Deconstructing GH: Exciting Week but Six Needs to Stop Hiding

October 16 - 20:


It was a much better week in Port Charles with a lot less fluff. Still, there were many, “Come on!” moments with Patient Six, and it’s time for him to just confront someone already.

Maybe Ava picked the wrong guy?
I raved in last week’s Deconstructing GH how great Ava and Griffin were together, but then he bungled everything because he still wasn’t sure about leaving the priesthood. He finally did, but still doesn’t know what he wants from Ava. Meanwhile Ava reconnected with Patient Six, and again these two were amazing together. Unfortunately, when he finds out how much Sonny hates her, and what she did to Morgan, he likely won’t feel anything but disgust for her. Then Scott came back into her life, albeit briefly, but reminded viewers how great they were together too. By the end of the week Griffin and Ava seemed to agree to be friends with benefits for the time being while Griffin gets his new life in order. Oh, one last thing, why the blazes hasn’t Ava asked Patient Six his name? Especially since he clearly knows people she knows! I know, that would just be too easy wouldn’t it!

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Six trails Sam, Jason and others.
We get it “General Hospital,” we really get it. Patient Six is the real Jason. Now just hurry up and have him confront people rather than spying on everyone! While the scenes with him learning about Sam and Jason #2 were heartbreaking, and his finding out Jake was still alive was also a touching scene, this whole thing is getting old. It’s time to confront people, and eventually he’s going to have to face off with Jason #2. Let’s stop farting around and get to the good stuff we’ve been waiting for. Sure Jason is methodical and meticulous, but what father would not have raced to Jake upon learning he was alive. Having Patient Six continue to lurk in the shadows at that moment made me wonder if he was the real Jason or not.

Franco, psycho child?
Betsy finally admitted to Franco that Drew didn’t die, and that she had to give him up because he was in danger from Franco. Apparently, Franco nearly killed the boy as a kid by pushing him down the steps. I don’t buy it. Not only did Betsy admit she didn’t see what happened, but also because Betsy told Franco how inseparable they were and how much they loved one another. Why would Franco try and harm the kid? There has to be a twist. I’m wondering if Franco always felt he had a brother he was capable of harming might be because Drew was an evil little devil child. What if Drew threw himself down the steps, or Franco pushed him in self-defense? The Russian clinic also noted that Patient Six was violent and psychotic, so what if he is Drew and somehow Helena put Jason’s memories in him? I theorized this once before. I just believe it’s going to be a lot more complex than Steve Burton is the real Jason and Billy Miller is now suddenly Drew.

Oscar’s mom, super busy doctor.
A little more was learned about Oscar’s mom this week. Her name is Kim, and she’s a super busy doctor. I like that they could potentially be adding another doctor to the show, because we have enough mobsters and assorted criminals on “GH.” This whole storyline about Oscar’s father seems to be a way to give Drew a family in Port Charles. Oscar has noted that his mom doesn’t like to talk about her husband, and if it is Drew, then my theory that he had something psychologically wrong with him could hold water.

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Cassandra, woman of many criminal talents.
So Cassandra has gone from a hypochondriac jewel fence, to a drug lord pushing opioids. That was an interesting leap! It seems like head writers Altman and Van Etten switched gears to take advantage of a more relatable crime and epidemic happening in America. I’m sure Cassandra will fit right in with all the other mobsters in Port Charles. I don’t know how I feel about this latest turn of events, but I’m loving her interactions with Valentin.

Olivia is no Tracy.
I adore Olivia, but her feud with Monica is nothing but a poor imitation of past storylines. Trying to make Olivia the new Tracy with her comments to Monica about how the Quartermaine estate is only hers because Alan gave it to her was groan-worthy. Then there was her pushing Ned to be the real power behind ELQ while Michael is the face, another Tracy-like scheme to eventually make a power grab for the company. Please writers, don’t kill my love for Olivia!

As usual, these are only my opinions. Please leave your own thoughts in the comments.

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– Dustin Cushman


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