiki wasn’t, and by the end of the episode he was back to being a creepy pervert and listened to Kiki’s voicemail on his phone with bizarre lust in his eyes. Having Bensch’s storyline on at the same time as the teases that Harvey molested little Bobby and Andy is just too much at once. I feel like I need a shower after watching the show these days.

As usual these are just my thoughts on the latest episodes. Please leave your own in the comments.

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– Dustin Cushman


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