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Deconstructing GH: Dr Bensch’s Fixation on Kiki Creeping Viewers Out

March 12- 16:

The revelation that Finn has a brother was a welcomed surprise, while Sam continued to have the same conversation about her feelings for Jason over and over. There was some excitement with Franco and Drew’s search for the truth about Harvey, while Peter and Dr. Bensch continued to have creepy fixations with Maxie and Kiki. All in all it was a good week in Port Charles.

Friz is out, Frew is in!
The inevitable moment came when Liz finally learned Franco’s secret about pushing Drew down the stairs, and unfortunately it came from Sam and not Franco. Franco seems to be his own worst enemy, and it’s hard to feel sorry for him. Drew however didn’t believe Harvey’s story, and he and Franco teamed up to find out what really happened. I did feel for Franco when Harvey’s anger caused him to have another flashback and crumble into a ball of blubber. It was great to see Drew burst in to protect him, though it seems his Navy SEAL training did little good because he and Franco ended up locked in a building somewhere. I really enjoyed the banter between them while locked up. It was reminiscent of when they investigated Cassadine Island and what Helena did to Jake, and hope we will see an actual friendship form between the two. It’s time for Drew to get his memories back, especially given the bomb Sam’s waiting to drop on him, and seeing Kim admitted she still has feelings for him.

JaSam’s secret.
I’m shocked Liz didn’t run screaming to Drew with the knowledge that Sam was still in love with Jason. Maybe she was just too busy with her Franco problems, or maybe she realized it’s not her place to say anything. I sure wish someone would say something, because Jason and Sam have been having the same conversation about Sam telling Drew the truth for days now. Then Sam went and had the same damned conversation about her feelings for Jason with her mother. Someone needs to spill it to Drew before we have to listen Sam discuss her feelings for Jason with one more person and how she has to tell Drew.

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Someone call HR!
Something has been building between Kiki and Dr. Bensch for months now, and it doesn’t feel like a good thing. Sure, maybe Bensch is only trying to help Kiki, or maybe he is hoping to get something more out of his good deeds. Kiki has been smiling at him a lot, and I don’t know if she’s into him, or just being pleasant. I just can’t shake the feeling this is going to go to a bad place, and others on social media agree. Some feel a sexual harassment lawsuit, mimicking what’s going on in the real world, could be coming.

Nelle’s stalled plan.
Nelle needs to seriously step up her plan for Carly, because it’s getting old watching her tell her baby over and over that she has no choice but to take out Carly. Time to get the show on the road! Meanwhile, Michael was enamored with Nurse Francesca (played by Celesta DeAstis) and Carly was pleasantly pleased to see Michael with anyone but Nelle. Francesca better watch her back, because she may become Nelle’s target along with Carly. It was a shock to see Ava suggest to Nelle she simply back off and play nice with Carly, rather than risk her ire should things go wrong. That those words came out of Ava’s mouth was unexpected.

Peter vs. the world.
Peter is going to end up being one of those characters where half of Port Charles will know he’s Henrik, along with Anna’s long-lost child, before Anna finds out. He went to Griffin to find out if he has Huntington’s Disease, and Griffin later learned Faison had it. Yeah, he seems to be connecting the dots, but doesn’t know about Anna and Faison’s child yet. Why on earth did Peter go to a doctor in Port Charles for the test in the first place? He had to know it might lead to people figuring out he is Henrik. Obviously Griffin is bound by doctor-patient confidentiality, but he could drop hints that Faison’s son is closer than most realize. In the end, neither Peter nor Maxie’s child has the disease.

Nina also has a bone to pick with Peter, namely his interest in Maxie. I couldn’t figure out in last week’s Deconstructing GH if Peter felt sorry for Maxie, or was becoming obsessed with her like Faison was with Anna. Nina just wants him to back off, and I wonder how she’d react if she ever learned Valentin knew the truth about Henrik and had been protecting him all along. Given the guy led to Nathan’s death, Valentin better get Peter under control.

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Maxie and Lulu, the love is over.
Lulu really should have listened to Dante and gave Maxie space, but Lulu did what Lulu always does and made things worse. Like Franco, it’s hard to feel sorry for her right now, but part of me does. She never meant for Nathan to die, and is obviously sorry about what she did. Still, she doesn’t seem to get she can’t have what she wants when she wants it. Patience has never been her strong suit.

Finn’s got family!
The twist that the new cop in town Harrison Chase is actually Hamilton Finn’s half-brother was a total and delightful surprise. It’s rare to be truly surprised by what happens on soaps often, and this revelation didn’t disappoint. Between his on-again-off-again relationship with Anna, and his friendship with Alexis, Finn has really blossomed into a great character. So adding in some family makes sense.

These are just my opinions on this week’s episodes. Please share your own in the comments.

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– Dustin Cushman


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