General Hospital Has Us Asking if Nikolas Is Really Dead — and if He’s Still in the Stables — Plus, Out With Portia’s Secret Already!

February 6 - 10:

Portia's big wedding day, Is Nikolas Dead?

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It was a big week on General Hospital, the week Nikolas got bumped off and Portia and Curtis’ wedding day finally arrived. Of course on a soap, nobody is ever really dead, and weddings rarely go off without a hitch. Let’s just dive into what went down in Port Charles

One Dead Husband

If Adam Huss had to go, what a way to go. He once again gave another powerhouse performance in his final confrontation scenes with Ava. Nikolas transformed into a true monster in the end, threatening to take Avery from Ava… or worse. Ava clobbering him, and stashing his body, also brought her and Austin together as he arrived concerned that his cuz Mason was after Ava. Instead, he stumbled upon her hiding Nikolas’ body in the stable. Having Mason all of the sudden obsessed with dealing with Ava was a pretty weak plot point to push these two together, one that felt like it came out of nowhere, but I’m still here for Austin and Ava. Roger Howarth and Maura West have always been magic together on screen.

Hey, don’t look in that closet! I hide my unmentionables in there! (ABC) 

With such a big estate, and island on her hands, why did Ava choose the stables? Why not the caverns? Or there has to be a spare freezer she could empty somewhere. Oh, wait, been there and done that with Peter. However just leaving his body in a closet, well it’s going to start to smell and fast! And then Austin went on to convince Ava that they shouldn’t move the body when she wanted to because it was the middle of the day and she had a wedding to get to. Stink, stank, stunk!

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Ava’s curiosity is at least piqued by how Austin seems to be so good at covering up crimes. But Austin was also acting suspicious, suggesting he wait around at Wyndemere while Ava went out to Curtis and Portia’s wedding. I wonder if, while Ava talked to Spencer in private, he already hasn’t done something with Nikolas? I also wonder if Mason may have already discovered the body and will hold it over Austin and Ava’s heads. Of course, then there is the question, is Nikolas really dead? It’s not like we saw Austin check for a pulse or anything… Clearly, there are a lot more twists to come and we obviously have not seen the last of such an important character like Nikolas Cassadine. 

Liz’s Guilty Conscience

Ava ranting that Liz’s guilty conscience tends to flare up at the worst possible times was hilarious, and oh-so-true. I like Liz, but listening to her blubber all week about doing the right thing to ease her mind and set a good example for her boys, was nauseating. Thankfully Finn, along with Ava, seems to have convinced her to stay mum for the time being with Nikolas, “out of town.” Or at least to talk to Scott before she goes to the cops. It appears history is repeating itself with Nikolas’ “death,” instead of Peter’s, in bringing Finn and Liz together. Please let it only be as friends, as these two are just snoozeville as a couple.

For once Liz, listen to those around you, and talk to Scott! (ABC screenshot)

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Willow’s Last Chance

Of course, the stem cell transplant wasn’t going to be feasible for Willow, why would it? Nothing has gone her way, and the writers obviously need to drag this out until the end of February, if not longer. A week or so ago I wished Obrecht would be a bone marrow donor match, simply because she would be liable to hold it over Michael and Willow’s heads in a way that Nina wouldn’t. Well low and behold I may get that wish as the medical light in Obrecht’s head went off and she asked to be tested as a match. This is the twist this story needs because it also means the revelation that Nina being Willow’s mother is going to play a part in saving her, which somewhat has to happen if there is ever going to be a resolution between Nina and Willow. However, why did they wait so long for Obrecht, James, or even Wiley to get tested as matches? It seems like that was the first thing that should have happened when Nina was tested. Oh right… dragging the storyline out.

Willow is like a cat with nine lives at this point, but she’s quickly running out of them. (ABC screenshot)

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Portia’s Big Day

The big wedding day, which no one but Curtis and Portia gives a rat’s ass about, finally arrived. The only good thing about this, and Friday’s boring episode, is that it means Portia is finally going down. The one aspect I enjoyed, aside from getting ready to watch Portia crash and burn, was that she actually told Trina she was okay if she wanted to invite Spencer to the wedding. While it is her wedding day and she gets to dictate who attends, Trina is a grown adult so watching Portia try and influence who she sees is another thing. Especially given we know she’s been lying to her daughter for her entire life.

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Liar liar wedding dress is about to catch fire! (ABC screenshot).

Portia really should have known the wedding wouldn’t go her way when Stella backed out because she was “sick.” On some level, Portia knows that Stella also knows the truth through Jordan. Heck, even TJ is suspicious that something more is going on. I’m honestly shocked Portia didn’t try and convince Curtis to secretly elope, unless they have and this wedding is for public show? That would be a good twist when the truth comes out!

Last week I thought having Trina look into her old genealogy test and discovering the truth on her own would have been a nice twist in revealing Portia’s secret, but with the wedding so close, it clearly wasn’t a feasible option. Plus, the wedding has to get blown up, because Portia needs her comeuppance. By the week’s end, it looks like Jordan is going to be the one to stop the wedding, though I am still hoping Aunt Stella might make an appearance to object. If there is one thing Stella does best, it’s cause a scene! She could also then drop the bomb that she was responsible for the divorce paper snafu. That though will likely come out when Curtis predictably goes into a, “You deliberately set out to sabotage my relationship,” spiel to Jordan.

Final Thoughts

I thought Felicia and Anna’s plan to haunt Eileen was a stroke of genius. While bringing Victor down is the real goal, watching that nasty witch get what is coming to her is also long overdue and will be fun to see play out.

The Brook Lynn and Chase never-ending drama with Linc continues and is another storyline that just needs to end. With Brook Lynn taking Linc’s scummy deal and letting Chase know he was free to finally quit, only for him to refuse because now he has to save Blaze and bring down the bad guy… Well, I can already hear Chase chastizing BLQ for signing that contract and once again putting herself and her songs first. That’s the way he’s going to see it at least.

Genie Francis, as Laura, gave a master class in acting in her scenes with Ava, Liz and Spencer over Nikolas’ actions. And while Spencer is doing what he’s doing regarding custody of his sibling because he thinks he’s protecting them from their father, like with Carly claiming she was only protecting Willow by keeping the Nina secret, on some level, there is a revenge aspect there. Laura not so subtly called him out on it by hurting his father in the worst possible way he could, and Victor outright called it a brilliant Cassadine move. Spencer is acting more like his father than he realizes.

Obreht just flip-flopped in record time. She went from trying to convince Nina to focus on Willow, and not her revenge on Carly, to full steam ahead in taking Carly down. She’s put the bug in Nina’s ear that she needs to find out what is up between Drew and Carly. If Nina discovers the SEC violations, and she turns Carly in, she’ll only be shooting herself in the foot with Willow, Michael, and more than likely Sonny. Most of us already have predicted this is going to happen, so please writers, surprise us! Let someone else turn Carly in! Or let Nina hold it over Carly and say unlike her, she’ll be the bigger person and let it go. Carly would hate that!

As always, these are just this guy’s thoughts. I love hearing yours, so join the discussion and leave a comment below!

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