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Deconstructing GH: Christmas Comes Early As Nelle Is Exposed

December 4 - 8:

The drama between Drew and Jason continued to simmer this week, with Sam caught in the middle of the two men she loves. Julian wasted no time trying to insert himself in Leo’s life, and was winning no points with anyone in town. But the treats of the week were having Britt back, and watching Maxie and Lulu expose Nelle’s latest schemes and lies.

Babes behind bars.
Lulu and Maxie breaking into the Intruder’s office in hazmat suits was hysterical. It was good to see these two back to their old antics. However, someone needs to tell them to keep what they discovered a secret, because the whole point of finding out who exposed Ask Man Landers was for Lulu to take the story to Peter and get a job. Instead they ran around telling everyone, including Michael. Well, seeing Nelle exposed was worth it, but now Lulu needs a new story.

Nelle’s not-so-surprising claim.
Exposed yet again, Nelle did the only thing she could to try and hang on to Michael and claimed to be pregnant. He didn’t believe her, and of course the one time he didn’t, Nelle was telling the truth. Or did she? We never saw Kim Nero tell Nelle she was pregnant, only confirm it to Michael. I wouldn’t put it past Nelle to have found a way to blackmail her. This is one storyline everyone saw coming, and many viewers already expect her to somehow try and snatch Maxie and Nathan’s baby to pass off as her and Michaels. I hope “GH” doesn’t go there, but it’s so predictable that it will likely happen. One viewer had a different suggestion on where this story should go.

Tacky trees.
Monica wasn’t having any of Olivia’s fake white tree or her tacky ornaments. I’m tired of these two feuding, and hopefully we’ve seen the last of it after Olivia sided with Monica against Ned in believing that Drew should not be stripped of his shares of ELQ and his inheritance. Trying to make Olivia into a Tracy wannabe isn’t working.

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Hypocritical much?
Sam, along with viewers, was pretty quick to call Alexis out this week. Her legal prowess led to Julian’s release, a man who has brought her nothing but pain, but who she can’t seem to quit. Meanwhile, she begged Jason to stay away from Sam, because he wasn’t good for her. Alexis just needs to own her stuff and tell everyone, including herself, that she wants to be with Julian. Right now, she just looks weak and pathetic with this flip-flopping. She threatens Julian to stay away from her, but then gives him legal advice every time they cross paths. Make up your mind and stick to it, Alexis!

Photos with Santa.
Julian ambushing Ned and Olivia at the mansion to see Leo was pretty low, but his appearing at their outing to see Santa and photobombing their picture was pretty damn funny! And my how Leo has grown. Leo was clearly SORASed, and by New Year’s will likely be a teen wanting to help Julian revive the Jerome crime family.

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Sam makes her choice, for this week.
Sam chose to stay with her husband, which legally likely isn’t her husband because he married her as Jason Morgan. She swore to him their last three years were real, and told Drew she loved him, using his real name. I thought it was a really touching scene. However, as I noted in last week’s Deconstructing GH, I don’t think it will be long before Sam’s in Jason’s arms, or bed. Many fans are hating the fact that Sam is all but ignoring Jason. I think it’s a defense mechanism, and one that will blow up in her face sooner or later because she can’t keep ignoring Jason forever.

Down one kid, but not for long!
Drew and Liz telling Jake the truth about Drew being his uncle and not his father was a heartbreaking scene. Hudson West, who plays Jake, is such a terrific little actor. Drew didn’t really have time to process how things were going to change for him and Jake, along with Danny, before Kim dropped the bomb on him that he was Oscar’s dad. While we all saw that coming, it just seems odd that Kim came out and told him seeing the past two weeks she’s acted like Oscar wanting to know the truth was the worst thing ever. She’s obviously got some secrets!

The Britch is back!
Jason and Sonny thought they had located Faison, but something spooked him and caused him to run. Instead they discovered his daughter chilling in a nice comfy pad. Britt Westbourne returned to General Hospital, and it was so good to have her back. It’s too bad she couldn’t have reunited with Brad while back in town. Britt dropped the shocking information that Faison thought that Jason was dead, which is what he was told by the person who was really behind the twin swap. What we know about the identity of who is behind the twin swap suggests they are in Port Charles, and I’m dying to find out who they are.

These are only my thoughts on this week’s episodes. Agree or disagree, please leave your own in the comments.

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– Dustin Cushman


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