General Hospital Brought Us to Tears With Epiphany’s Memorial Service — and Victor’s Grand Plan Is to What?! Freeze the World?!

March 27 -31:

Epiphany's funeral, Victor's plan GH

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This week, General Hospital was all about the waterworks. Between Epiphany’s memorial, and Cam’s going away celebrations, it was an extremely emotional week. Unfortunately, it was also a frustrating one, as Lucy was once again up to her usual antics and has put herself and others in danger.

Goodbye Sweet Epiphany

Just hand General Hospital the Outstanding Daytime Drama Emmy for the episode honoring Epiphany and Sonya Eddy now! From beginning to end, it was the perfect episode, and so well done. While we knew Milo would be returning, Emma’s surprise appearance was a wonderful and sweet surprise. And Milo becoming emotional with Sonny and Diane was just one of the many tear-inducing moments, and you could tell the entire cast wasn’t acting but honoring and mourning their friend. Brad comforting Felix also had me wondering if there was a reunion between these two coming.

Are Brad and Felix about to give it another go? (ABC)

Monica calling Elizabeth to read Epiphany’s letter in support of her, and her suggesting she be the new head nurse, was a nice way to give Elizabeth closure, and to honor the history of the show and Elizabeth’s bloodline. Dr. Obrecht being tasked with shooting off the fireworks so Epiphany could go out, as she put it, “with a bang,” while we heard Epiphany singing “You Are Not Alone” was the perfect way to end the episode. Just seeing so much of the cast gathered for this tribute was moving.

Epiphany goes out with a bang. (ABC)

Victor’s Planning to What?

So Victor told Eileen that he was planning to carry out his and his brothers’ original plan, which we can assume involved the weather machine, which went all wrong decades ago due to Mikkos’ greed and lust for power, and Luke and Laura’s interference. He also warned many people would die. So what, is he planning to freeze the world? He said something to the effect that he had to right the wrongs humanity had done to the planet. Is he going to usher in a new ice age to reset the world’s environments while also wiping out most of humanity? If that’s his plan, this seems like the plot of a really bad Batman movie that Arnold Schwarzenegger was in.

Is Victor Cassadine about to morph into Victor Freeze? (Warner Bros. courtesy of The Everet Collection)

Eileen ran out of luck this week when Victor caught her trying to steal the decryption key and threw her over the footbridge to her death, but not before she told him everything about Anna, Valentin and Lucy. I was shocked that Victor did the deed himself, instead of having his henchman do it. Also, the fact that Mikkos’ decryption key was on a flash drive is puzzling me. I guess they copied the program over from an old 5.25 floppy disc? And what, upgraded the program to run on a modern OS? Yes, I’m a technology geek so I really was pondering this!

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With Victor now knowing Anna, Lucy and Valentin are alive, and that they have the necklace, this HAS to be leading towards a final showdown once and for all. And I’m guessing it will take place at the Nurses Ball.

The Nurses Ball Cometh

In last week’s column, I joked that if the safe house had a basement Anna and Valentin should chain Lucy up down there because she wasn’t going to sit put and not go to the ball. Lo and behold, she fled the coup again this week! When a fuming Maxie confronted her, Lucy cried to her that planning the Nurses Ball was the one time a year people seemed to respect her. Cry me a river Lucy, you won’t be around to get that respect if you are dead! And this time, Lucy’s lame disguise didn’t work and she was spotted by one of Victor’s cronies, and now Lucy is leading Victor right to the safe house.

Nice disguise Lucy… NOT! (ABC screenshot)

Maxie has seemingly done a good job rounding up acts for the ball, and getting the sponsors, Lucy has yet to even acknowledge that. Of course, Dex is going to be joining Cody, and whomever else, in bringing back Milo and the Magic Wands. Dex just can’t keep his clothes off for a minute, can he? I hope Emma and Milo will be at the ball and didn’t just return for Epiphany’s tribute episode. Mac should try and resurrect Mr. Marbles for an appearance, though I did get a laugh when Lucy suggested Maxie cast him as a Magic Wand. When Maxie reminded Lucy that he’s her stepdad, Lucy commented, “He is a daddy!” I’ll give it to Lucy, that was a good line. I also really hope we get a song from Dr. Obrecht, especially in light of Britt’s passing.

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Until Summer, Cam

Cam’s going away family breakfast was also a tearjerker episode. Fortunately, we know now that William Lipton will not be gone for good, and the actor will return this summer when both he and Cam are done with their school years. I was thrilled that we finally got to see Jake and Aiden again at the surprise breakfast, and holy growth spurt Batman! Aiden got big! With Cam off-screen, hopefully, we will see more of Jake and Aiden. And I can’t believe I’m actually going to say this, but I didn’t mind Finn and Liz’s interactions this week. Normally as a “couple,” I found them pretty boring. But they seemed to annoy me less when they were all together as a family. And of course, anytime Violet is on I can’t stop smiling.

Aiden’s bigger than almost everyone now! (ABC screenshot)

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Spencer Goes to the Dark Side, No Cookies for Him!

Never did I think I’d see the day when I was on Esme’s side against Spencer. I don’t blame Spencer for not wanting to trust Esme one bit, but his constant berating of her is getting to be a bit much. I actually was proud of Esme for asking Spencer if they could try and put the past behind them for baby Ace’s sake, as this fighting wasn’t healthy for him. If Spencer cares about his brother as he claims, you would think he’d at least try. But Spencer clearly is as obsessed with getting Ace away from Esme as Victor is.

I give it two weeks before Victor decides it’s better to kill Esme. (ABC screenshot)

Now Spencer has called up Victor and agreed to his plan to falsify evidence against Esme that will put her away for a long time. Of course, Victor would rather just kill Esme, but Spencer won’t allow that. Oh, Spencer, you are making the same poor choices that Nikolas did, and the same bad decisions that landed you in jail. Trina would not approve of this side of Spencer, and if he doesn’t wake up and break free of Victor, he’s going to ruin his relationship with her. It’s sad to think “Sprina” could be over before they really get started.

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The Beginning of the End?

I was as shocked as Carly was when Nina suggested they call a somewhat truce for Willow’s sake. Of course, Carly just couldn’t resist getting cracks in about how she was in a better position than Nina to know what Willow needs, and taunting Nina that she’s bit off more than she can chew with Sonny. And she told Nina that her staying ignorant of Sonny’s world could be the beginning of the end of them as a couple. She’s not wrong there, and Sonny’s business is already causing issues for them, but I don’t see the show breaking up Sonny and Nina anytime soon. And I was glad to see that Willow tried to keep Carly and Nina from snapping at each other in small ways and that Willow was trying to be cordial to Nina. There may be hope for Nina and Willow after all… as long as Nina doesn’t do something Nina-like to ruin it.

That’s all the thoughts and opinions I have for this week. As always, chime in with yours in the comments below!

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