As Two Major Stories Head to the Finish Line on General Hospital, One Had Us on the Edge of Our Seats, the Other We Just Wanted to Jump Off

May 1 - 5:

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Thank goodness for the excitement in Greenland this week on General Hospital, because that storyline had me on the edge of my seat, and made having to deal with Willow, Carly, Nina and Michael bearable. And Friday’s episode left us with one of the best cliffhangers in a long time!

This Is How You Tell a Soap Story!

Even though it took two long years to get to this final showdown between Laura and Victor, these scenes were worth the wait. I’m still unsure how Genie Francis didn’t earn a Daytime Emmy nomination for her role in this story up to this point, but she better next year for the bunker scenes alone! Last week I pondered why Obrecht didn’t destroy the pathogen given it had to be activated by sunlight, but now it makes some sense because Laura had the same idea to do so and take Victor and all of them out. Of course, she only learned about the sunlight activation after she thought she’d doomed them all by smashing the vial. Still, Laura was savage! When Victor pointed out she’d be killing Willow along with Obrecht, Laura basically said, “Eh, Willow’s death will be a sacrifice to save the world.”

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Laura was the biggest badass of all this week. (ABC screenshot)

Meanwhile, poor Valentin! Victor really is a heartless bastard watching his son suffer, and then leaving him for dead after giving him the pathogen. I’d love to see Charles Shaughnessy also earn an Emmy nom for his role as Victor because he’s been so good in this villainous role. He’s the kind of villain you love to hate. And how great was it to see Constance Towers as Helena taunting him? I wish they would bring her back from the dead because at this point it looks like we’re going to need another villainous Cassadine soon. Well, there’s always Nikolas!

The Wicked Witch of the West came back! (ABC screenshot)

Over on the Haunted Star, Curtis coming to the rescue, and Trina running into his arms saying she didn’t want to lose him, were fantastic scenes. And that she was left at a loss for words when he was going off to find the others was touching. This is going to bring Curtis and Portia back together, and potentially lead Trina to want to find out if Curtis is her father or not. And Spencer referring to Ace’s hired nanny as the nanny from hell was hilarious! My favorite life of the week.

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Just when all hope looked to be lost, Anna and Holly came charging in to save the day. Holly’s confrontation with Victor served up some Game of Thrones realness when she said, ‘Victor, I want you to know, it was me!” And the look on Obrecht’s face, when she realized what Holly had done to little Victor, was priceless. While a lot of people have been comparing Trina and Spencer to the new Luke and Laura, I for one am glad it wasn’t them who saved the day, but the vets. This storyline started 40 years ago essentially, so it was only right Anna, Holly, Robert, Laura and Felicia were involved in bringing it to a close.

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Victor got away with the pathogen. Oddly enough as Friday’s show began, I thought how fitting it would be to end this storyline with Victor being blown up on the Haunted Star, the boat this all began with so many years ago. However, never did I think Spencer would be blown up too! Now we know after all this, they aren’t killing him off. But the tease for Monday has the authorities saying a body was recovered from the ship. Oh and how awesome was Spencer smashing his Uncle Victor’s face into the bar? What a great scene to have Spencer finally stand up to his uncle right before Victor presumably dies.

Spencer’s face may be smashed up, but Victor’s will likely look worse! (ABC screenshot)

Back in the bunker, Laura recognizing the sounds on the computer, and that it was the same kind of computer that controlled Mikkos’ weather machine 40 years ago, was an interesting twist. But really, that computer would likely not be operational after sitting there for 40 years! Fortunately, she was able to shut it down. Maybe she should have destroyed the computer after doing so though, just to be safe. Also, I think they should have ridden this one out just a little bit longer to see Port Charles experience more than just a light snow.

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Even though I love me some ‘Vanna,’ Anna sacrificing herself to die with Valentin was the one part of the story I just wasn’t on board with. Yeah, it was an act of love, but Anna should have put Robin and her grandchildren first.  It all ended well as Holly arrived with the antidote though.

Living on Borrowed Time

Just as it took forever to get to the end of Victor’s storyline, it feels like Willow has been hours away from death for an eternity now. Willow collapsing after Michael told her his plan to send Sonny to prison for life, thereby tearing his family apart, was utter perfection. Michael crying, “Did I do this to Willow? Is this my fault?” might be his aha moment in all of this. He knows Willow doesn’t want this for Sonny or his family, and maybe now he will see his hatred for Sonny is causing more harm to his family than the good he thinks putting Sonny away will do.

And speaking of putting Sonny in jail, Michael and Joss keep saying “Sonny broke the law and he should be in jail” yet don’t seem to see how the same applies to their mother.  Joss flat out told Carly that she broke the law to help Michael, and what she did was good, as opposed to Ned turning her in, which was bad. Therein lies one of the major issues I have with so many of the characters on the show, some always get passes, while others are dammed for their actions. I do give Carly credit for at least admitting she got herself into this mess by not listening to Drew and Michael when they told her not to buy the stocks.

Do or do not Nina, there is no try. (ABC screenshot)

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Speaking of dammed, Nina’s looking pretty dammed right about now. With Sonny doing everything he can to help Carly and Drew and find out who tipped off the SEC, she’s pretty much sealed her own doom. And it only got worse for her when Willow summoned her to her deathbed to beg her to drop her feud with Carly. Nina promised to and promised to strive to be a better person. If only she had listened to Sonny and Ava when they told her to do the same thing for the sake of peace, and for Willow. Just as Nina and Willow might finally forge a relationship, Nina’s actions are going to blow it sky-high.

With Michael knowing what Willow asked of Nina, and that she wants peace for the family, it would be great if Michael dropped his feud with Sonny. Given how many times he has said Sonny abhors gun trafficking, I can’t help but wonder why he hasn’t questioned why Sonny is in league with Pikeman. If he only knew Sonny didn’t have a choice in the matter, and he’s trying to keep the city safe, would he think differently about Sonny? And what an even better twist it would be if Michael and Sonny did make peace, only for that video of his to somehow fall into the hands of the feds. Michael would be in a somewhat similar position as Nina!

With Obrecht coming home to, as she put it, let them suck the life out of her bones for Willow, I really hope we get a break from this storyline. It’s exhausting watching Michael hate Sonny, and Carly and Nina hate each other. Just a little break before the SEC hits the fan and Nina’s life implodes.

Oh, and given Obrecht has been handling a lethal pathogen, is she still a candidate to donate at this time?

That’s all I got for the week and my opinion, and that’s just what they are, opinions. Leave yours in the comments below!

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