Deconstructing GH: Charles Street Off to Slow Start, Has Potential

January 2 - 5:


Post New Year’s in Port Charles was a little slow. Several storylines have potential, they are just taking their sweet time getting off the ground. It’s still nice to see some diversity from what has become the Sonny and twins hour the past few months.

Cassandra: Down, but not yet out.
The Anna and Finn vs. Cassandra spy games seemed to come to an end this week with Finn, doped up on opioids thanks to Cassandra, attacking her and possibly injecting her with an overdose of her own drug. Anna found her body in her house and Finn stumbling around it, but later Cassandra’s body disappeared and was found in an alley, and the person who did that may have been the real culprit that pumped her full of drugs. I noted in last week’s Deconstructing GH that I haven’t been a fan of the opioid storyline, and oddly now that it seems to be getting good, Cassandra is in a coma and has been shipped off to a WSB facility. I hope we haven’t seen the last of her, because she still has Claudette somewhere and that storyline needs to be resolved.

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The new mayor of Port Charles.
Anything that helps feature the vets is a storyline worth getting onboard with. Still, not getting sucked into this mayor storyline has been disappointing, especially seeing Lomax’s downfall has been a story I wanted resolved for so long. The whole thing was fairly anti-climactic

Ned, not getting his way at ELQ, abruptly quit, so Olivia suggested he run for mayor. I found it an odd suggestion, and somewhat out of left field. Laura meanwhile remains on the fence about running for mayor. My guess is Ned’s greed over developing the Charles Street district will force her to run against him.

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The dilemma of how to redeem Julexis.
Aunt Stella, Molly and TJ’s issues with their crooked landlord have pulled Julian and Alexis together in attempting to deal with the politics of Charles Street. Since Julian is now a business owner there, he’s naturally invested in what happens in his neighborhood, while Alexis is worried about her daughter. As with the mayoral storyline, this one has gotten off to a slow start and hasn’t pulled me in. Some viewers on social media are hopeful it will bring Julian and Alexis back together, even redeem Julian, though others agree that it is time to speed things up.

Don’t poke the bear.
Just once Carly should listen to Sonny and take his advice. Her constant meddling in Sam, Drew and Jason’s lives is not making things any better for anyone. Sure she wants her friend to be happy, but Jason seems to be the only one she cares about and isn’t really taking into account she’s screwing with two other lives and the children involved.

Griffin and Kiki working to make Klein’s formula safe enough to perform on Ava, and her jumping to the wrong conclusion, was predictably boring.

Papa can you hear me?
In another predictable turn, Obrecht finally admitted Nathan was Faison’s son. This happened only after Sonny, Jason and Spinelli barged in on Nathan grilling her about his father, and they revealed Faison had a son, which they learned from his manuscript. At least Maxie’s completely nonchalant reaction to seeing Jason for the first time since he returned was hilarious. “Glad you’re back, but you have to leave now!” Poster ‘1eyeAnya’ in our daily recaps theorized that Peter August is actually Faison’s son and the traitor the manuscript talks about, noting his name August and the historical significance of Octavius Augustus, who was the adopted son of the famously betrayed Julius Caesar. This would be an interesting twist to the story, and explain Peter’s fascination with Drew, Jason and Faison.

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A lucky rabbit foot?
Franco had another memory of his childhood with Drew in which Drew gave him a lucky rabbit foot as a present, which Franco oddly still has. I’m still not buying that Franco pushed the kid down the steps, and think Drew may not be so innocent in the accident. It would be a really interesting twist, because Franco fears Liz will leave him over this because it proves Franco’s always been deranged. But what if Drew was the one with killer instincts, and those qualities led him to seek out the Navy Seals? Sam might question her relationship with him. For two years she pushed Drew as Jason to distance himself from Sonny and the mob life, but what if Drew’s world turns out to be far more dangerous than Sonny’s ever was. By Friday, Sam suggested Drew begin looking into his past, believing he was a genuinely good man. He decided to reach out to the men he served with.

An ounce of pity.
Nelle flaunting her new job with Ava in Carly’s face was hilarious, until Carly got dead serious with her and warned her that Ava would kill her, step over her body, and convince herself she was innocent by the time she walked out the door. For once Nelle may be in over her head, and it actually made me feel a tiny bit sorry for her.

These are only my thoughts on this week’s episodes. Agree or disagree, please leave your own in the comments.

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– Dustin Cushman


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