Pfft! Nina Just Handed Sonny Right Over to Carly — Plus, the Smart Mouth That Left Us Dumbstruck

April 24 - 28:

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Willow and Michael’s wedding finally arrived on General Hopsital, and frankly, it was as boring as they are as a couple. And while no one was surprised by what Nina did, at least she brought the celebration to a halt. The real drama was over in Greenland with Victor and his plot to wipe out the earth’s population, and those looking to bring him down. And it was damn good to have Tracy back, along with her mouth.

Tracy Tells It Like It Is

Though she may drive her family nuts, Tracy was just the right person to make slogging through Michael and Willow’s wedding bearable. From the moment she stepped back into the mansion and declared Monica’s choice of flowers made it look like the Easter Bunny and thrown up all over the front walk, you knew it was going to be a good week with Tracy around. So good in fact, we hope her stay is extended, if not a permanent one!

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Tracy wasted no time in insulting Olivia’s food. (ABC screenshot)

Tracy didn’t stop with the flowers either, as she insulted Carly by referring her to AJ’s worst mistake, and then took jabs at Olivia’s picnic buffet-style wedding food that no bride in her right mind would want. And of course, when she referred to the house as hers, she was told by everyone, “It’s Monica’s, Alan gave it to her.” How the family just mumbled it was hilarious, as was Tracy fuming over the fact that Monica gave her room to Alan’s latest illegitimate offspring.

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We did learn that it was Tracy that Brook Lynn called to help her presumably get Chase a second hearing with the CCRB. She needs to come clean with him before he finds out another way and predictably is angry at her yet again. As I said in last week’s column, it’s hard to root for these two or care about them with all the silly issues the show throws at them.

I Now Pronounce This Wedding, Over!

Given this was Willow and Michael’s wedding, it was guaranteed it was going to be a sap-fest. Willow going on and on to Carly, Joss and Bobbie about how she always wanted a family like this one, one that loves unconditionally, was laughable. Does she know them at all? Especially Michael, who’s all about setting terms, conditions and making the people around him choose. Willow even said it herself, the rift between him and Sonny would eventually force Kristina, Donna and Avery to choose, and they’d choose Sonny.

Willow gets the family she’s always wanted. (ABC screenshot)

Speaking of Michael, the face he made in the photos Dante asked them to take as a family was punch-worthy. He acted like the kid whose birthday had been ruined because his mom insisted he invites someone to his party he didn’t want to. Kristina telling him to at least try and look happy was great, and an example of why she needs to be utilized more on the show.

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Meanwhile, if Michael goes through with his plan for Sonny, he is going to destroy his relationship with his sisters. Given that is exactly what Willow doesn’t want to happen, how will she react when she learns even on their wedding day, he was plotting to destroy his family? Seeing that this is Willow, she’ll probably forgive him. She barely batted an eye when Michael jumped to the conclusion Ned turned his mom into the SEC and lashed out at him for throwing his family under the bus to get what he wanted. Take a look in the mirror Mikey, because your desire to rehabilitate the Corinthos name for your children’s sake is making you act like the worst of your other family, the Quartermaines.

Ava opens Nina’s eyes. (ABC screenshot)

Nina meanwhile blew the wedding up, along with her life, by having Martin turn Carly and Drew into the SEC, causing the feds to come knocking on the Q’s front door. Last week I wrote how this drama between Nina and Carly is not entertaining, it’s just downright frustrating. And watching Nina make such a rash move, and only understanding the consequences of what she did five seconds after, just leaves me wondering why they are writing these supposedly smart businesswomen to be so stupid. That goes for Carly too, who should have known what she and Drew were doing was insider trading. The most entertaining part of these scenes was Ava calling Nina out on her dunderhead move and accusing her of skating close to alternative facts in her constant blaming of Carly for everything.

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Well, Nina made her bed, and now she has to lie in it. As Ava made her see if she loses Sonny and Willow, she has no one but herself to blame. And the saddest part of all for her will be learning her plan was a bust. She wanted Carly to finally pay the consequences of her actions, and the SEC feds let her skate because they were only after Drew. I can already hear Nina screaming about how Carly always gets everything to go her way!

Greenland or Bust

Victor’s getting dangerously close to getting what he’s after, but this isn’t Apocalyptic Hospital, so we know he’ll be thwarted. I chuckled at the state of that forty-year-old bunker and pathogen. Upon arriving, one of the first things Victor’s men noted was they were having electrical problems with the bunker. Given it’s sat there for forty years hidden on an island off of Greenland, how does it even have power? Who kept the lights on and that freezer holding the pathogen going?

Every mad scientist’s lab needs some cobwebs. (ABC screenshot)

Obrecht did her best to try and convince Victor the pathogen was no longer viable, but he wasn’t fooled. He did note it had to be triggered in the sunlight, which was why it wasn’t dangerous in the bunker, so could she technically have destroyed it safely? And how is Obrecht supposed to make an antidote with a bunch of stuff sitting around that expired forty years ago? I really was shocked that he’s still moving forward and allowing Spencer to be a test subject for Obrecht. And has he not considered that the 20 percent of those who would survive this pathogen would not come for him in some way?

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With Curtis joining Laura, Valentin and Drew in going after Victor, many have been asking, where the heck is Taggert? Why isn’t he going with them? Does he even know what’s going on?

Now that the Spencer gang has made it to Greenland, it’s time to wrap up this story. Get Obrecht home so Willow can get her transplant and stop being perpetually five seconds away from dying at all times. I’d like to think we’d get a break from Willow and the Carly/Nina drama after that, but I’m not hopeful. Hopefully, with no more time devoted to Victor, the show will finally get back to Austin, Mason, Ava and wherever the heck Nikolas is.

Back in Port Charles, it was great to see Anna call Andre in for help. Seeing that Portia and Curtis are clearly going to work things out, it might be nice if Andre stuck around as a possible love interest for Jordan again.

Anna theorized Project Demeter may have been the government’s operation to locate the missing Cassadine technologies. I’m thinking that might be the only explanation we’ll get on what it actually was!

As always, these are simply my thoughts. Leave yours in the comments below and join the discussion!

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