General Hospital Celebrated Father’s Day Early With Two Major Reveals — and Left Us Hanging by the Hook!

February 13 - 17:

Did heather just kill Austin off GH?

Credit: ABC screenshot

What a week on General Hospital. Arguably, it started a bit slow, with Portia and Curtis’ wedding taking up most of the episodes earlier in the week. However, the show was in overdrive by Thursday and dropped bombs left and right. Let’s just jump into the explosions that happened and the rubble they left behind.

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I Now Pronounce You Husband and Liar

Curtis and Portia’s wedding was absolutely beautiful and had more characters in attendance than any recent events since perhaps the last Nurses’ Ball. It’s nice when so much of the cast can gather for big events like this, and they are few and far between these days. Plus, we finally had a Yuri sighting after so long!

As the wedding and reception dragged on, we were all waiting for the real fireworks to begin. Portia was clearly in some delusional state if she thought Stella would keep her secret. Trina going to Aunt Stella, and Stella telling her that her mother had a secret she’d been keeping, was a fantastic way to set up Trina to be the one to force Portia to finally spit it out.

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Tabyana Ali gave a phenomenal performance in her reaction to the idea that Curtis could be her father and in lashing out at her mother for keeping this from her for her entire life. The younger cast is really knocking it out of the park these days. One of her best lines was in her response to Portia saying finding out the truth didn’t seem to be important at the time… “Not important? You’re a doctor!”

Trina didn’t hold anything back in tearing into her mother! (ABC screenshot)

To have Trina be the one to tell Curtis and Taggert her mother’s secret, not even giving Portia the chance to finally do the right thing, was also a brilliant stroke of storytelling. Taggert telling Trina no matter what that he’d always be his daughter was touching, but honestly, how was he staying so cool? Curtis on the other hand let his lying bride know exactly how he felt. Portia tried to throw herself a pitty party, but no one wanted to attend. I’m interested in seeing how Curtis, Trina and Taggert will react to Jordan knowing the secret for some time now. And can Aunt Stella finally tell Curtis she screwed up his divorce papers?

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The Family Road Trip from Hell

Ryan and Heather’s escape, with a terrified Esme dragged along, were some crazy good scenes… pun intended. Jon Lindstrom and Alley Mills play off each other beautifully as a pair of crazy psychos, who have a knack for adding humor to their scenes. Heather complaining of having to do all the work while Ryan lounged about in his chair was hilarious, as was her taking back the valentine she made for him when he got nasty with her. I also chuckled when Heather told Ryan, “Strip lover,” after he knifed the guard so Ryan could take his clothes.

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Esme’s reaction to Ryan killing the guard, and learning he was her father, seems to confirm that she’s not faking her amnesia. Though given the emotional trauma she’s going through now, one has to wonder if this will trigger her memory to return.

Heather gifts her lover with a Valentine’s Day present. (ABC screenshot).

Over at Wyndemere, Felicia, and later Ryan’s arrival brought Ava and Austin’s plan to finally do something about Nikolas’ body grinding to a halt. I joked in last week’s column if they waited too long he’d start stinking up the place. As Ryan taunted Ava and Felicia, Austin took his time getting back to the house. Hopefully, he found something to do with Nikolas’ body, as the cops are sure to swarm the place soon as Laura has an inkling where Ryan is. And how about the ferry to Spoon Island? Is the captain just on call 24 hours to take anyone there at any time of day, including escaped convicts? Despite some of the things that make you go hmm… this storyline has really given the vets a chance to shine, and some long overdue screen time.

By the end of Friday’s episode, Austin had returned to the main house only to apparently be hooked by Heather. Now we know they aren’t going to kill him off once he’s finally started to become a tad interesting. Plus we still don’t know what the deal with Mason and their mysterious lady boss is. However, this could be a golden opportunity to frame Ryan for killing Nikolas. We’d just have to forget about those pesky forensics people being able to tell the time of death.

Other Thoughts on the Week

Sam and Dante’s investigation in England has been the most I’ve enjoyed these two together, and it’s probably because it’s not about them! Finally, the secret is out that Ryan is Esme’s father, and with Heather on the run with him and Esme, someone’s got to put the pieces together about her mother’s identity.

I was thankful we were spared from watching more scenes of Nina and Carly gnashing their teeth at one another. Carly agreed to arrange a chance for Obrecht to meet Willow, and Obrecht and Willow’s short and brief scene was really touching. It was nice to see a little happiness in Obrecht’s eyes again. But when are we going to get the news we’ve been waiting for, that Obrecht is a match for Willow?

Obrecht is the key to bringing Nina and Willow together. (ABC screenshot)

Valentin telling Anna how he was bored and going stir-crazy in their cabin, while Lucy and Martin screwed themselves silly, was a great line. Still, we are only getting a dose of Vanna one day a week if lucky, and that too is crazy.

With Willow running out of time, she and Michael have decided to recreate their original marriage ceremony in two weeks. Michael then got the news from Dex the shipment from Pikeman was coming the same day. It looks like what I’ve been speculating, actually wishing for, could come to fruition. Michael’s hell-bent desire to get revenge on Sonny could put his family in danger if the Pikeman plan goes every which way wrong. It looks like another wedding day could be ruined!

How do I choose between marrying the woman I love who is dying, and my need to put my father behind bars? (ABC screenshot)

That’s all I’ve got for this week’s column, and as always, these are just my opinions. Join the conversation below and share yours!

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