General Hospital Has Us Wondering if Sonny Already Knows What Joss, Dex and Michael Are Up to — and if Esme Hasn’t Changed

March 20 - 24:

Soap Box GH Does Sonny Know? Has Esme Changed?

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It felt like another slower week on General Hospital, with a lot of the storylines that come and go every few weeks being more of the main focus. The show is setting up the Nurses Ball, and sadly, Epiphany’s death. It looks like the end is drawing near for Victor, and Sonny would be wise not to trust anyone at this point.

Does Sonny Know?

Michael’s plan to bring Sonny down is not surprisingly falling to pieces. Dex feels loyalty to Sonny on some level for saving his life, and even Joss said she owes Sonny for saving Dex. That had to kill her to admit! Now Michael knows Joss and Dex are together, and Joss knows Michael is Dex’s boss. Michael for a hot minute was ready to call the whole thing off, a wise decision. He should have saved them a lot of trouble and done so, but Joss cried that would likely leave her sexy Dexy dead. What still boggles me is they don’t see what they are doing to Donna, Avery, Dante and Kristina as the same thing they are pissed at Nina for doing to them, keeping Sonny from their family. Even Michael outright said the family would be furious at them for taking Sonny away. But as usual, there is a set of rules for Michael and Joss, and those rules don’t apply when it comes to others.

Do you smell that? It smells like bullcrap to me! (ABC screenshot)

I’m not alone in wondering if Sonny already knows everything, as other viewers are starting to question what’s going on. There are just so many incidents that Sonny is seemingly ignoring. Spencer told Sonny outright that Joss dumped Cam for Dex, but he brushed it off and muttered it wasn’t Dex’s fault if Cam and Joss broke up. Now he’s got Dex staying at his place to protect him, but what if it’s to keep him away from Joss, and to keep Joss out of danger? Then there was Sonny’s talk with Joss on Friday about staying vigilant, and Joss said she already knew about the incident. She slyly covered that her mother brought her up to speed, but did Sonny buy it? What if he knows exactly what Michael and Dex are up to and is plotting to blow their plans up in their faces? Michael keeps complaining that Sonny has lost his code of honor, and his touch, but what if Sonny is playing them all? Too many people believe they’re outsmarting Sonny…

Super Spies Getting Super Caught

First off, Lucy continues to be the worst of the worst, completely self-absorbed in her thinking that she IS the Nurses Ball. She’s only concerned with herself and what she wants and isn’t thinking of anybody else or the bigger picture. I loved when Maxie was insulted when Lucy was vocal that nobody could handle planning the ball except for her and so Maxie yelled out, “Hello!” Does that safe house have a basement? Because they should probably handcuff Lucy down there and gag her. She will sneak out again just to be at the ball and will end up doing something stupid like falling out onto the stage in her undies, exposing the plot against Victor.

Nobody can tell it’s me, I’m a master of disguise! See, I’m a librarian! (ABC screenshot)

Valentin, supposed to be in hiding himself, decided to just take a walk to the footbridge. Because you know, nobody goes there. And low and behold Carly, and then Drew caught him there. We weren’t even given a reason for why Drew and Carly were even there to begin with, we were just expected to go with it. At this point, half the show’s cast know Anna, Valentin and Lucy are alive. Way to keep a secret.

Oh hey guys, would you believe I’m a ghost? (ABC screenshot)

Now Drew is involved in helping bring Victor down, and by association, Carly. Why? Why does either of them need to be in this story? Drew also keeps touting his military background and training as a Navy Seal, but he doesn’t remember that part of his life! I know, I know, it’s still buried in his subconscious which made him a great fake Jason. Yeah, yeah! Also, Carly and Drew better be careful where they talk about what they know, as Nina is always nearby listening. I will say, I was at least pleased Drew remembered Victor’s interest in Project Demeter. Maybe the writers really will pull everything together after all?

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Old Esme, New Esme, Same Esme?

So Esme was finally released and refused to be separated from Ace and live above Kelly’s while Laura and Spencer took the boy. Did they really think she’d agree to that? Naturally, Esme, Ace, and Spencer are now all living with Laura, and it was Esme’s idea. Trina warned Spencer that this new Esme could be even more dangerous than the old Esme, so to watch his back. Many viewers have commented in the daily recaps that they don’t believe Esme has changed, and she remembers everything. Her maneuvering to live with Spencer and Laura, and interrupting Spencer and Trina, seems too much like the old Esme to many.

Has Esme changed? Or is she fooling everyone? (ABC screenshot)

I’m still on the fence, as when left alone, Esme is keeping up the amnesia routine. Even if she doesn’t remember, the old Esme’s instincts and cunning are still within her to tap into, and she seems to be doing just that. Laura put her to the test on Friday by leaving her alone with Ace, and a sum of money in case of an emergency. Esme failed and decided to flee, only to run straight into Cam. We’ll have to wait until Monday to see how this plays out. Something tells me Cam, who hasn’t yet dealt with the new Esme, will talk some sense into her. If she really doesn’t remember, I can’t blame Esme for wanting to run what with Spencer and Victor after Ace.

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Other Stray Storyline Thoughts

I’m really starting to enjoy Cody and Sasha’s interactions, especially since it irks Gladys because Cody has the goods on her. And now Ms. Wu is tempting Gladys by inviting her to another game, and she’s likely to crack under the pressure and find herself having to tap into Sasha’s money even further. I’m hoping now that Sasha has convinced Gladys to go to the Nurses Ball with her that is where the truth about Gladys will come out. The ball always exposes secrets. Oh and Cody agreeing to participate in Magic Milo simply because Maxie asked him, was a nice little scene. Of course, Cody’s secret about Mac probably will come out at the ball as well.

Maxie can’t wait to get her step-brother, who she doesn’t know is her step-brother, almost naked on stage. (ABC screenshot)

So the hospital board decided not to fire Liz, or even discipline her in any way. Well of course they didn’t. Given everyone else who has committed crimes and had got to either keep their hospital job, or got their job back, why should Liz be any different? And frankly, it’s long overdue they reinstate Obrecht.

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The big committee meeting about Liz also set up the reveal of Epiphany’s death. She didn’t send a letter of support to the committee for Liz, and neither Liz nor Marshall has heard from her in a while. We are quickly approaching what looks to be a grab-the-tissues episode.

So Gregory finally admitted to Alexis that he was sick, but hasn’t revealed what he has. I mean, we already knew that, and I pondered last week that Gregory likely has a brain tumor because soaps love to give people brain tumors. As for the cause of his sickness, I think we all know it’s Alexis. The curse of Alexis the man-killer strikes again!

I was pleasantly surprised at Jordan and Curtis’ frank talk about their marriage, and his marriage to Portia. Curtis actually acknowledged that if he were to forgive Portia for keeping a way bigger secret from him, it would make him a hypocrite that he ended his marriage to Jordan over a much more minor secret. And Curtis, how dare you ask Jordan why she didn’t fight harder for their marriage. You didn’t fight at all! You walked away which is what you are doing again with Portia. Of course, the honest talk, along with copious drinks, had Curtis and Jordan almost kissing. Oh brother, let’s just pour even more gasoline on this dumpster fire while we’re at it!

Finally, Brook Lynn told Chase the truth about the NDA she signed with Linc, and he naturally went off on her for being a terrible person. Just like with Willow, I used to really enjoy Chase’s character. Now both Chase and Willow can’t seem to climb down these very tall pedestals they’ve put themselves on.

That’s all I’ve got on this week’s shows, and as always, these are just my opinions. Join the conversation below and leave your own thoughts!

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