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Deconstructing GH: Storyline Based on Real Opioid Crisis Not Working

November 6 - 10:

After a few great weeks, this one was a mixed bag with the reappearance of Nelle and the Ask Man Landers storyline. They couldn’t be sidelined forever unfortunately. Julian’s return was a nice treat as well.

The return of Julian.
We got a brief reunion of Alexis and Julian, with Alexis’s feelings for her old beau being stirred up when she saw he was being beaten and mistreated by thugs inside the prison. We don’t know who is behind it, but given his numerous enemies, it could be anyone. It will be interesting to see how Alexis works a miracle and gets him out of this. I am assuming there are no more governor’s daughters to be saved to get him a pardon like Sonny received. By the end of the week Alexis tried to reach out to that crazy Olivia Jerome and was referred to her lawyer. Next week Hillary B. Smith is retuning as Nora Buchanan and it should make things interesting.

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Poor Nelle, not!
Well if we have to watch Nelle, watching her suffer at least made her airtime tolerable. Seeing Maxie back at work and putting Nelle in her place was great, even though I don’t like Maxie going back to her mean girl ways. Nelle’s flubbed attempt to blackmail Valentin with the photo she took of Cassandra kissing him was great, and watching Nina finally figure her games out and toss her out of Crimson was fabulous. Unfortunately, Nelle is like a hydra, when you cut off one head, two grow back. Many viewers are waiting for her to play the “I’m pregnant” card, which seems where this storyline is predictably heading.

Team Anti-Cassandra.
Cassandra wormed her way into Nina and Charlotte’s life, for a very brief moment until Nelle exposed her with the kissing photo. Everyone in town has very quickly become anti-Cassandra and willing to help Anna take her down. Valentin’s hand was pretty much forced, but I do appreciate that they finally brought up Claudette and whatever he did to her. That’s one loose end they never wrapped up. Finn on the other hand was moved by the appearance of an opioid addicted Chet Driscoll, and Monica’s speech about the opioid crisis. Don’t get me wrong, it is a serious issue in America. However, this storyline isn’t clicking with me. Sometimes taking inspiration from real life issues can work on a soap, but this one isn’t. If a long running character was involved it may have a different impact, instead we have Chet (played by Chris Van Etten), the brother of Nurse Amy who many find annoying. Bringing in a new, and clearly expendable villain in Cassandra, also isn’t helping, even though I really like Jessica Tuck.

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Six/Jason and the DNA mystery.
I had hoped in last week’s Deconstructing GH that Franco would come out with the truth about Jason’s twin sooner than later. Unfortunately, it looks like it will be later. They know about Andrew, but not much else. Current Jason putting Curtis on the case was a good move, because he seems to get things done that the PCPD can’t. Sonny and Six learning that Klein’s employer was local to Port Charles was an interesting twist, though I have to wonder if the person is someone on our screen currently, or an old villain being brought back. One fan theory has been making the rounds on’s message boards and recaps that I think is quite brilliant. Some believe that when Jason Quartermaine suffered his first car accident and bout of amnesia is when his twin Andrew was put in his place and became Stone Cold. When Stone Cold was shot, all of his memories were put back into the original Jason, who was sent back to Port Charles later. This would explain why current Jason has the connection with Monica that Six doesn’t. It’s a stretch, but so is this entire storyline! Whoever current Jason is, it’s hard not to feel for him as his life is falling apart.

Monica’s scene with Jason in the Quartermaine crypt was touching, and you could see she didn’t want to lose the son she’s grown close to. I also liked that Carly and Sonny finally admitted shutting Jason/Jake Doe out like they had been doing was wrong, and that he was good to them. About dang time! Sam putting her foot down with the two Jasons arguing was also long overdue. It’s time to unravel this mystery. Jordan dropping the bomb on them that they are both Jason Morgan was a great Friday cliffhanger. Obviously they now have the proof that the twin story of Franco’s was the truth. Now they just have to figure who is who.

As always these are just my thoughts on this week’s episodes. Please leave your own in the comments.

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– Dustin Cushman


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