The Nikolas Reveal Has Us Again Wondering Who Mason Works for on General Hospital — and Ghost Anna Haunting Eileen Was Great Fun

February 27 - March 3:

Ghost Anna and Austin and Mason's Boss GH

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Last week on General Hospital I described many of the shows in my column as feeling like the day after Christmas. Well this week, save for a few exciting moments, it mostly felt like the end of summer and going back to school! But with that line-up of so many exciting episodes, it was only a matter of time until the show returned to some of the less-than-thrilling stories that have been on the back burner. Fortunately, we still have the taking down of Victor to look forward to.

It Was Fun While it Lasted

We knew Heather wasn’t going to be around forever, the character never is anymore, but she was a lot of fun while she lasted. They’ve perfectly set up her fixation on Esme and her baby, as well as blaming Laura for filling Esme’s head with lies about her, for how she could return down the line.

Heather channeled Arnold this week promising, “I’ll be back!” (ABC screenshot)

Though she’s remembered the name Ace for her baby, it appears Esme hasn’t remembered much of anything else. Like Heather, it seems unlikely we’ll get to keep this new memory-free Esme for long. However once she does remember, perhaps the trauma “nice” Esme has gone through will change her and create an Esme 3.0 version.

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By the week’s end, Spencer was set to take yet-to-be-named-but-not Ace baby home when Diane told him, “Not so fast, the baby stays!” Something tells me Esme got ahold of Martin to help her keep her baby in prison with her. I’m also willing to bet that with Liz coming forward about Nikolas locking Esme up, and given the parental horror she’s gone through, Victor will likely bribe a judge to give Esme 2.0 time served for the crimes Esme 1.0 committed. They have to find some way to keep Esme around and out of the slammer.

No Body and Nobody Was Suprised

Aside from Austin and Ava, I don’t think anyone was surprised that Nikolas’ body wasn’t in the closet in the tack room, or that it was Mason who managed to find him. Mason has had a grudge against Ava for daring to tell the cops he was at the Quartermaine estate the night she was attacked, and she’s walked in on Austin and Mason’s arguing more than once. This also allows Mason to hold Nikolas over Austin and force him to continue working for their mystery boss. Plus, it’s a way to bring Nikolas back in the future. We knew they wouldn’t kill such an important character off for good. Hell, Cassadines never fully die.

He’s alive… He’s alive! There’s some weird science going on with Nikolas. (ABC screenshot).

With Mason seeming to report to his boss about Nikolas, fans are once again speculating over who the lady boss may be. Initially many suspected it was Olivia Jerome, and now she really seems like a likely candidate. Olivia would love to be able to have something to hold over Ava and control her much as she did their brother Julian a few years back. However, Mason seemed to indicate their lady boss was family, unless there is a connection between Olivia and them we don’t know. Or perhaps he meant family as in the mob.

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Good News, Bad News

Obrecht received good and bad news, so let’s tackle the bad news first. She discovered that Liz knew Nikolas was holding Esme captive, and eventually that Esme was not the hook. To make matters worse, Scott arranged an immunity deal so Liz wouldn’t do anytime. Obrecht has now blamed Liz in part for Britt’s death because the police were wasting time focusing on Esme and not looking for the real killer.

Why did they have to do us dirty and mess up Scott and Obrecht? (ABC screenshot)

As much as I love Obrecht, I feel she’s in the wrong here. As Nina told her, Heather and Heather alone is to blame for what happened to Britt. Scott was also right in pointing out that the police had no reason to even suspect Heather until after Britt was dead. Hell, it was Alexis who figured it all out. Finally, there is the sad fact that Britt seemingly chose to go out from the hook’s toxins rather than Huntington’s, as she made it a point to go to The Haunted Star to die with her mother by her side. Obrecht needs someone to blame and punish for Britt’s death, and since she can’t get to Heather, it seems she’s decided to make Liz her proxy. This story gets a big thumbs down for me because it’s breaking up Obrecht and Scott, who are one of the best couples on the show. Writers, don’t you come for Terry and Yuri next!

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As for the good news, Obrecht is a bone marrow match for Willow, which I think we all knew was coming. It will likely set up some type of reconciliation between Willow and Nina down the line. At this point, I’d like nothing more to get Michael and Willow’s wedding over and done with, for Willow’s health to be in the clear, and for them to take an extended year-long honeymoon around the world. Michael’s vendetta, and Nina and Carly’s war, are more aggravating than entertaining. I’d rather be watching Brook Lynn and Chase, or Gregory and Alexis than them, and that’s saying something.

The Haunting of Deputy Mayor Eileen Ashby

Laura sending Eileen to identify Anna’s remains in the morgue was, next to the Nikolas reveal, the best part of the week. The special effects makeup on the decaying Anna, and her spectral ghost, were a lot of fun. And to add to the merriment, it was Felicia on the slab with an Anna mask playing her corpse. I’m loving that they are finally making more use of Felicia and so many of the other vets. With Eileen forced to work with them to bring Victor down, it hopefully won’t be too long until we get some answers. Oh who am I kidding, they are either going to drag this out until April for the big 60th anniversary shows, or May.

It’s close to midnight, and Anna’s out there lurking in the dark! (ABC screenshot)

When Victor finally is taken down, we better get a lot of answers. What did he want a hypnotized Drew for? What was Project Demeter? What is the Ice Princess’ part in all of this? What or who is the big bad that’s been coming after their family? Why kill Luke? Sadly, I doubt we’ll get answers to half of those questions. This story has dragged on for so long, I think there are events even I can’t recall that might have once been important.

Random Thoughts on Other Storylines

I’ve been expecting Curtis to eventually forgive Portia, which I last week called a slap in the face to Jordan. Well, this week Jordan might as well have slapped herself in the face. Color me shocked when she basically claimed her lie, which was about preferencing her job over her marriage, was less forgivable than Portia’s lie because it was about protecting her family. It always baffles me who gets a pass for their lies and actions, and who doesn’t, but this is a soap and they need to stir the drama pot somehow. As for Curtis, I loved Jordan shutting him down when he came to confront her. “Are you just looking to pick a fight, because I have work to do!” I also thought it was admirable that Curtis left the choice of a DNA test up to Trina, though both he and Taggert have a right to know even if Trina doesn’t want to.

We finally got back to the Chase, Brook Lynn and Linc story, and it really has become a nonsensical story. I was glad that Maxie told her that the Speak Out Act doesn’t apply to her NDA with Linc. The show needs to stop dragging this out any further. Dedicate a few shows within a single week to bringing Linc down, putting Chase back on the force, and figuring out where Chase and BLQ stand. Put this mess to bed and move on! This coming from someone who likes Brook Lynn and Chase together…

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Dex and Sonny bonding over cooking was an odd scene. For a while, I’ve been feeling Dex has been conflicted when it comes to bringing Sonny down. Now it seems Sonny is shutting him out of the Pikeman deal, which Dex appeared hurt over. Is it because he needs that intel to bring Sonny down so he can be with Joss, or does he really feel slighted by Sonny?

It was great to see the Davis sisters all together again, but it feels like Kristina is just there nowadays to prop up her family’s storylines. I’m happy for TJ and Molly, but give Kristina something to do!

Finally, Alexis learned Gregory has been lying about PCU not wanting him to work at The Invader, and that he hasn’t even been working at PCU period. Gregory showing up at the hospital indicates he’s hiding something. When he first arrived on the show he was battling Lyme Disease, which could be back. But that doesn’t exactly make an exciting soap storyline does it? Hey, at least we got to see Alexis and Diane together again, which we always need more of.

As always, these are only my opinions. Leave yours and join in the conversation with others in the comments below!

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