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Deconstructing GH: The Jason Reveal Is a Delicious Soapy Mess

November 27 - December 1:

Julian’s return to Port Charles, pending a new trial, made things uncomfortable for Alexis and Ava, but also made for good drama. While Oscar’s daddy issues have been ongoing, it was great to see someone else’s return. Of course the biggest storyline remained the two Jasons, and Andre resurfacing meant everyone got some long awaited answers.

Et tu, Dante?
Dante was a bit shocked when Six came in to see him and asked to see the case file of his shooting by Faison. Dante of course realized immediately he was the real Jason, but unlike many others, wasn’t thrilled by his return. I loved that Dante was frank with him about what a good guy his twin was, and how he feared now that Sonny had his Jason back that it would be business as usual for his father. The other guy was at least a small voice of reason, even having Sonny considering following his lead and quitting the business. Dante’s fears echo some viewers’ feelings that we’re about to do a time warp back five years and ignore all the growth Sam has gone through, along with Sonny and Carly, in part thanks to Billy Miller’s Jason.

Who’s my daddy?
Kim’s big blurt out that she knew Drew, who she mistook for Six, had Carly, Joss and Oscar all wondering about the mysterious Andrew Kane. While Carly realized Kim may be able to help identify Andrew, Oscar and Joss felt it was proof that Andrew was Oscar’s father. Poor Joss might want to pay more attention in school though, because she thinks Jason’s DNA will help prove if he is or isn’t Oscar’s father. Did she forget they already did a DNA test on him showing he was Jason, which was due to the fact he has an identical twin and therefore identical DNA?

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Maxie and Nathan’s big baby announcement honestly bored me, except for Obrecht’s presence. She was hysterical when she assumed they were announcing their divorce. Though as I noted in last week’s Deconstructing GH, a baby for Maxi and Nathan is welcomed because anything is better than more of the Ask Man Landers storyline. I was thrilled that Obrecht happened to overhear Nathan admit he wished he had the chance to know his father, who he still thinks is Victor Cassadine. I’ve been waiting two some years for the story of Nathan’s father to be brought back. Hopefully we will get answers.

Always the hero Griffin.
I will admit I was disappointed that Griffin stopped Ava’s surgery, which likely was a good thing because it seems Doctor Zee was a real hack. However, I’m ready for this story to be over, because I’m tired of Ava complaining about that pimple on the side of her face making her look ugly. Pahleeze! It’s hardly noticeable, and a better make-up job would fully conceal it. Though it seems like Griffin may be tempted to grant Ava’s wish and perform the surgery himself, given he swiped the flash drive with Klein’s formula on it. I also was annoyed because I was enjoying seeing the original Ethan from Passions, Travis Schuldt, back on my television.

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Oh yeah, I forgot about that Peter August dude.
Lulu has become excited about the idea of writing and reporting, and I’m excited to see her doing something other than fighting with Valentin over Charlotte. I’m guessing she forgot she still runs the Haunted Star, which we haven’t seen in ages. Well her new career got some help from Sam, who offered to help her out by arranging a meeting with Aurora’s new COO Peter August. I had totally forgotten about that guy! I had pondered in my blog a few weeks back if he might have a connection to the two Jasons storyline. It will be interesting to see what becomes of his character.

The trouble with Andre.
Andre was located in Cuba and brought back to Port Charles, where everyone was ready for the truth about Jason and Andrew to be revealed. Not surprisingly, Andre named Billy Miller’s Jason as Andrew, and Six as the real Jason. However the only proof he had was that his employer told him who was who, which could be a lie. Of course Andrew being a Navy Seal meant his prints were on record, and Jordan matched those with Jason and it seemingly confirmed he was Andrew. Drew thought they could have been hacked, but eventually came to accept his new identity. He oddly seemed to accept it too easily. But is this all over? I tweeted even before the reveal that no matter what Andre said, it would likely be changed in six months time. I noted in my blog last week that things were going to get messy, and I bet they will. I don’t think it will be long before Sam is back with “original face” Jason, but what if down the line it’s revealed he’s Andrew? Oh, what a delicious soapy mess that would be!

These are only my thoughts on this week’s episodes. Agree or disagree, please leave your own in the comments.

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– Dustin Cushman


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