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Deconstructing GH: It’s Time to Send Jim Harvey Packing

March 19 - 23:

General Hospital went there this week with Bensch’s fixation on Kiki, and viewers were equally grossed out by Peter’s attentiveness with Maxie. One storyline that is definitely past its due date is what happened to Drew and Franco as kids. The Anna-Finn-Alexis-Julian-Kim quadrangle is getting old as well.

Time to land the plane.
Watching Drew and Franco somewhat put their differences aside while trapped in the basement was great, and their escape through the sewers and stinking up the PCPD squad room was pretty funny. Harvey-goon-GH-XJJ However, enough is enough. This storyline has dragged on forever. Now that Betsy has been freed from Harvey’s house where he was holding her hostage it is time for her to spill the beans and Harvey needs to take a trip to Pentonville. Franco’s admission to Liz that Harvey telling him he was a liar, that nobody would believe him, and his comment that Harvey touching him reminded him of the way he touched him in the past was telling. It seems Liz knew what Franco was admitting, and it would appear that Harvey was doing far more than just physically abusing little Bobby and Andy as it’s been hinted so far with the staircase drama.

Sam comes clean with Drew.
Sam finally told Drew that she still loved Jason, and it was truly heartbreaking. However she loves Drew too, and she finds herself torn. She did admit she handled the whole situation with Jason’s return wrong, and she should have been upfront with how she felt earlier. Sam probably should have stopped there, because when she started tearfully rambling that she doesn’t trust herself, and she needs to learn how to trust herself, it just sounded like she was making pathetic excuses. I felt more for Drew than I did for Sam in these scenes.

Healthy mind and body connection my foot!
I noted in last week’s Deconstructing GH, Dr Bensch creeping on Kiki was disgusting, and this week Kiki began to become unnerved by his attention. This storyline clearly seems timed to play into what is happening in the real world. While it is an important subject to discuss, it’s sad to see what could have been a great character like Bensch ruined. Now he’s just a perverted old man who will likely try and destroy Kiki’s reputation and career.

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Get a move on it Griffin and Brad.
Griffin finally began to suspect that Peter may be Faison’s child Henrik and asked Brad to do a DNA test to confirm this. Did Brad go on vacation again or something? This seems to be the slowest DNA test in the history of soaps. Peter tries comforting Maxie-GH-JJThis is another story that getting some resolution to is long overdue. Frankly I’m over Anna moaning to Andre about Henrik and what befell him. Then there is Peter fawning all over Maxie, which is grossing viewers out as much as Bensch’s intentions towards Kiki.

Just rip that band-aid off.
Poor Michael’s date with Francesca didn’t go so well once he fessed up to his situation with Nelle. She just didn’t want something so complicated, and Michael’s life is complicated. Michael just needs to invest in a dog or cat at this point, because even if he could find a woman who didn’t mind he was about to have a child with another woman, he’s going to have a hard time finding a woman that will want to deal with Nelle. At least Nelle is finally moving forward with her plan to gaslight Carly, which hopefully will be entertaining. It has to be better than watching Nelle stand around telling her baby bump how mean Carly is.

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The ridiculous quadrangle, or whatever it is.
Alexis and Finn make great friends, but her using him to try and get Julian to move on is pathetic. She needs to just have the strength to send Julian away if that is what she wants. Meanwhile Julian and Kim can’t seem to see how great they are, because they are both hung up on their exes. It was nice to see Andre step out of the way and encourage Anna to go after Finn. Hopefully she will, because Anna has just become pathetic lately. Where is the strong, fearless super-spy that Andre talked about? Heck, maybe that’s why he’s really not pursuing Anna, because she’s a shell of the woman she used to be. Of course just as Anna and Finn were finally working things out, Alexis crashed their talk to let Finn know about her lie to Julian. Finn, being good hearted, agreed to run with the lie. At least Julian finally made a move on Kim and kissed her. I’m ready to give up on Anna, Alexis and Finn though.

Sonny said what?
Sonny questioning Andre how in the world he was walking the streets a free man was laughable. How Maurice Benard said that line with such a straight face is beyond me!

As usual, these are only my thoughts on this week’s episodes. Agree or disagree, please leave your own in the comments.

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– Dustin Cushman


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