Focusing On Revealing Victor’s Master Plan — and Less on Nina and Carly’s Feud — Is Just What General Hospital Needs Right Now

The Victor plan and Carly and Nina feud gh

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The first portion of this week on General Hospital gave us a much-needed break from Nina and Carly screaming about each other. However, that won’t last, especially after Nina got the results of her blood work. Anna and Valentin, who have been a snooze lately, brought some much-needed action and fun back to the show. And with Nikolas’ days numbered, so many questions still remain unanswered, and more have been teased. 

The Tests Have Determined You Are Not a Match

Is anyone surprised that Nina turned out not to be a match to save Willow? This will further allow Willow, Michael and Carly to feel justified in cutting her out of the lives of her grandkids because they owe her nothing. I can actually hear Willow’s voice saying, “You couldn’t even save your own daughter’s life!” Nina even voiced as much in Friday’s episode when she ranted to Ava that Carly would use this to say there was no harm and no foul in keeping the truth from everyone. Ava, like Obrecht, had to talk Nina off the ledge and from going after Carly. She wisely advised instead she focus on Willow. Nina though is her own worst enemy, and we know she’ll use the first opportunity she can to strike against Carly. With Carly and Drew discussing the SEC violations again, that’s probably how she’ll do it. One can’t fault Nina for wanting revenge, but in the end, it will just drive a larger wedge between her and Willow, because Willow cares more for Carly at this point.

Nina and Ava’s unlikely friendship is one of the best on the soap. (ABC screenshot)

The week ended with Terry suggesting the baby’s umbilical cord and the placenta could be harvested for stem cells to try and save Willow. Why hadn’t this been mentioned before now? And why haven’t Wiley, James or Obrecht been tested yet? Frankly, I’d love to see Obrecht be a match with Willow. While she’d in no way refuse to help save Nina’s daughter, unlike Nina she would hold this over all their heads at every chance she was given. Honestly, I would love to hear Liesl tell Willow, “I’m not doing this for you, I’m doing this for Nina.”

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Dudley Drew-Right

After Michael took a little over 24 hours to forgive Carly, I noted in last week’s column it wouldn’t be a surprise if Drew also forgave Carly for keeping the secret about Nina and Willow, and for sabotaging his attempts to find Willow’s birth parents. Lo and behold, not only did he forgive her, but they got down to business in bed. Without Carly, Drew pretty much becomes a pointless background character who is just there at the Quartermaines’ from time to time. What baffles me is Drew still has Jason’s memories, so he should know better, and know this won’t be the last time Carly is dishonest with him. Are Jason’s memories somehow influencing his forgiveness of Carly?

Anyone notice morning breath doesn’t exist on soaps? (ABC screenshot)

The Games Gladys is Playing

So now Gladys is offering to give her Brando’s garage to pay off her debt to Ms. Wu, and somehow thinks she’ll be able to do this and Sasha will be okay with it. Sasha might, but Sonny won’t. Gladys is likely to find herself out on her butt, alone and broke when it all hits the fan. Cody, who clearly has been the one fleecing Gladys in these games, now knows who she is. It will be interesting to see what he does with this information. Hopefully, he has learned from his mistakes with Britt and won’t try and use this to his own advantage. I would love for a scene in which Gladys casually discovers Sasha and Cody talking, just to see the abject look of horror on her face when she realizes Sasha and Cody have become friendly. After last week it appeared the show was hinting at a Sasha-Cody pairing, but this week Sasha clearly showed BLQ she could be competition for Chase when they both thought they should be the ones to tell Chase about Willow.

Dry Those Tears Joss, and Stop Your Blubbering

William Lipton gave a powerhouse of a performance as Cam when he laid into Joss for cheating on him. She can keep telling herself and everyone who will listen that it was over between them months ago. It was over for you Joss, but not for Cam who you did cheat on and treated like garbage. Cam had some pretty powerful responses to her, such as what goes around, comes around, and he couldn’t wait until Dex cheated on her. But my two favorites, which really spoke to Joss’ current personal character were, “Does he mean that much, and I so little, that you are willing to compromise yourself and expect me to do the same?” That hit the nail on the head about her intentions. Then there was the line, “Don’t thank me for being a better person than you. Unlike you, I don’t betray those I care about.”

Cam hates me mommy! But at least I have sexy Dexy to make me feel better. (ABC screenshot)

Carly offered Joss comfort, but also got frank with her in saying that a life with someone like Dex isn’t something she’d wish on her daughter, given her own history with Jason. But Joss truly has become her mother’s daughter and is loving the excitement and thrills Dex brings, even if she hates that he works for Sonny. While Dex might not cheat on Joss in near future, he’s still lying to her about working with Michael to bring Sonny down. But seeing how much she hates Sonny, I won’t be surprised if she’s not one bit angry.

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Hopefully, Cam will not forgive Joss anytime soon, as he shouldn’t. Spencer will clearly side with Cam once the whole story is known, and it will be interesting to see how Trina reacts. Trina owes Joss loyalty for standing by her during the trial, but she owes the same to Cam, so she’s likely to be torn on some level. I really hope Trina will take Joss to task for how she did Cam dirty.

Spencer, Trina and Baby Make Three?

Spencer and Trina have been absolutely adorable lately, and their discussion about no longer having to “pretend” to be friends was cute. While they aren’t yet a full couple, they at least have agreed they can be friends in public again. Baby steps. And speaking of babies… Spencer told Trina his plans to try and gain custody of his brother or sister-to-be. Once again someone told him that he was not ready to be an instant father, but he’s not facing that. As Trina pointed out, it’s going to crimp his social life. That’s not all, it’s going to change his life entirely. Maybe Spencer should try babysitting Avery for an afternoon now that he and Ava are in on this together, to get an idea of how hard looking after a little kid can be.

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Valentin and Anna’s Parisian Adventure

Last week I was complaining about how boring ‘Vanna’ had become. The fact that they are only on an episode once every two weeks or so hasn’t helped. This week though, their rescue of Lucy, and giving that double-crossing Renee exactly what she deserved, was a lot of fun. One thing I can’t stop thinking about was something Victor said. He told Valentin he still had hope they could have a relationship but knew it was unlikely as long as “she” held an influence over him. Even Valentin asked who Victor was referring to. Was it Anna? Laura? Charlotte? Given he ordered Anna killed right after, he may have been referring to her. But because he didn’t name her, I am thinking this is another secret of Victor’s.

Don’t worry dear, I’ve got a Go-Go Gadget watch! (ABC screenshot)

Cassadine Conundrums

It was not a good week for Nikolas. First Carolyn refused to help him brainwash Esme. Then he found out Victor has agreed to give Wyndemere and Spoon Island to Ava in the divorce. His final confrontation with Ava had her calling him pathetic and weak, even as he swore one day they’d be together again. Nikolas started waxing about how Ava had no idea what was really going on, what he had done for them, but when she learned everything she’d see things differently. Fantastic, more Cassadine secrets to sit on until the show decides to what, bring Nikolas back someday? It appears those scenes were Marcus Coloma’s last, and the last few times we will see Nikolas the role will be played by someone else. The feels like Tyler Christopher and the last time Nikolas exited all over again!

Last week I had thought Victor locking Nikolas up with the alive Hayden would be a good twist in writing him off. Now I’m wondering if it will be Helena, his grandmother most viewers believe he poisoned but was never confirmed. Helena could potentially be the “her” that Victor mentioned to Valentin as well. I have been all for bringing Helena back for some time, especially since it would be the family reunion from hell for Valentin.

Hello? Is this Project Demeter? Yes, sorry I’ve forgotten about you. (ABC Screenshot).

With Nikolas heading off the canvas, they need to finally spit out what Victor’s master plan is all about, and what this big threat he’s been talking about for over a year now is. It looks like based on Valentin faking his death to set a trap for his father, it’s all coming to a head. I’d much rather be watching this story than some of the others right now. This story has been dragging so long that I’m beginning to wonder how many had forgotten about Project Demeter, the operation Victor was after intel on so long ago as part of this grand plan. I know I had until I had to recently pull together the General Hospital 2022 year in review. Heck, I wouldn’t be shocked if the writers are just going to forget it all together too.

As always these are only my opinions. Please leave yours in the comments below.

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