General Hospital Served Up Glimpses of the Old Sonny — Plus, Is This Really Goodbye to Cam?

March 13 - 17:

Sonny and Dex, Cam's goodbye GH

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It was a week of shootouts, good news, bad news, and ball planning on General Hospital. Kevin, Mac and Felicia were the big winners of the week with their performances, while Lucy earned the award for the most insufferable character. 

Bad News for Victor, Good News for Fans

Last week I assumed the drug Ms. Wu gave Victor somehow chemically castrated him, but it turns out it’s more vicious than that. Finn revealed he had ingested a pathogen that had one mission, to attack a certain part of his body, and the effects may be permanent. Damn, Holly really got Victor and good! And speaking of Holly, news broke that Emma Samms will be returning soon. Perhaps she’ll have Ethan in tow? With Holly returning, and things heating up with the secret of the necklace, it really looks like we are finally nearing the end of this long-drawn-out Victor storyline. Seriously, at this point, this big secret of his better be mind-blowing.

Victor: “I need a cure!” Doctor: “We can try the little blue pill.” (ABC screenshot)

Bad News for Sonny, Bad News for Michael, Joss and Nina?

Sonny and Dex’s shootout brought some excitement to the show, and for many, it felt like the return of a pre-Nixon Falls Sonny. I’ve never been a big fan of the mafia storylines, but I did enjoy seeing some gunfire and action. Carly and Sonny’s heartfelt conversation about the new threat to him, and his saying he would be okay as long as she and the girls were safe, again felt like the old Sonny. As for this new threat, does Sonny have a new enemy, or perhaps this is someone from the past? As I’ve previously noted, it would be interesting if they could tie this into Austin and Mason’s lady boss storyline, which once again has disappeared off the face of the planet along with the unconscious Nikolas. Olivia Jerome or even the return of a not-dead and scorned Julian Jerome, would be wild.

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Suddenly Joss is beginning to realize Cam might have been right about Dex. (ABC screenshot)

Dex saving Sonny was an interesting move. Honestly, a dead Sonny would be his out from all of this and clear the path for him and Joss. But of course, the soap isn’t going to kill off Sonny, and even Michael likely doesn’t want Sonny dead. However as Sonny and Dex mutually saved one another’s lives, it could work against Michael and Joss at this point. Dex turning on Michael, and refusing to break from Sonny, would infuriate Michael and devastate Joss. It would be a nice turn of events especially given Cam’s warnings to Joss that getting involved with Dex means being about that Sonny way of life she hates, even though she foolishly thinks Dex can walk away from all of this. By Friday, she began to sense Dex was falling for Sonny as much as he was for her. Cam once told you, karma would get you Joss!

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The shootout also seems to have Nina questioning if she’s about this gangster life. She knew all about who Sonny was but seems to have convinced herself after he became Mike, and then Sonny again, things were different. Now suddenly she’s wising up that Sonny will always be Sonny. I had to chuckle when she told Phyllis she had to think about Willow and the grandkids, who would be in danger if she stayed with Sonny. Uh, they will be anyways because of Michael’s connection to his father!

Bad News for Carly, Good and Bad News for Willow

With Ava’s help, Nina knows what Carly and Drew did. Last week I wrote that I wanted Nina would take the high road and not turn Carly in, and low and behold she did just that. As Ava said, “This seems like real growth!” Of course, it will take just one snide remark or blow from Carly to push Nina over the edge and call the SEC, but I really hope Nina doesn’t do that. And Carly’s comment to Nina about whether she was big enough to set her hate for her aside for the good cause of the Nurses Ball was a pretty petty comment. I mean, the ball isn’t about you Carly! I even scratched my head at Maxie’s panic over them needing Nina’s permission, because Maxie should have known Nina wouldn’t say no, especially to her. As I asked last week, is anyone finding this feud entertaining anymore?

Naturally, Carly and Nina are both working on the Nurses Ball… because we fans want more scenes of them arguing! (ABC screenshot)

So Obrecht was clear to donate, but of course, there is a catch. She has to go off her anticoagulant drugs and get them out of her system before they can harvest her bone marrow. Anything to keep dragging this story out and bring Willow to the brink of death before saving her. Just watching Willow always sitting around exhausted is exhausting!

Good News for Cam, Good News for Esme, Bad News for Everyone Else

While Cam’s transfer to Standford is good news for him, it’s bad news for his friends and us the audience. We’re out an outstanding younger actor, and the PCU gang will be down a member, and frankly, Dex just doesn’t fit into their group. There is still no official confirmation that William Lipton is fully out as Cam, so we could still see him in the summer, holidays, and other special occasions. Also with Cam being out in California, it would be an excellent opportunity for him to return home to Port Charles with his new girlfriend, Emma! However that would likely mean a recast due to the actress’s age, and that’s something I’d hate to see. Brooklyn Rae Silzer IS Emma.

It will be sad to see Cam go, but he’s better off without Joss’ drama. (ABC screenshot)

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Trina convincing her friends they need to drop the charges against Esme for Ace’s sake, as well as in her current situation the jury could sympathize with Esme, is definitely a stretch. I don’t think it is up to them, but the state, and even if they refused to testify, there are other charges against Esme such as poisoning Oz. But, the show had to find some way to spring Esme, and we have to suspend our sense of reality and go along with it.

It definitely looks like Esme is not faking her condition. She had no reason to pretend to act horrified when Heather’s letter arrived at Spring Ridge, because no one was around to see her performance. However, they left us hanging as to what was in the letter.

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The Good, the Bad, and the Others

I was pretty shocked that Cody actually told Dante the truth about Mac being his father, and hope he listens to Dante and fesses up to Mac. Of course, Mac is likely going to be disappointed, but he also seems to understand that Cody’s upbringing appears to have made him hyper-focused on money. And Felicia is no dummy, she already has a feeling Cody is family, or as she put it, “It feels like he is.”

Dante once again alluded to something in his and Cody’s past that Cody’s punishing himself for. Is this secret ever going to come out? Or are the writers sitting on it so they can bring it back up three years from now?

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Mac and Felicia, and both their scenes with Kevin discussing Ryan’s death were the winners of the week. All three of these actors gave heartfelt performances, and Mac and Kevin’s tearful hug was moving. Their conversations felt like a final proper closure to that chapter of their lives.

Unfortunately, Lucy was once again the pits. We all know the Victor business will likely be wrapped up in time for Lucy to be the hostess with the mostess at the ball, but given the way she’s acting, I wouldn’t mind if she was left out. Now she’s snuck out of the safe house and is putting everything in jeopardy because she wrongly believes the ball can’t go on without her.

Ah yes, the old glasses will fool them disguise! (ABC screenshot)

Second to Lucy, Gregory was also pretty insufferable this week, and downright nasty to Alexis. Sadly, his attitude is making me care even less about him or this storyline, which looks to involve a brain tumor because soaps love those.

Finally, what was with those daily flashbacks to the day or two before in most of the episodes this week? General Hospital hasn’t done that many in a long time, and I for one have not missed them.

That’s all the thought I’ve got this week. Please join in on the conversation and leave your thoughts in the comments.

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