Deconstructing GH: The Andre Twist, Curve Ball Many Didn’t See Coming

October 23 - 27:


The week that viewers have been eagerly waiting for arrived. Sonny and Patient Six came face to face, and he revealed to Sonny that he was the real Jason. Now we sit and wait for his reunion with Sam, Carly and others, and to find out if he truly is Jason Morgan.

Liar liar!
At this point I can’t figure out what head writers Altman and Van Etten are doing in regard to Nelle’s storyline. Often that is a good thing, because keeping the viewers guessing is a great way to keep them tuning in. However, with Nelle they’ve created a character that it ss hard to care about, and that is a problem if they plan to keep her around. Nelle lied about being able to swim well enough to save Zach, she lied about Nina getting her the tickets for “Dear Evan Hansen” ahead of time that just happened to coincide with Jason’s big event, she lied to Carly that Michael was moving in with her, she lies about everything. Like the boy who cried wolf, I don’t believe anything she says. At this point seeing her get eaten by wolves might be more of a shock, and entertaining, than this story. At least Michael finally woke up and dumped her.

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The Andre twist.
While not knowing where things are going with Nelle isn’t working out, the twist that Andre was in on Patient Six’s hospitalization was a huge curve ball many didn’t see coming. What in the blazes is Andre up to? I hate to think he’s actually a bad guy, but on the other hand, it might make him a tad more interesting as a character. The other possibility is this has been one of the WSB’s failed projects like the Chimera. One viewer on Twitter pointed out something about Patient Six I never thought of, and it made me giggle so I just had to share it!

Meetings in the steam room.
I don’t know who decided to introduce a steam room set, but thank you! Having some Russian mobsters meeting half naked in a random steam room was absolutely hilarious, yet sizzling at the same time. Klein-steamroom-GH-ABCLater Maxie crashed Nina’s booked time in the same steam room, and then booked it for some private time with Nathan. Maybe we will be seeing more of the steam room in the future? Though since when can you book a steam room?

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Reunited and it feels so good.
The scenes between Sonny and Patient Six, or Jason #1, were amazing and well worth the wait. I really liked Billy Miller’s take on Jason, so I find myself torn over Steve Burton’s return to the character and Miller eventually turning out to be Drew. As I noted in last week’s Deconstructing GH, I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop with the two Jasons storyline. I’m sure it is coming, but for now it looks like not only is the real Jason back, he’s also back to being glued to Sonny’s side.

Sam’s choice may not be so clear.
Even if Jason #2 is not Jason, but is Drew, I don’t think a real Jason and Sam reunion is a done deal. For over a year she’s been pushing Jason #2 for a life without Sonny, and when he finally gave it to her, she was floored. When he talked to Danny about inheriting the media company one day, she realized she never really wanted this life as much as she did in that moment, and the fear of losing it was too much. So if Jason #1 is the real Jason, and his pledge to Sonny that he’d “Never dump him for a media company” is true, well Sam has a big choice to make. She has kids with two men she loves, and now has to decide whether to go backward or move forward. I hope she doesn’t make the same mistake Marlena on “Days of our Lives” did when they played out the same storyline and she picked Roman #1 out of obligation, but really wanted Roman #2, John Black.

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Making an entrance.
Jason #2 and Sam’s big launch party was ruined when Klein’s goons were exposed and bungled things by starting a shootout. Klein’s third man Delvin (played by Gavin Alexander Hammon) drugged and took Sam hostage just as Six/Jason #1 burst through a skylight, leaving those who saw him speechless. I think I felt the most for poor Monica, who thought she had finally just got her son Jason back, only to have the Stone Cold version reappear! Of course then there is poor Sam, always winding up in trouble and needing to be rescued. I can’t wait until next week when Sam and the two Jasons inevitably come face to face.

These are only my thoughts on this week’s episodes. Agree or disagree, please leave your own in the comments.

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– Dustin Cushman


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