Tracy and Holly’s Returns Made for a Thrilling Week on General Hospital — But Carly and Nina’s Incessant Drama Brought the Show Down

April 17 - 21:

Does anyone care about Nina and Carly's drama anymore? GH

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What a week on General Hospital. Once again much of the focus was on Victor’s machinations, whether onboard the Haunted Star, or at the auction for Ethan’s life. I found myself also happy to get back to Cody’s story, even though it frustrates me, and the eventual nailing of Gladys. I’d much have rather there had been more focus on that than the drama between Nina and Carly, which just needs to end. Who knew Ava would be the voice of reason between these two? Let’s dive into what happened in and offshore of Port Charles this week.

They’re Back!

Monday and Tuesday’s episodes were by far the best of the week, though I also found myself enjoying Friday’s. Felicia and Holly conniving their way into the auction for Ethan was great, but the minute I saw the woman in the white hat and dress bidding on Ethan via a laptop, I yelled, “That’s Tracy!” And indeed it was. Tracy already lost Luke to Victor, so she wasn’t about to let Victor take Luke’s son!

How Holly thought she could buy Ethan for ten million dollars in the auction and not pay up was absurd. This is not a Popeye cartoon, and you can’t pay on Tuesday for a hamburger today! Tracy was the default winner and ended up being exposed. Tracy’s answer to Holly as to what she was doing there… “The same as you, but only better!” was classic Tracy. How I’ve missed her ability to just tell people as it is. The only thing that would have made all these scenes even better was to have Nathan Parson’s back as Ethan, but he apparently wasn’t available to return, so Ethan is currently being played by James Ryan. Choosing an actor with curly blond hair seemed to be a nod to his father Luke.

Tracy to the rescue! (ABC)

Trapped In a Cage Like Lab Rats

Well, Trina had a good run of the boat, but stealing that walkie-talkie ended up being her undoing and capture in the end. She should have listened to Curtis! And even though she sabotaged the engine, it seemed to only buy them a little time. I wasn’t shocked that Victor was ready to throw Trina overboard, but I was a little surprised when he decided to let Spencer join her. Then again, I shouldn’t have been. He’s the worst of all the Cassadines at this point. To think, once upon a time Helena said Valentin was the worst of the bunch! And who expected of all people Obrecht would save the day, and Trina and Spencer? I just hope she hasn’t cracked under pressure and has no intention of actually using them as lab rats for Victor’s vaccine trials.

For a second we almost had a possible Sprina baby! (ABC screenshot)

Friday’s episode found Spencer and Trina locked in a cabin together, and facing an uncertain future. Trina wanted to experience everything she hadn’t with him and pointed out they don’t know what tomorrow would bring. All I could think was, oh no, they don’t have protection! Unless the cabins each come furnished with some. And of course, the rational side of me was also thinking, “Is this really the time for that?” It wasn’t because they were interrupted when the boat hit land. Thwarted by Victor’s insane plan!

Oh and Victor, throw that useless Wednesday Adams-wannabe nanny overboard and get a new one. She couldn’t spot a colicky baby?

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Project Demeter

As dull as Drew is, I am glad the show didn’t drop Victor’s interest in Project Demeter, and how Navy Seal Drew was tied to it. It’s the last piece of Victor’s plan they have yet to explain. Drew and Curtis went sleuthing through some of his old belongings Kim Nero had in storage. Drew is far more tolerable when he’s working with Curtis than when he’s with Carly or the other Quartermaines.

It’s a map. What’s it a map of? One-Eyed Willie’s treasure! (ABC screenshot)

In an old book of Drew’s on Greek mythology, which he gave to Oscar, they found a map marked up in Drew’s handwriting with possible locations for something. So wait, Oscar never noticed it, nor asked his father what it was about? Yeah I know, this is a soap opera! It’s starting to look like Project Demeter was the code name for Mikkos and Victor’s pathogen, and Drew was once upon a time trying to locate it. With Laura pinpointing the possible location based on Trina’s coordinates, it looks like we are quickly coming to the end of this storyline.

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Wedding Drama … AKA Here We Go Again!

With pushing from Willow, Michael invited Sonny to the wedding. Upon learning Nina wasn’t invited, Sonny smartly deduced that this was Willow’s doing, and Michael really didn’t want him there. I was glad Nina didn’t go all Nina and instead told Sonny to go without her, and this was his chance to connect with Michael. Sonny’s showing Michael what it means to be the bigger man, and what it means to be a father and have unconditional love for your child. Too bad Mikey can’t see that through his anger over his daddy and Nina. Given Willow even reached out to Carly to try and build a bridge between Michael and Sonny, I have to wonder how she’ll react upon learning what he’s been up to all this time.

Last week I wrote that I wasn’t surprised at all that Sonny had known about Joss and Dex. This week, Michael and Joss discussed Sonny and it went something like this… Joss: “OMG Sonny has known about me and Dex for weeks now, and he didn’t kill Dex. He even gave Dex another job! And he’s not policing our relationship.” Michael: “Sonny called me and offered to help in any way he could, and he sounded like my dad again.” Joss: “Sonny is doing everything he can to help find Obrecht and save Willow too!” The only thing missing was … Joss: “Michael, maybe Sonny’s not the problem, maybe we are?” Michael: “Maybe you are right and we’re the jerks.”

Joss and Michael almost … almost realize maybe they’ve been wrong about Sonny. (ABC screenshot)

Ava tried to be the voice of reason, yes Ava, and ask Carly to try and put her animosity for Nina aside for Willow’s sake, just as she had put her animosity toward her aside for Avery. Oh, how I wish Ava had both Nina and Carly in the room together for that conversation. Though given the events that unfolded, it likely wouldn’t have worked. Carly couldn’t resist snapping at Ava and saying she only tolerates her because of Avery, and she has not forgotten what Ava did to St. Morgan. Frankly, it was a ballsy move, because Carly’s not married to Sonny anymore and therefore the only reason she has a relationship with Avery is due to Ava allowing it.

Someone needs to send Carly and Nina to their rooms to think about what they said. (ABC screenshot)

And of course, Carly and Nina got into over the wedding, Sonny’s invite, and her non-invite. A lot of good points were made by both, not that they heard each other, only what they wanted to hear. Carly was right when she said Nina only changed her mind about Willow after learning she was her daughter, that Nina destroyed her relationship with Willow long ago, and that Willow was always wonderful. Well, I don’t know if I’d go that far, Willow has had her moments too. And you would think Carly of all people would understand what it’s like to be sorry for past actions and rebuild a relationship with a parent. Heck, she even spoke about it at the Nurses Ball!

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Nina blamed Carly for the situation Willow was in because she kept the truth from them. Carly defended her choice because Willow didn’t want to find her mother, and her worst fear was her mother could be someone like Nina. However, she ignored the fact that when Willow decided she wanted to find her birth parents, she continued to lie to her and thwart Drew’s attempts to find them. Plus, Carly keeps using the excuse, “But I didn’t know Willow was sick!” That’s not the point, the minute Willow wanted to know, she should have told her. Carly even told Nina that it was up to Willow, not her, if she wanted a relationship with Nina. But she never afforded that same choice to Willow in the first place.

All of this drama has culminated in Nina pondering turning Carly (and Drew) into the SEC. I’ve said it before, Nina is her own worst enemy. She’s going to come off looking like the petty one, even if Carly and Drew did break the law. If I could fast-forward Carly and Nina’s storyline, I so would, which makes me wonder once again… Is anyone enjoying watching these two grown women act like bratty kids fighting over a doll?

Addendum: If this is to be a family affair as Willow wants, will Maxie and James be there?

Other Storyline Ponderings

So Gregory has ALS… The curse of Alexis strikes again. As if that’s not depressing enough, the show has decided to saddle Molly with endometriosis! How much more awful can Alexis’ life get? It’s almost as if the writers are setting up Alexis to fall off the wagon to say, “It can get worse!”

Chase is back on the force and has seemingly forgiven Brook Lynn, who he feels is the one who helped him get his job back. It should have ended there, but noooooooo. Brook Lynn told Sonny she called in a favor, and we all know whatever she did, Chase “The Morality Police” won’t like it one bit.

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I’m loving Sam supporting Cody, and pretty much everyone but Sasha acknowledging that Gladys is a walking train wreck. Still, Cody just needs to come out with it and tell Sasha, Sam, or someone what Gladys has been up to at this point. Clearly, he knows not to cross Ms. Wu and her business, but this storyline is frustrating and all I want is to see Gladys get what’s coming to her!

Kristina’s scenes with Dex were fun, and many would rather see Dex with Kristina than Joss. Kristina singing Sonny’s praises for helping her fulfill her dreams of starting a youth shelter seemingly got to Dex, who hopefully will be the one to ruin Mikey’s plans to bring Sonny down.

Well folks, that’s all I’ve got. These are my opinions, and only mine. Join in the conversation and post your own in the comments below!

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