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Deconstructing GH: Thankful for Being Eager to Tune in Daily Again

November 20 - 21:

It was a short week due to the Thanksgiving holiday, but a good deal happened. Tamara Braun made her debut as Kim Nero, Julian’s release from prison looks eminent, and hopefully we’ve seen the last of Ask Man Landers. “General Hospital” has been simply amazing these past few weeks.

Everyone is thankful for Six.
I discussed in last week’s Deconstructing GH that everyone suddenly believes Six is Jason and has forgotten everything the other Jason had done for them over the past year. This week Michael was reunited with Six, and like everyone else, talked about how he always knew the other guy wasn’t the real Jason. Robin and Jason’s talk was especially heartbreaking when he realized she too didn’t believe he was Jason. “But hey you’re still a Quartermaine, and we all still care about you!” As if that was supposed to make him feel better. Jason’s point that he needed the people who care about him to believe him was an excellent one. I adored Jason and Monica’s conversation on Wednesday, and her telling him no matter who he was, he was her son and they had formed a very special relationship.

The one think that irks me about this storyline is that suddenly everyone has had this revelation that they’ve always known the truth for over two years now that current Jason wasn’t the real deal. I posted about this on Twitter and got a variety of reactions. While some are in “Camp original face Jason,” others think that everyone’s rush to judgement will likely backfire on them. Even though I think Steve Burton will turn out to be the real Jason, I’d love if it wasn’t just to see everyone eat their words.

Sam’s big choice.
Sam finally had a real talk with Six, and even though she never said it, it was abundantly clear that she believes him to be the real Jason Morgan. However, it is obvious she is torn, because she still loves the man who is her current husband and doesn’t want to hurt him. Six said it best when he feared things were going to get ugly, which they no doubt will. I give Sam about two weeks before she gives in and has sex with Six, no matter who he is. Even if he’s Drew, he has the face and the personality of the old Jason, which she will find herself drawn to.

Please let this be the end of Ask Man Landers.
Quinn returned to scold Amy and Nathan for their deception, but an online apology and Chet coming forward as the reason Amy and Nathan lied seemed to turn things around, and now the book sales are better than ever. Hopefully this is the end of this horrid Ask Man Landers story. The only peep I’d like to hear about it again is to have people find out it was Nelle who sold them out, simply to watch her get another tongue lashing from Nina, Maxie and others.

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Turkey day at Sonny’s.
Tamara Braun returned to “GH” as Oscar’s mom Kim Nero, and things quickly escalated between her, Sonny and Carly. She has done her homework and isn’t going to play around with the Port Charles mob boss, letting him and Carly know she’s not thrilled about her son dating Joss. Before things could get too uncomfortable, Six walked in and Kim recognized him as Drew. As everyone under the sun figured out weeks ago, it looks like Drew is definitely Oscar’s long lost father. Even though it was predictable, the scene was incredible and made for a great Thanksgiving week cliffhanger.

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No pizza for the Quartermaines?
Monica was off at some fancy retreat. Ned headed to Lulu and Dante’s with Olivia. There was no Dillon because Robert Palmer Watkins is no longer on contract with GH. It was starting not to feel like Thanksgiving on “GH,” until everything went to hell in the last five minutes of Wednesday’s episode. Monica’s flight was grounded, and the dinners at Lulu’s and Alexis’ places were both ruined. Alexis tripped and dropped the bird, while Maxie got sick and accidentally tipped the table of food at Lulu’s. Everyone ended up at the Quartermaine mansion, surprising Monica with pizza and the Thanksgiving song. Oh, and we finally found out if Maxie was pregnant. I was going to be furious if we had to wait till next week to find that bit of info out.

These are only my thoughts on this week’s episodes. Agree or disagree, please leave your own in the comments.

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– Dustin Cushman


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