Victor’s Will Could Be the Next Big Mystery General Hospital Needs — and Who Expected Cody to Turn Out to Be the Hero of the Week?

May 15 - 19:

Cody a hero, and Victor's creepy will. GH

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It was another slow week on General Hospital, and more than once, a frustrating one. We got a few days free of Michael, Joss, Carly and Nina, and what days we did get of them felt like a lot of rinse and repeat. We’re still waiting for Gladys to crash and burn, and Portia’s obsession with Spencer is getting out of control. And though he’s still not being fully honest, Cody was one of the highlights of the week. 

Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way

The invites that went out to many for the reading of Victor’s will was probably the most exciting thing to happen this week. It’s sure to be an event to remember, and hopefully will set up the next storyline and mystery for Laura, what’s left of the Cassadines, and Victor’s enemies. We definitely need something new, and something fresh. It’s going to be hard at this point to outdo the adventure in Greenland. Also, the show really needs to get back to the Austin, Ava and Nikolas’ missing body storyline. How can Austin and Ava just nonchalantly go on about living their lives when they know Mason has the goods on them?

What secrets will Victor’s will hold? (ABC screenshot)

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DNA Doesn’t Lie, But GH’s Lab Techs Do

The minute Ms. Wu offered to rig Curtis and Trina’s DNA test for him, Curtis should have gone anywhere but GH to get that test done! Hell, why anyone would trust that lab with something like this given their track record makes no sense. You can also in this day and age just go out and buy a DNA home test kit yourself. Why Ms. Wu has a vested interest in whether Trina is Curtis’ child or not is beyond me. Perhaps she wants Curtis to go join the WSB so she can take over The Savoy? Whatever her interest, her offer to Curtis now casts doubt on whatever the outcome of the test is. We should probably assume whoever it says is the father, isn’t.

Zip It, Portia

Portia is quickly becoming the most annoying character on the show due to her obsession with keeping Spencer out of Trina’s life. Ava, Curtis and Taggert have all told her pushing Trina on this will only push her further away from her mother, but she doesn’t seem to be listening. Now as she put it, “It’s time for action” and she going to get Spencer out of Trina’s life by, “making her see exactly who Spencer really is.” I’m actually afraid for Spencer and what insanity she could heap on him. I loved the scenes of Taggert calling Portia out for focusing on Trina when she needs to be focused on the damage she’s done to her marriage. You tell her!

Do you want some cheese to go with that whine Portia? (ABC screenshot)

Cody to the Rescue

What Haven did to Sasha, piping a crying baby into her earpiece on live TV was downright evil! Cody came to her rescue, though she initially didn’t know it as he didn’t take any credit for helping her out. Points for Cody! And he helped her in a hilarious way, threatening to streak, and had the best line of the week. “By the way it’s huge, the FCC fine.” Eventually, Sasha found out what Cody did, from Maxie, and went to see him. Before she did though, Cody had some adorable scenes with Obrecht and James in which they discussed James’ fear of horses as he heads to camp. Cody may not be the best at talking to the ladies, but he sure is popular with the kids, oh and Comet.

I promise you it’s going to be big. (ABC screenshot)

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I’m really liking how they’ve turned Cody around, but there is still the matter of his keeping Mac in the dark that he’s his son. That looks like it could be coming out with Scotty wanting to sue the WSB for the loss of The Ice Princess necklace, which should have gone to Cody if he was Leopold’s son. What Scott, and Cody, should be focused on is clearing his name and taking down Gladys!

Everybody Hates Gladys

Gladys found herself in a world of trouble, and even Ms. Wu is sick of her shtick! I couldn’t tell if Ms. Wu was subtly threatening she would hurt Sasha over Glady’s unpaid losses, or if she was going to go to Sasha to cover Glady’s debt. Gladys is in deeper trouble now that Sasha is trying to dissolve the guardianship, leaving her with Wu’s other option, spying on Sonny to repay her. Just what the heck is Wu up to? She’s been all over the place this week with her conniving. And Gladys should know better than to give Wu dirt on Sonny. Cousin or not, she could end up sleeping with the fishes.

Peace, Love and Misery

After Michael left Dex high and dry by dropping his vendetta against Sonny, I speculated in last week’s column that Dex or Joss might consider turning Sonny in themselves. Instead of turning on Sonny, Joss asked Sonny to fire Dex. Sonny should have laughed her entitled butt out of his office. After months of hating on him, now she comes to him and plays the, “Remember when you said you’d do anything for me, even if I treated you like garbage” card.

In case you didn’t know yet, Joss wears the pants in this relationship Dex. (ABC screenshot)

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As for Michael, even though he’s dropped this vendetta against Sonny, pretty much only because Willow begged him to, he’s still acting like a scorned child. He told Dante he hopes Sonny holds true to his word and chooses his family over Nina, which Dante told him was not a wise position to put Sonny in. Michael’s truce with Sonny is conditional basically only if Sonny does what Michael wants him to do. Someone needs their trust funds taken away!

Curtis and Jordan kissing on one another, which just last week I wondered if they’d pick this up again, isn’t going to help Curtis’ marital woes. However, I loved that Jordan became the voice of reason, and forced them to talk about their feelings like grown-ups rather than run off and do something they’d regret. I assumed the DNA test would bring Portia and Curtis back together, but the way Portia has been acting lately, I’m team Jordan all the way.

If only Portia knew… (ABC screenshot)

Before the Holly, Robert and Diane love triangle got off the ground, it was over. Holly’s taken off to help Ethan, after she and Robert agreed it would never work out between them. I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of Holly, but as I said last week, we knew Emma Samms wasn’t sticking around, so this triangle seemed pointless. It would appear the point was to finally end things between Robert and Holly after decades of them sitting on the toilet and not getting off the pot. This now leaves Robert free to move forward with Diane.

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Until Alexis and Sam started talking about Gregory, I had forgotten all about him. I wish it could have stayed that way…

Kristina’s Next Big Story

Molly and TJ got the heartbreaking news that due to her severe case of endometriosis, Molly may never be able to conceive. It was obvious from the get-go this storyline was setting up Kristina to be their surrogate. However, with Kristina being recast with Kate Mansi, and Halley Pullos’ legal troubles leading to a temporary, if not permanent recast of Molly, the story just feels DOA. That the show is finally giving these sisters a big storyline, but one if not both are recasts, frankly, is going to make it hard to care about it.

That’s it for my opinion on the week that was. Leave your own in the comments below.

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