Spencer and Nik’s Confrontation Was Explosive on General Hospital, Britt’s Memorial Touching — and What the *Bleep* Harmony?

January 30 - February 3:

Britt's memorial, Spencer and Nik's feud, and Harmony in Heaven? GH

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As we are now in February, the drama on General Hospital should really start going into overdrive. We’ve got Portia and Curtis’ wedding coming up, which is sure to be a disaster. Nikolas’ exit is also in the cards, will he die? Hopefully, we’ll finally learn what Victor is up to. And of course, there will probably be a lot more Carly and Nina drama.

Let’s Play The Family Feud

Nina going to Willow and offering to let her basically be her punching bag to let out her real fears and feelings, knowing Willow didn’t mind hurting her feelings, was a nice gesture. Willow even appreciated it, but still felt they needed some boundaries at the moment. Nina should have taken that as a win and not the rejection she did because Willow didn’t scream at her to get out of her room.

Careful Michael, your face might freeze like that! (ABC screenshot)

Michael has also been fairly accommodating at letting Nina and Willow have their moments but still seems to have a perpetual stink face when it comes to Sonny trying to be there for them. With everything, Willow has gone through, including almost dying, this would be the perfect opportunity for Michael to try and let go of all his hatred. It’s serving no purpose other than to consume him. But if Michael could let it go, would Dex agree to walk away too?

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Even if Michael and Sonny, and Nina and Willow work things out, Carly and Nina are never going to let go of their hatred for one another. If Nina turns Carly into the SEC, which I discussed in last week’s column and many are expecting to happen, it will only blow up in her face. She already stated this week that everyone always sides with and forgives Carly, so she should know better than to ever strike back at this point. But Nina is her own worst enemy, and this could also land Michael in some hot water by association, which Willow won’t like.

Go Into the Light Willow

I know Willow’s afterlife experience was supposed to be dramatic, but I found it just plain awful. Outside of the fact that why Harmony ended up in heaven, couldn’t Willow at least have been granted an outfit change if she was headed there too? Watching her talk to Harmony in her hospital cap and gown was just distracting, and I couldn’t stop laughing at the whole $15 spent on special effects in those scenes.

Think twice about following Harmony into the afterlife Willow, cause you might end up in hell! (ABC screenshot)

Instead of pushing Willow to fight for her life and get back to her family, Harmony wanted to drag her into the light with her. What the hell Harmony? Even dead, Harmony just selfishly wanted Willow with her. Harmony must not have found all that peace and serenity she waxed on about, because she even took a jab at Nina, saying “Nina only loves Nina.” This is the woman Willow said was a better mother than Nina? Perhaps when she wakes up, Willow will have some newfound clarity from her trip into the light.

Carolyn Steps Up, Liz Follows Her Lead and Spencer Hits It Out of the Park

Bravo to Carolyn for not only telling Nikolas off but letting Liz know what her “friend” was up to. So many viewers are reeling that not only have they destroyed Nikolas’ character, but they’ve destroyed his and Liz’s friendship in the process. With the somewhat civility of Liz and Carolyn’s conversation, perhaps there is hope at least she and her mother can start to repair their relationship. It’s long overdue that Liz has some family back in her life.

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Armed with her newfound knowledge, Liz really let Nikolas have it. It’s about time she found her spine and stood up to her “friend.” Between Liz laying into him, Laura letting Nikolas know she’s afraid for him, and Spencer informing his father of his plans, it will be interesting to finally find out how Nikolas goes out. Will it be with a bang or a whimper? The confrontation between Spencer and his father on Friday’s episode, and how Spencer masterfully wove his father’s own confession into it, was perfectly written and delivered. I suspect Nicholas Chavez will be up for his second Daytime Emmy because of those scenes.

It’s like looking in a mirror! (ABC screenshot)

As for Nikolas, I’ll be sad to see the character exit again, but at the same time, a break from who Nikolas has become is needed. With that said, I have really enjoyed Adam Huss’ version of the character and would love to see him return to the role someday, if Tyler Christopher doesn’t. I hope Huss earns himself a Daytime Emmy nomination for his guest appearances because calling Spencer out for wanting to be his own man, but showing himself to be a true Cassadine, was on point.

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As for Liz, she finally told Finn the truth. Hallelujah! I still find the two of them as a couple as boring as watching paint dry, but do enjoy their friendship. And lord knows, Liz needs a friend these days!

Britt’s Memorial

Britt’s memorial was a great episode. Brad’s speech about “The Britch” and bringing up the doll incident was touching and hilarious. His ice cream toast was really sweet as well. Terry revealing Britt’s photo was put on the memorial wall was the perfect way to conclude the service and honor the character. That said, I’m still hoping Victor stole her body and has her in a cryogenic state, and has someone working to bring her back cured. Hey, it’s not like it hasn’t happened before!

The perfect way to remember and honor Britt. (ABC screenshot)

Some Final Thoughts

Brook Lynn and Chase were back and frankly, I haven’t missed them. I was once a huge fan, but now their storyline is stuck on rinse-and-repeat and I just wanna throw it in the dryer and be done with it. That said, thanks to Blaze’s admission to Chase, I can see his heart softening. There was a lot of similarity in Brook Lynn telling Chase that watching him perform makes her so happy, and Blaze saying she’s only happy lately when she performs with him thanks to that scumbag Linc.

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Felicia bringing Charlotte to see Valentin, and Charlotte thanking Anna for protecting her papa, was a really sweet scene. But as I keep saying, it’s time to push this story into overdrive. With Nikolas departing soon, it’s time for Valentin to step up and get his Cassadine on and take down Victor.

The run-ins between Ava and Austin have been a breath of fresh air. Finally, a storyline involving Austin I feel I can get behind. Plus, Ava could definitely help Austin with his Mason problem, especially now that Mason seems to have a beef with Ava.

So it looks like Heather, Ryan and Esme are about to go on the run. How will the psychotic duo convince this “new” Esme to escape with them? Or will we actually find out Esme really has been conning everyone? I am still leaning towards the fact that she’s not, because why would she want Dante and Sam to find Maggie knowing she could expose her connection to Ryan? Honestly, I like this new Esme and would be happy if the old one never returned.

Now that Stella knows Curtis may be Trina’s father, how long can she keep this knowledge to herself? Jordan is right though that this is Portia’s truth to tell. On the other hand, Curtis just blasted Carly to Drew for keeping the exact same secret, though technically Jordan doesn’t know for sure that he’s Trina’s father. Rather than Stella or Jordan coming out with it, a more powerful way to bring the truth to light would be for Trina to be the one to uncover it. After speaking to both Jordan and Stella about her old genealogy test, she could become curious and reactivate her account and do some digging.

As always, these are simply my thoughts. Join the conversation and share yours below!

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