General Hospital Fans Are Looking Forward to the Return of the Nurses Ball — the Sonya Eddy Tribute — and Victor’s Downfall

March 6 - 10:

The nurses ball and victor's downfall GH

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It was another mixed-bag week on General Hospital. It is feeling like we are finally getting some progression in the Victor storyline, but much everything else felt like a jumble of returning to storylines that have been on the back burner. The other big development of the week was the setup for the return of the Nurses Ball.

Willow on the Mend? What’s Next for Her and Nina?

So Obrecht is a certified match for Willow, but they still have to rule out if it’s safe enough for her to be a donor. Given this knocked Willow’s original anonymous donor out, they wouldn’t be so cruel as to do that again, would they? They also need this to happen to continue to facilitate dialogue between Nina and Willow. And the fact that Willow talked to Nina about her condition, and Nina agreed to respect her boundaries and not ask about the kid, was a pretty good step in a reconciliation of sorts between them.

Nina actually respected Willow’s boundaries for once. (ABC screenshot)

Unfortunately, Nina overheard Olivia and her big mouth once again blurting out other people’s business in public. Later with Ava’s help, they deduced Carly and Drew could be charged with insider trading. I’m still baffled that everyone else has realized what they did was wrong, but at the time, Drew and Carly never questioned the legalities of their plan. I had to chuckle at Ava scolding Nina for coming upon this information while eavesdropping yet again, but Ava is also wondering what Nina will do with what she knows.

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Truly, is anyone enjoying this war between Nina and Carly? Because the majority of comments I’ve seen usually amount to, “Oh no, they’re back, and it was such a nice few days without them.” Carly’s long been a polarizing character among fans, and Nina just keeps making the same dumb mistakes over and over. In a perfect world, Nina would confront Carly with what she knows, but tell her she’s not going to turn her in and drop this feud. It would probably really cause Carly to fume, but I doubt Nina will do that. Nina is far more enjoyable when she’s with Sasha, Obrecht, Curtis and Ava. As I said last week, I wouldn’t mind if Michael and Willow took a year-long honeymoon around the world at this point.

The Plot Against Victor Thickens, as Victor Is Left, Erm, Frustrated

So with Eileen’s help, team “Bring Down Victor” has discovered Victor is looking for a place and the ice princess can lead him there. Felicia and Anna quickly deduced the numbers in the diamond fragments are coordinates. Well no duh! That’s the first thing that popped into my head when they discovered them months ago. I can’t believe this didn’t occur to Robert, Anna and Valentin, three current and former spies, nor Felicia, before now.

Victor’s putting on a happy face, but isn’t exactly in a happy place. (ABC screenshot)

We finally returned to the drug Holly had Ms. Wu drop into Victor’s drink. Given Victor’s inability to slide into home base with Eileen in bed, he’s clearly been chemically castrated, which is amusing and pretty vicious at the same time. Though Wu would probably have to be regularly dosing him in reality for this to still be working. Good thing this is a soap!

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‘Sprina,’ Esme and Ace

Trina brought Spencer a baby blanket for Ace, and her and Spencer’s hug was the “aww” moment of the week. Sadly, Portia butting in to talk to Trina spoiled the moment. At least Portia had the sense not to bring up Spencer and her dislike of him to Trina.

You feel good, like a soft and fuzzy baby blanket. (ABC screenshot)

Spencer of course is vowing to take his baby brother away from Esme, and Uncle Victor has promised to do everything he can to help, even if it goes against the law. Spencer would be wise to listen to and follow in his grandmother’s footsteps. Laura is the only one Esme trusts right now, and their scenes together have been great. I’d love to see Genie Francis get a Daytime Emmy nomination and win for her work in this entire storyline with Esme, Nikolas, Spencer and Victor.

Oh, Gladys!

I have been enjoying the scenes between Cody and Sasha. It’s too bad the way they introduced his character has left a bad taste in so many viewers’ mouths. Sasha and Cody have chemistry, and they’ve both clearly been hurt in the past. Sasha laughing when he called her a hot spiraling mess, and Cody admitting he had foot-in-mouth disease, was a cute scene. However, he accidentally let it slip about Gladys selling the garage. There’s that disease of his!

Comet, the least polarizing character on the show followed by the Corinthos moss plant. (ABC screenshot)

I’m disappointed in the 180 Glady’s character has taken. It took so long for her to become likable, and now she’s gone and used her guardianship of Sasha for greed. At least, upon giving Ms. Wu the deed to Brando’s garage, she hung up her poker cards. She’s got that going for her now. But it’s too little, too late because she’s betrayed Sasha’s trust, though Sasha doesn’t know it yet. Glady’s explanation of having to sell the garage in part because it was a daily reminder Brando was gone was a sound reason. I oddly believed her when she said the bills and calls for Brando were a painful reminder that he was gone. Still, we know why she really sold it, and Sasha and Sonny won’t be pleased when they eventually learn the truth.

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The Nurses Ball is Back!

Finally, we are going to get a Nurses Ball, and just in time to celebrate General Hospital‘s 60th year on air. The ball is one of those events some fans love, whereas others dread. I enjoy it because it’s an event that brings most of the cast together in one place. I also enjoy most of the acts, and it usually helps to advance storylines in a big way. Plus this year’s will obviously pay tribute to Epiphany and address the loss of Sonya Eddy. The ball is not going to be the same without her.

Someone else of course feels the ball won’t be the same without them. Lucy, still stuck in the safe house, found out Maxie, with Bobbie’s help, was putting it on. Lynn Herring was fabulous as Lucy foaming at the mouth over Bobbie Spencer taking her place. And Bobbie joking she’d not lose her clothes was a great line, as was Maxie listing a llama as one of the things they would need to put on the show.

Watch your back, Lucy! (ABC screenshot)

As for the safe house, I’m with Lucy, get them out of there pronto! I did find Valentin and Lucy being at one another’s throats, with Anna as a referee, added some light humor to the show. I chuckled when Valentin noted if they didn’t bring Victor down soon, that he’d shoot Lucy himself.

Stray Storyline Thoughts

With Mason taking Nikolas hostage and then letting Austin and Ava that he knows about Nikolas, without outright saying it, I had high hopes this Mason and Austin storyline would finally go somewhere. However, it just seems to be dragging along as usual.

I know, and now you know, that I know, what you know. (ABC screenshot)

So after a year of having to sit through the storyline of Marshall’s return, and the secret as to why he left his family in the first place, we discover he never had schizophrenia to begin with. Why? What was the point of any of this? To set up the reveal of Portia’s secret about Trina? There were other ways to do that!

While Marshall’s gotten a clean bill of health, it looks like Gregory is up next to be diagnosed with some severe illness. As I mentioned last week, when he first came on the show Finn treated his Lyme Disease. But this seems to be something far more serious.

TJ and Molly’s baby discussion, being interrupted by Curtis and Ava, and finally agreeing they both wanted a baby, was adorable. I still would like to see a storyline for Kristina at some point.

I continue to hate to see Obrecht carrying around such anger for Scott and Liz. Hopefully, she’ll come to let it go because Scott and Obrecht have been adorable together. The Nurses Ball would be the perfect place for her to get closure, with a tribute to Britt. Plus, it’s been so long since we got to watch Obrecht perform.

So Cam is off to play soccer for Stanford. This clearly seems to be how they will explain the lack of the actor on screen, who may be choosing to focus on his studies or other pursuits. It could be the perfect opportunity to bring back Aiden and Jake, who have been off-screen baking and painting forever at this point.

I enjoyed Cody and Mac getting to know one another. Again though, this is one of those plots that’s dragging. The longer Cody puts off not telling Mac that he’s his father, the worse it will be for him.

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Finally, Dex and Sonny found themselves being shot at by the end of the week as they scouted out the place for the Pikeman shipment. I instantly thought they weren’t in danger, and the gunman was a set-up to test Dex. But if he isn’t, then Dex just saved Sonny’s life. That makes me continue to think Dex is starting to care about Sonny, and perhaps will start having second thoughts about Michael’s plan.

That’s all I’ve got for this week with my opinions. As always, leave yours in the comments below!

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