Carly’s Friends and Family Aren’t the Only Ones Taking Sides and Drawing Lines — General Hospital Viewers Are as Well

January 16 - 20:

Team Carly vs Team Nina GH

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The stuff continued to hit the fan on General Hospital over Carly’s latest secret exploding. It wasn’t just characters choosing sides in this battle, as viewers are too. We still can’t figure out if Esme really has amnesia or is faking it, but know who can! And the poor Webbers can’t seem to catch a break lately.

This Changes Nothing, and Everything at the Same Time

Willow’s reaction to the news that Nina was her mother, as she put it, changes nothing between them. That’s understandable given their history. But at the same time, it changes everything and both she and Michael know it. They now need Nina for Willow to survive, and Willow’s cancer could always return down the line.

Willow asking Nina what she wanted in return for donating her bone marrow was heartbreaking because it shows how toxic their relationship is. However in time, especially after the baby is born, I expect Willow will soften. It should be interesting to see if Carly and Michael will accept if Willow wants a relationship with Nina or not… and how much they will try to push her towards a not decision.

I hate you ‘Mommy Dearest!’

Even though Willow forgave Carly for lying to her, which I completely expected to happen, I can’t help but ponder what will occur when she has time to really dwell on things. Will she come to realize so much further animosity and drama could have been avoided between her, Michael and Nina had they known the truth earlier? Will she realize her decision to avoid chemo could have been avoided? Will Willow start to understand Nina’s “delusions” about Nelle and wonder how different her life could have been had she not been stolen? I still find it mind-boggling that Willow eventually forgave Harmony for everything she had done to her, even letting her into Wiley’s life, but somehow Nina is unforgivable. It would be nice to see her wrestle with that given she now knows Nina is her biological mother.

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Nina and Willow have had their ups and downs since day one, and it was nice to see Nina begin to own her part in the terrible relationship she has with Willow. Heck, she even understands why Willow wants nothing to do with her. Carly on the other hand has pretty much no regrets. She feels she owes Nina no apologies, and that Nina and Willow’s relationship was in the toilet long before she found out the truth. But keeping it a secret only made that relationship worse. Sonny told her straight that she refuses to acknowledge her motives. I don’t disagree she really felt she needed to protect Willow, but she also on some level wanted to hurt Nina and she did it by preventing Nina from being a mother, the one thing she’s always wanted.

Who is the bigger hypocrite? (ABC screenshot)

Many viewers felt Sonny calling Carly out was hypocritical, but pretty much everyone involved in this storyline is a huge hypocrite. Sonny also made a great point when Carly threw the fact that he had changed in his face, and the old Sonny would have understood what she did. He told her he had changed, and they shouldn’t keep making the same mistakes. The only thing Jacksonville taught Carly was she can change her last name, but she’s still the same old Carly making the same old mistakes.

Carly’s Family Takes Sides

In last week’s column, I pondered who, if anyone, would forgive Carly. I already know her mini-me Joss would. As Joss put it in her argument to Michael, “Sometimes it’s best if people do not know certain things.” Projecting your own cheating on Cam much Joss? Then she turned around and told Dex that her mother was not to blame for what happened, but Sonny and Nina were. It’s amazing how much power Joss, and Michael, give to Nina and Sonny. For two people who want nothing to do with them, Nina and Sonny sure do live rent-free in Michael and Joss’ heads.

I love you ‘Mommie Dearest.’ (ABC screenshot).

I had high hopes for Michael, who didn’t immediately jump on the “forgive Carly” bandwagon. He even called his mother out initially on her excuses, telling her what she did was for pure revenge on Nina. But it only took a day or two for Michael to finally forgive her. Heck, he even told her not to give up hope that Drew would come around, which we all know he will. Carly deserved to eat a lot more crow for what she did, and frankly, it would have been nice to see her having to humble herself and work to be forgiven.

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The Family Feud Continues

After last week I was hopeful that Michael and Sonny would start to mend their relationship. But Michael is still determined to bring his father down. It’s amazing that he carries such hatred for Sonny for destroying their family, but seems to be able to move past the damage Carly’s hatred for Nina has done. I’m still thinking his revenge plot will blow up in his face, and it will be he, not Sonny, in trouble and danger from the Pikeman group. It could also be what Michael, Carly and Willow need to have to happen in order to break this cycle of hate between them and Nina. Someone, not just Willow, needs to face a life-and-death situation to finally mend this family, but knowing this soap, it will probably either be Wiley or the new baby.

Spring Ridge’s Newest Inmate

So Esme landed in Spring Ridge where both her biological parents are. Heather has pounced on her, but why is she trying to keep Esme away from Ryan? He’s bound to find out she’s there once they wheel his fake locked-in butt out into the common room. And if Esme is faking her amnesia, Ryan is sure to be the one to figure it out. I’m starting to believe she’s not faking it. Even if she isn’t, she might have amnesia soon enough. Nikolas, getting the idea from Liz, seems to be determined to brainwash Esme into never remembering. Though how any of this plays out is bound to get more complicated as the days are ticking by to Nikolas’ upcoming exit from the show.

The original ‘Mommie Dearest’ popped up again this week. (ABC screenshot)

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Other Storyline Thoughts

As much as I’ve come to like Spencer, he’s far too young and too immature to be seeking custody of his little brother or sister. And I’ve been waiting forever for Spencer and Ava to mend their relationship and team up, but this wasn’t the storyline I had hoped for them.

When Victor threatened Nikolas and held his mistakes with Esme and Hayden over his head, I thought it would be poetic justice if Nikolas’ exit from the show was Victor locking him up with the very-much-alive Hayden. That would leave the door open for both of their returns at some point.

I am a huge ‘Vanna’ fan, but their globe-trotting in search of Lucy has become downright boring!

Maybe Nixon Falls has changed Sonny and his relationship with Nina won’t turn sour like all his relationships do, usually because of cheating. If it does though, I could see something developing between Nina and Austin. Then again, Ava and Austin also had some sparks going on, but these two actors always had chemistry.

I’m sick to death of Portia and her holier-than-thou attitude and preaching. I wish this wedding would hurry up and arrive. I’m tired of hearing about it and we all know that it’s going to blow up in her face and that’s when the truth about Trina’s father will come out. I’d also like to watch Aunt Stella unleash holy hell on Portia. I can hear her now, “I always liked Jordan better!”

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Finally this storyline with Marshall’s possible misdiagnosis… The schizophrenia storyline was a bust, so why are we revisiting it?

That’s all I have this week General Hospital fans. These are simply my opinions. Leave your own in the comments and let me know, are you team Nina or team Carly?

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