General Hospital’s Nurses Ball Had Strippers, Kidnappings and Gunshots — and Left Us Wondering Who Is Worse, Victor or Gladys?

April 3 - 7:

Milo and the Magic Wands GH

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The Nurses Ball was the star this week on General Hospital, but we aren’t sure who was the worst of the week, Lucy, Victor or Gladys. Lucy’s insufferable, and we know Victor is a monster, but Gladys reached a new low. Meanwhile, Spencer just can’t seem to stop sabotaging his relationship with Trina. Let’s dive into what happened this week on the soap.

Anything Can, and Does, Happen At the Nurses Ball

Seeing Chandra Wilson back as Sydney Val Jean, up in everyone’s business, was entertaining. Her dig at Portia sharing something in common with Jordan… that they are both public servants, was funny. Still, I’ve never understood why the red carpet-arrivals have to take up an entire episode. Maybe it’s just because I don’t really care about fashion. And it’s not as if this is the Oscars and these people are celebrities. I do wonder though if Sam’s trip on the carpet was a goof they decided to keep in the show.

Sydney was back to host the red carpet, and get up in everyone’s business (ABC)

Overall I thought the performances this time around were really good. TJ singing with the nurses was an interesting surprise. Danielle Ponder has an amazing voice, but I just don’t know who she is, so it’s not something I could get excited about. Obrecht finally got back into the show, without hijacking it, but only as Georgie and James’ assistant for their magic act. It was a cute act, and obviously set up Obrecht’s kidnapping by Victor’s henchman very well. It was something I didn’t see coming, that’s for sure. Way to traumatize two little kids Victor! They made Grandma disappear and couldn’t get her back. Still, couldn’t we have gotten a song from Obrecht first? There is always next year. And of course, her kidnapping is going to be a huge dilemma for Willow, whose supposed to get her transplant the next day.

Joss and Trina’s performances, as well as Blaze and Chase’s, set up the downfall of Linc. Brook Lynn told that slime off and good, and it was about time. This story needed to be over a long time ago, and maybe now she and Chase can figure their own drama out. However, Linc will ash out legally because of the NDA and take back Brooklynn’s songs? Nothing seems to have come from Maxie telling Brook Lynn that sexual harassment can’t be covered by a NDA. Hopefully, Linc will be behind bars for being a letch, and Blaze’s statement along with probably countless others will put him in prison for sexual coercion.

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So long slime ball, don’t come back! (ABC)

In last week’s column, I pondered about Spencer agreeing to Victor’s plan to take out Esme as something Trina would not be on board with. Well, now  Spencer’s disdain for Dex has him in hot water with both Joss and Trina. His calling Dex an employee and ordering him to get back to work did not sit well with Trina, nor should it have. Spencer’s really making it hard to root for ‘Sprina’ right now! And he didn’t help when he took off at Victor’s beckoning just as he and Trina were trying to hash things out.

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In the same episode in which Victor shot Anna, Gladys decided to get Cody out of her way by planting the extremely expensive bracelet that was on loan to Deception in his’s tux pocket while the Magic Wands were about to hit the stage. I was actually more appalled by Gladys in that episode than I was by Victor, and he shot Anna! But come on, we know Anna isn’t going to die.

I really enjoyed when Gladys turned things around with Brando and Sasha, so watching her resort back to who she was, actually she might be worse than she was, is a letdown. Mac let me down too, by continuing the tradition of the PCPD not solving the crime, or really even bothering to follow up with real questions or Cody’s suggestion to fingerprint the bracelet. And Cody, how could he not see Gladys framed him? And how exactly is this supposed to keep Cody quiet? He can still expose Gladys for the awful person she is. I was really hoping that Cody and Mac would have figured it out, and Gladys would be the one who was arrested.

Yuri is a Magic Wand now, but where was Terry? (ABC screenshot)

Obviously, the Magic Wands was the act everyone had been waiting for, but has it really been 13 years since they were last on as Maxie said? It seems like just yesterday… I loved the surprise of seeing Yuri joining them, but then that left me wondering, where the heck is Terry? Also, am I the only one who wanted to know what was up with the missing chainsaw that had Maxie so alarmed? And are we ever going to find out what that damn llama is for?

The tribute to Bobbie was a nice surprise, and of course, they had to throw in the clip of BJ and her heart! And Lucy, being Lucy, found a new way to crash onto the stage, by tearing through her own memorial photo. While Lucy annoys the heck out of me, Bobbie didn’t need to trash talk her on stage, especially when it was supposed to be a tribute to her and they all thought she was dead. Lucy’s response to being called vain by Bobbie, noting her hair hasn’t been naturally red in 40 years, was funny though.

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Victor Takes On Saving the World, But First…

Lucy continued to be unbearable with all her complaining, and naturally, Anna and Valentin were furious to learn she went to the Metro Court and exposed their location to Victor. Even when they were trying to split, Lucy was torn because the ball was still going on. Oh Lucy! And how was it that Lucy was able to escape, but not Anna and Valentin? Why didn’t they go with her? Oh that’s right because someone had to give Victor the necklace!

Victor shows his darkest side yet. (ABC)

Victor shooting Anna to hurt Valentin for his betrayal was unexpected, and he’s really amped up his evilness in the past week. First he killed Eileen, then he shot Anna, and now he’s kidnapped Obrecht, Spencer and Ace. I’ve really been enjoying Charles Shaughnessy in the role, but Victor shooting Anna pretty much seals the deal that his time on the show is near its end. The scenes between Valentin and Anna post-shooting, when she thought she might not make it, were so good. James Patrick Stuart is just a phenomenal actor and so great in this role.

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Now that Victor has absconded with his prisoners, hopefully, Spencer sees the error in trusting him. Everyone warned Spencer, but he wouldn’t listen. And can we please, pretty please, finally learn what Victor is up to with this “save the world” nonsense?

That’s it for my thoughts on this week’s episodes. Join in the comments and leave your opinions below!

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