It’s Sad to See Heather and Ryan’s Crazy Ride End on General Hospital — and We’re *Actually* Feeling for Esme

February 20 - 24:

The Webber Chamberlain family GH

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What another fantastic week on General Hospital! The showdown at Wyndemere was full of excitement, and still, there are questions left unanswered. And of course ‘Sprina’ fans finally got the long-awaited first kiss. Unfortunately after all that drama, the return to Sonny and company felt like the day after Christmas and when the magic is over. And the Portia and Curtis drama just had me rolling my eyes.

Wackos on the Loose at Wydnemere

The drama at Wydemere was pure classic soap goodness and so much fun to watch. It really kept the viewer on the edge of their seat. It was exciting, it was shocking and there was even some humor thrown in. While Heather was taunting Ava and Felicia after Ryan left to pursue Esme, poor Austin was bleeding out on the floor basically groaning, “I’m still here. I am not dead yet!” And I absolutely loved Felicia yelling, “Shoot her!” when Heather gave Ava the gun to go after Ryan.

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Ava catching up with Ryan and Esme, and processing how Ryan integrated Esme into her life to destroy it, was a powerful scene. Likewise, when she later told Spencer this, you could see the wheels spinning in his head as he blamed himself for running his father out of his and his brother’s lives. The chaos Ryan caused will continue to echo for some time.

Ava needs to get back to the range because clearly, she’s out of practice aiming. (ABC screenshot)

So many of the actors involved in this storyline gave Emmy-worthy performances, and Jon Lindstrom better get the award this go around. I would have liked it if Ava actually got to blow Ryan away, but there is something poetic about Mac doing the deed. Naturally many fans are having a hard time believing Ryan’s really dead, but the body bag scene was reminiscent of Shiloh’s death and seems pretty permanent… at least for now. Kevin and Felicia’s moment kneeling next to Ryan’s body was a fantastic nod to the history of the three. Felicia recognizing while her nightmare was over, Kevin was still allowed to grieve for his brother, was such a moving moment.

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When Esme returned to the house terrified and in labor, Heather’s crazy cheer that she was going to be there for the delivery after all was hysterical. Esme’s terror upon learning who her parents are, and her fears that she was guilty of everything she’d been accused of because she has crazy in her DNA, really had me feeling for her. Was Esme always wicked down deep like her parents, or could Ryan have worked his mind games on her? He did mention to Ava that he basically created Esme and taught her everything. By the end of the week though, Esme referred to her baby as Ace, and wonder where she got that name from. It figures, just as we’re getting an Esme we can like, she may be starting to remember.

Maybe Esme should call Carolyn back to keep her from remembering the psycho she was after all. (ABC screenshot).

Of course, the million-dollar question still looms, where in the world is Nikolas’ body? With the cops all over Spoon Island, he can’t still be in the stables. And with Liz about to confess that Esme was being held captive there, the cops will be all over the place again.

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Crazy Heather Webber

Alley Mills has been amazing as Heather, and while she’s great at delivering the comedic lines, when she warned Spencer he was next on her hit list it was actually chilling.

Sasha hasn’t had much to do as of late, so it was awesome to watch her play Heather at the PCPD, pretending to be a lawyer to get Heather to open up, and get justice for Brando.

Heather’s never gunna give Esme up, never gunna say goodbye and desert her. (ABC screenshot)

Even though Ryan is “dead,” his legacy will live on through Heather and Esme to some extent. I’m going to miss Ryan and Heather, but they’ve clearly set up future storylines when Heather screamed at Esme that she was her mother, that Esme was hers, and she would always be hers. Yup, Heather’s got a new obsession for sure, and eventually, she’ll be back.

To Forgive or Forget

Watching Portia cry episode after episode got old quickly. While her keeping the secret about Trina was wrong, on some level, I could understand her reasoning and the fears behind them. I found myself as stunned as Portia was that Taggert was so quick to forgive her seeing he was lied to as well. Honestly, I’m surprised given the timing of the affair and pregnancy that he never questioned Trina’s parentage. Perhaps like Portia, he put it out of his mind and convinced himself he was her biological father.

Portia should have listened to Jordan. (ABC screenshot)

It’s probably going to take some time for Trina and Curtis to understand and forgive Portia, but it appears it’s going to happen eventually. Especially with Curtis after his and Marshall’s talk. If Curtis does forgive Portia, I can’t help but feel what a slap in the face it will be to Jordan. Curtis was so quick to judge Jordan for keeping secrets from him and walked away from their marriage, but Portia did him way more dirty than Jordan ever did.

Fireworks! (ABC screenshot)

Upon connecting over being betrayed by a parent, Spencer and Trina shared their first kiss, and what a kiss it was. Spencer also made the right move in stopping Trina from going too far as she was pushing to make love. His telling her that he wanted their first time to be special was admirable and downright chivalrous. Then again, he is a prince.

Sonny and the Corinthos Clan

Coming back to the Carly versus Nina, and Michael against Sonny drama after all the fun of the Wydmere story was a huge bummer. It felt like accidentally turning the channel while watching a great movie, only for the remote to break and you can’t get back to what you want to be watching. At least with the Pikeman shipment coming up, it looks like part of this storyline will be over, or at least reach a major turning point.

I wrote last week I could see the Pikeman drama leading to danger for Michael and his family, with Sonny perhaps having to bail him out. However, after their huge blowup over Nina and Willow, I’m not sure Sonny will help Michael out. And I actually agreed with Michael in that argument, a rarity these days. Willow gets to choose how she spends her final few weeks, not Sonny and not Nina.

Someone’s going to mess up this plan to take Sonny down, and my money’s on Joss. (ABC screenshot)

Joss learning the partial truth about Dex, that he’s working to take down Sonny, is likely how this whole plan will go wrong. Joss being Joss will probably insert herself into this scheme somehow whether she’s wanted or not and that will cause everything to blow up in Michael’s face. And while Carly has no right to lecture Michael given the secret she kept from him and Willow, well when has that ever stopped Carly? And she will have a lot to say about Michael scheming to take away Donna and Avery’s father just because he has problems with Sonny. Michael, and now by extension Joss, are taking Sonny away from his family while always blasting Nina for doing the same to them.

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Nina’s confrontation with Drew, and his telling her Carly didn’t owe her the truth about her child, now has her likely to bring both Drew and Carly down when she finally learns about the SEC issues. Nina needs to just walk away because she’ll never beat Carly. All she’ll do is make Carly’s family hate her more than they already do, and that will include Willow and very likely turn Sonny against her too. Because like what Michael is doing, she’ll be taking Carly away from her kids. Hey, maybe Sonny and Carly will end up in Pentonville together?

And finally, tick tock tick tock, when are Dr. Obrecht’s bone marrow results going to be in?

These are, as always, just my opinions. Please join the conversation below and leave your own thoughts.

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