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Deconstructing GH: Viewers Shocked and Heartbroken Over Nathan’s Death

January 29 - February 2:

It was a somber and sad week watching Nathan die and Maxie and his loved ones deal with their loss. While his murderer Faison was also killed, even his death was a blow to the show because he was an amazing villain.

Nathan’s heartbreaking death.
Even though the rumors of Ryan Paevey leaving General Hospital had prepared people for the fact that it was coming, the scenes involving Nathan’s death were devastating. When he woke up and talked with Maxie before flatlining it was such an awful false sense of security. For a brief moment it was easy to hope the rumors of his departure weren’t true. Kirsten Storms, Kathleen Gati and Michelle Stafford did amazing jobs as his devastated family. As much as soaps overdue the long-lost twin storyline, I wouldn’t be opposed to learning Obrecht hid Nathan’s twin brother elsewhere from Faison, just because it would give Paevey a chance to grace our screens again.

Watch your back Lulu!
Obrecht has already made it clear she blames Lulu, and even Dante for not controlling his wife (how sexist!), for the story revealing the truth about Nathan resulting in his death. I fear how Maxie will react to seeing Lulu, and how this will impact their friendship. Part of me feels sorry for Lulu because Peter, aka Henrik, played her to achieve his own desires and vengeance against his father.

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Faison’s garbled explanation.
I pointed out in last week’s Deconstructing GH that viewers were upset Sonny was making Jason and Drew’s switch about himself. Well we learned it wasn’t all about Sonny, it was about Faison wanting to use Jason’s skills as an assassin for his own. However, because of Jason’s brain damage, Faison’s mind control techniques wouldn’t work on him, which is why they turned Drew into Jason. Okay, hold up… while I liked this explanation, when Drew was mistaken for Jason initially it was because he had the same brain injuries Jason did! I guess that’s one of those things we are expected to forget happened. More annoying than that tidbit was that I found myself rewinding a lot this week to make out what the heck Faison was saying half the time.

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Faison 2.0?
Peter gloating to his dad that he killed the son he wanted was cold! He doesn’t even seem one bit remorseful for what Maxie and others are going through, or that his own brother is dead. Now we have to sit and wait for Drew, Sam and Jason to figure out Peter is Henrik. This will likely take a while given their skills at sleuthing. Peter definitely seems to be a new villain in the making, and seeing that Faison looks to actually be dead for once, the show is in need of a new source of crazy.

Anna’s secret.
Anna revealing to Faison’s corpse that she beat him and he never knew they had a child was a nice twist. Some had already speculated Henrik could be Faison and Anna’s child, but Obrecht’s information seemed to indicate it was his child by another woman. Even if Henrik isn’t Anna’s child, it may explain why she wants to keep him safe, because he has a sibling out there somewhere. Of course, if he is Anna’s child, I’d gather this will only drive him further over the edge being abandoned by her to live with Faison. Others however are furious that they would even write a story connecting Anna and Faison in this way.

Nutty Nelle.
Carly bringing Nelle’s year in a mental institution back up actually helped breathe a little life back into Nelle’s character. She already has the crazy eyes and flaring nostrils down pat, so it would be interesting if they delved into her issues as further explanation for why Nelle acts the way she does. Watching Nelle go off the deep-end thanks to Carly could make for an interesting story.

Sonny’s dad.
I found myself just not that interested in the return of Sonny’s estranged father. Perhaps once we learn what is going on with him I will change my mind. Right now it feels like a plot point to give Sonny something to do other than talk to Jason about Sam and his missing years.

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Kevin’s brain study.
It’s great to see Kevin get a storyline of his own studying the criminal mind and what may cause some people to become sociopaths. His procuring Faison’s brain was downright nasty, and Liz and Franco’s talk about his twin Ryan makes me wonder if there is possibly more going on with Kevin than we know. Seeing Kevin carry on without Laura though just feels wrong. They will inevitably have to address her absence, should the pressure of fans not change the show’s decision to drop Genie Francis from her contract.

These are just my opinions on this week’s episodes. Please share your own in the comments.

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– Dustin Cushman


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