General Hospital’s Big Maternity Reveal Raises Even Bigger Questions

January 9 - 13:

The big Nina Willow reveal and blow up GH

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It was the week on General Hospital that fans have been waiting for what feels like forever to play out, the reveal that Nina is Willow’s mother. The stuff hit the fan, and likely will continue to for weeks to come. Sure there were a few other storyline developments this week, and the hook was almost nowhere to be found, but the Carly-Nina-Willow story was the rightful dominant focus. Let’s dig into all the juicy drama that played out.

The Big Overdue Reveal

The moment Carly prayed would never come and finally did, she was forced to reveal that Nina was Willow’s mother. Did she think as with the secret of Nelle, she’d get away with hiding the truth this time? Drew telling Carly to cut the crap and the excuses was a great scene. He finally found his man parts! Likewise, his telling her that she didn’t tell him the truth was only due to the fact that she knew he wouldn’t go along with this lie because it was wrong, and she knew it too, was spot on. For a brief moment after learning about Willow’s leukemia, Carly seemed to realize the damage her lie had done. But then she dismissed it and continued to claim she did what she did not to spite Nina but to protect Willow. It’s as if she believes if she keeps telling herself that it will make it true, but her hatred for Nina was in part a factor in her decision. Fortunately, Drew didn’t seem to be buying what she was selling and told her things between them were over. Sure Drew, but how long before you are comforting poor Carly again?

“It’s over between us. Call you next week?” (ABC screenshot)

Nina once again proved to be her own worst enemy. Right after she and Sonny learned about Willow’s condition, and he told her the infighting had to stop, she raced over to argue with Michael about Willow’s choice to delay her chemotherapy. What was interesting is that Nina blasting Willow’s choice to prioritize her unborn child over Wiley as selfish was pretty much what Willow had just told Michael. Willow didn’t understand why he didn’t hate her for making decisions about their child and their family on her own. As she put it, she gambled and lost, and he and Wiley could pay the price. Of course, the difference is, it wasn’t Nina’s place to say such things. She really needs to just learn when to shut up.

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However, it feels like there is some truth to what both Nina and Willow said because the biggest victim in all of this is turning out to be poor Wiley. Between Michael and Willow’s hatred for Nina, and Michael’s hatred for Sonny, that poor child is going to need serious therapy at some point. Michael, upon finding Sonny sitting with Willow in the hospital, seemed to actually reflect on the frailty of life and the price of hate and grudges. I have to give him some brownie points in saying about his father, “At least he’s trying.” Maybe Michael will start trying too after this.

Sonny showed his softer and more vulnerable side while sitting with Willow. (ABC screenshot)

Sadly, one of Nina’s biggest fears came to fruition when Willow, sick and exhausted, snapped and told Wiley that his Grandma Nina was a bad person and she didn’t want him to talk to her. It was up to Brook Lynn to try and answer the poor hurt child’s questions about why his mom would say such a thing about the grandma he loves. I hope this isn’t just swept under the rug because I want to see Willow face her actions and reflect on them and how they hurt Wiley. However based on the end of Friday’s show, she’s still hell-bent on Nina having no place in Wiley’s life, even if she’s dead. Michael and Willow have their own feelings about Nina, but Nina would never hurt Wiley intentionally. They are acting like a divorced parent who bars their ex from seeing their kid out of spite and passes on their hate for them to the kid.

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Numb to the Truth

Perhaps it just hasn’t fully sunk in with Michael, who found out the truth right after another hate-filled tirade about Nina, but I expected a bit more rage from him. After all, he has a lot of it towards his father and Nina. And Drew, not Carly, being the one to tell Michael felt like a copout. I’m eager to see how Michael reacts when he finally sees his mother.

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Nina’s reaction from laughing, to rage, regarding the reveal was spot on. Why wouldn’t she think Carly was just tormenting her with claims from Harmony the pathological liar? Why should she believe Carly, the woman who hates her and would use anything to get revenge on her? However, when reality sunk in, the rage came out. Nina calling her a monster, and a selfish bitch, was amazing to watch. So was the line, “For over a year you’ve made me feel like the scum of the earth for destroying your family. What about my family!” I thought the choice to have Nina reflect back on her arguments with Willow, but also the times they came together and had great talks, was a good choice to build up to Nina’s lashing out. It was as if Nina was reflecting on how differently things could have gone for her and Willow should they had known the truth earlier.

Cue up “Bitch” by Meredith Brooks! (ABC screenshot)

Truth and Consequences

It will be interesting to see how this will play out now that the truth is out. No way in hell is this going to lead to any type of coming togetherness and trying to work things out like adults. This is a soap opera after all! Who will side with Carly in her decision to keep the truth from Nina and Willow? Something tells me her mini-me Joss will completely understand. Sonny for sure is going to unleash holy hell on Carly, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s the only one. I can totally see Michael and Willow’s hatred of Nina leading them to understand Carly’s choice. After a week or so, Drew, who really has no point on the show anymore, will forgive her because without Carly he doesn’t have a story.

nelle gh

This is a great time for Nelle to return and haunt Willow. (ABC screenshot)

Credit: ABC screenshot

It will also be interesting to see how Willow deals with the fact that not only is Nina her mother, but Nelle was her sister. This would be a great opportunity to bring back Nelle if only as a “ghost” to haunt Willow. Michael and Willow have long accused Nina of being insane, and that Nelle didn’t fall far from the tree. So watching Willow snap could be interesting.

Random Musings on the Other Storylines

Liz’s talk with Cam about his breakup with Joss was spot on and just what he needed to hear. He can’t completely blame it all on Esme, though she was a huge factor in it. He made his own mistakes in his relationship, and Joss made hers, but she has yet to really face them. She’s too busy burying her face in Dex’s chest.

It’s very clear that Cody and Sasha are going to become an item. Not just because of their bonding over how Britt and Brando both died at the hands of the hook as heroes, but the fact that Cody knows Gladys. Of course, he does, because she’s in deep debt to Ms. Wu. Is Ms. Wu having Cody play ringer and sucker Gladys out of her, err Sasha’s money? If so, what’s the end game? Is she after Deception?

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Portia vowing to do whatever it takes to keep Spencer out of Trina’s life isn’t going to bode well for their relationship. And if they ever get back to revealing Portia’s big lie about Trina’s father, that for sure will send Trina into Spencer’s arms bed. Kudos to Trina for standing up for Spencer and herself in telling her mom, “He’s not your friend, he’s mine.”

It seems more and more people are starting to believe Esme really does have amnesia. Laura believes Kevin believes it, Spencer seems pretty much convinced she’s not faking, and even Trina pondered if Esme could become a new person because of her amnesia. She’s echoing my thoughts from last week’s column that this may be how to redeem Esme’s character.

Am I a good witch? Or a bad witch? (ABC screenshot)

Spencer telling Alexis about Esme’s nanny Maggie as the possible hook is clearly going to lead to the revelation of who Esme’s parents are. That in turn could be Heather’s downfall as the killer. Sadly though, it’s taking so long to play out that by the time this story ends, will anyone care any longer? This seems to be a pattern with the show.

The show needs to do what it did with Maxie and Austin when it comes to Alexis and Gregory and put them out of their misery. These two are boring, and all they do is wax about journalistic ethics and integrity. Every one of their scenes plays out like a university lecture.

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I loved Victor questioning if it would be best for their family if they simply cut their losses when it comes to Nikolas. Nikolas has become unlikeable, and frankly a stupid shadow of his former self. Even Alexis took him to task when he asked for his help in protecting his unborn child telling him this baby isn’t a do-over for all his mistakes with Spencer. His upcoming exit doesn’t even feel like a major loss. Britt’s exit was heartbreaking, whereas Nikolas’ is more like, “Eh, good riddance.”

That’s all I’ve got for this week, and as always, these are only my thoughts. Agree or disagree, please leave yours in the comments below!

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