As We Wait for the Results of Trina’s DNA Test and Willow’s Transplant on General Hospital, Dex and Joss Could Be Poised to Make a Devastating Move

May 8 - 12:

Will Dex and Joss betray Michael and Sonny? GH

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Let’s just point out the obvious, after the big showdown in Greenland ended on Monday, the rest of the week on General Hospital was a bit lackluster. There were a few big moments, like Trina deciding to do the DNA test, and Tracy blackmailing her own granddaughter, but the ‘Everyone Loves Willow’ show needs to wrap up. Friday’s episode, however, may have just set the stage to blow Willow and Michael’s lives up, with a lot of others.

Goodbye Greenland

So Victor’s dead, for now. Yes, he looked pretty damn dead on that gurney, but I can’t help but feel we’ll see him again. He likely still has friends in the WSB, and they could have easily faked his death.

Jump, jump, for my love! (ABC screenshot)

As the gang headed to the seaplane as there was no sign of Spencer alive or dead, out of nowhere Spencer limped towards his loved ones. Trina running and leaping into Spencer’s arms was a fantastic scene, made all the better by the fact that the actors improvised it! It was the perfect surprise ending, even though we all knew they weren’t going to kill off Spencer. However, I did expect them to leave him missing for a tad longer.

Returning to Port Charles

It was no surprise that after all that she’d been through, that Trina would choose to have the DNA test. Fans seem to be torn on how they want the results to unfold, with many hoping Taggert turns out to be her biological father. Given the mysterious DNA test links, that were never officially confirmed, between Stella and Trina, it looks clear that Curtis will be the bio-dad. On the plus side for that turnout, as Trina said, she’d be related to Stella and Marshall biologically, and they already have great relationships.

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Curtis’ offer from the WSB was intriguing and is sure to make Portia unhappy as it would mean more dangerous situations ahead for him. We still don’t have any resolution between Curtis and Portia on the marriage front. That’s why making Trina the bio-daughter of Curtis makes sense, and it will likely help bring these two back together. Then again, there were those scenes of temptation between Curtis and Jordan that have just been dropped… for now? Oh, and don’t get me started on Dr. Portia “I’ve got to keep Trina away from Spencer” Robinson. Thankfully, Taggert seemed to have set her straight that she’d only push Trina further away if she kept on that train.

The Willow and Michael Show

The Michael and Willow storyline feels like it’s been stuck in re-runs for months now. Fortunately, Friday’s episode may be the start of a huge turning point for it. Aside from Obrecht having her bone marrow harvested, Willow’s words about destroying his family finally seemed to get through to Michael. I almost fell over backward when he agreed to drop the vendetta against Sonny. Unfortunately, he may have wised up a little too late.

Michael has come to kiss the ring. (ABC screenshot)

Credit: ABC screenshot

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In last week’s column, I suggested Dex or someone else could turn the evidence in, leaving Michael having a lot of explaining to do. It seems this scenario could come into play, with Joss and Dex turning Sonny over to the feds to save their relationship from being blown apart. If they did, would they leave Michael’s part out of it? As I noted last week as well, that would put Michael in a somewhat similar position as Nina, as this all started with him. The real kicker came when Valentin revealed to Sonny, who wanted nothing more to do with Pikeman initially, that Pikeman works with the government to arm foreign groups who are fighting against enemy forces! So wait, Pikeman are kind of the good guys?

Nincompoop Nina

Watching Nina apologize to Carly for blaming her for her troubles with Willow, and beg her to help her have a relationship with her daughter, was an interesting turn of events. But at least she put in the effort, taking Sam’s advice, and considering Willow wants her to drop her grudge against Carly. I was disappointed we didn’t get to hear Carly’s answer because it was then that Drew “the Hero TM” returned with Obrect. That’s also when the SEC feds descended on Drew, and Obrecht defended him as a hero and good man. The look on Nina’s face when Obrecht ranted about the heartless person who turned Drew over to the SEC. Yeah Nina, even your own aunt will likely turn on you when the truth comes out!

As for the truth, Ava had to talk Nina down from her idea of coming clean and telling Willow everything. “They’re not forgiving people, and that includes Willow,” might have been the understatement of the century. I also got a good chuckle when Ava told Nina, “You got away with murder, so don’t tell anyone where you hid the body.” Ava might want to focus a little more on Nikolas’ body at some point.

Not ‘Sciesl!’

There’s a saying in the soap world, a happy couple is a boring couple. I disagree and Scott and Liesl were a great example. They were funny, quirky, silly and always a delight when they were on screen together. Couldn’t they have just been left alone? The characters have plenty of other stories they have been involved in to create drama, but no, the writers had to go ahead and tear them apart. Scott and Liesl are the nice things we as fans deserve to have!

Oh, Those Quartermaines!

I’m not the biggest fan of Ned most of the time, but damn if I didn’t feel sorry for him. His own mother and wife think he turned Carly and Drew into the SEC. Drew punching him like a madman was hard to take seriously given the way Drew looked like a pissed-off bull. However, I loved that Ned wasn’t going to kiss Drew and Carly’s butts like the rest of the town just because Carly had the best of intentions in what she did, and reminded him they did commit a crime. He also reminded Drew this entire feud started because Michael and Drew wanted to replace him at ELQ! I can’t wait for the butt-kissing to begin when the truth comes out, and hope Ned tells them to go to hell and takes over ELQ.

This is my angry face, Ned! (ABC screenshot)

Right before Drew punched him, Ned was defending himself saying Drew was family, and the Qs stick together. Well, clearly not so much! Hell, even Tracy was not above blackmailing her own granddaughter this week. So Tracy wants Brook Lynn to go back to work at Deception and spy on research and development why? Because she’s out to make a buck? She just forked over two million dollars for Ethan, how broke can she be? Clearly, there is something else behind Tracy’s interests, but it looks like this means she’ll be sticking around for a while.

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Pa Pa Pa Pokerface

Once again we’re picking up with the Gladys vs Cody storyline that’s been sidelined since the Nurses Ball. On one hand, Gladys showed how good she could be towards Sasha, not wanting her to go on the Home and Heart channel if it would push her too much mentally and emotionally. But then she was raring to use Sasha’s money to get back into Ms. Wu’s game. With her knowing Cody is going to be there, why would she risk it and play? He’s going to keep fleecing her, which means he’s basically pushing her to steal Sasha’s money. It’s a crummy way to make Sasha realize Gladys is bad news, but so far, nobody seems to be able to get Sasha to open her eyes to Gladys. Maxie, and even somewhat Carly, tried to push her to finally emancipate herself from Gladys. Perhaps this TV appearance will be the push she needs to end the guardianship, which will leave Gladys in a panic for sure. When Gladys finally is busted, I hope she doesn’t become yet another character who gets to take a ride on the “all is forgiven and forgotten train.” She’s stolen from Sasha and framed Cody for grand larceny.

Don’t screw with the Wu! (ABC screenshot)

Speaking of Cody, are we ever going to get back to his secret with Dante, and the whole Mac-Daddy storyline? Friday’s teasers for Monday’s show hinted we could finally be getting at least back into the Mac side of things.

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Diane Stands Her Ground

Robert really did Diane dirty this week! Sure he had no way of knowing Diane would see him responding to Holly’s kiss, but it was still wrong given he’d been pursuing Diane for a while. Yeah, maybe he got caught up in the moment of Holly being alive and safe, but Holly’s made it known she wants him back. Good for Diane for setting limits, telling him to figure out what he wants, and not to call her until then. Seeing it’s unlikely Emma Samms is sticking around for the long haul, is there a point to this “triangle?”

A Devastating Loss

This week we learned the tragic news that Jacklyn Zeman, after a brief battle with cancer, lost her fight. This hits especially hard after the Nurses Ball which not only was a tribute to the sudden loss of Sonya Eddy/Epiphany, but the ball also honored Zeman’s playing Bobbie Spencer for 45 years on the show. The show will not be the same without her.

That’s all I have for you this week folks, and remember, these are only my opinions. Agree or disagree, leave yours in the comments!

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