Britt Threw One of the Best Soap Parties We’ve Ever Seen on General Hospital With Some Killer Surprises, Pun Intended

December 26 - 30:

The Hook goes for Joss, Britt's birthday bash GH

Credit: ABC screenshot

General Hospital sent 2022 off with a bang, and the only thing missing was fireworks in the sky. Friday’s episode served up not one, but two great cliffhangers to take us into 2023. There were also a lot of amends made this last week of the year by several characters, though Nikolas and Elizabeth are headed into New Year’s still telling that truly terrible lie of theirs.

Nobody Parties Like the Britch

Britt’s big New Year’s Eve and birthday party, titled of all things “The Britch Bash,” finally arrived and boy did it deliver. It had dancing, drinking, drag queens, shirtless waiters, and even a karaoke performance by Bradd and Britt. The only fault I could find was that we were deprived of hearing and witnessing Obrecht’s performance! Was it left on the cutting room floor? If so, the show should release it on social media for sure! The slide show of photos of Britt through the years, including real-life photos of Kelly Thiebaud as a baby through a young adult, was just a brilliant tribute to both Britt and Kelly. Seriously, why does Britt have to leave? Hopefully, this isn’t the last we see of her, but if it is, it was one hell of a sendoff. General Hospital just raised the bar for any future parties on soaps, because this one will be hard to beat.

Britt’s come a long way from where she began and will be greatly missed. (ABC screenshot)

Credit: ABC screenshot

The Hook Strikes at Midnight

As fun as Britt’s bash was, it was also the perfect setting for the hook killer to reappear. Spencer and Trina came together to try and lure Esme out by pretending to actually come together to support one another in the face of Rory’s death. Of course, it’s not like they had to pretend all that hard, as the old sparks between them immediately began to fly. Spencer telling Trina about how important Britt is to him, and later introducing her to Britt was one of the most priceless moments of the party. And then there was Britt mouthing to Trina that Spencer was the best. Trina teasing Spencer that she’ll never reveal what she told her was adorable. But seriously Spencer, at midnight you tooted your horn instead of kissing the girl? Then again, it was a respectable route to take. As I am glad we are getting back on track with ‘Sprina,’ I can’t help but feel bad for poor dead Rory who is already yesterday’s news. His death hurried along this inevitable reunion for sure.

Sprina almost kiss again GH

Another almost kiss for ‘Sprina’ at the stroke of midnight. (ABC screenshot)

Credit: ABC screenshot

There is still the fact that Spencer and Trina don’t know Esme’s not the killer. Their plan nonetheless worked and lured the killer out! And while we know they aren’t Esme, someone close to her sure appeared to be the guilty one. Heather looked downright pissed at seeing the photo of Trina and Spencer in The Invader. Her questioning of Portia about her daughter and Esme also felt off. Could Heather be the hooker? But if so, how in the heck is she getting out of Darkham and Spring Ridge to pull off the killings? Did she learn some of Ryan’s tricks on how to zoom all over town transporting dead bodies with nobody ever seeing him? And the fact that Heather has Ryan’s chain of trophies could explain the dropped earring and the jingling sound the surviving victims heard. Trina heard it again on Friday, and my guess is it’s Ryan’s chain of trinkets, not bracelets or bangles. If it’s not Heather, it’s likely someone very close to her. As I noted in last week’s column, there is a popular theory going around that Esme has a twin sister out there.

Oh great, now the hook killer has added a creepy mask to their outfit. (ABC screenshot)

By the end of Friday’s show, the killer once again targeted Joss, and unlike last time with Brando and Kristina, it appears there is no one around to save her. However, we all know there is no way the show is going to kill Joss off. Oh Dex! Where are you?

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The Hunt for a Commune Leader

I’m not sure what’s worse, the lengths Carly’s going to in order to keep anyone from learning that Willow is Nina’s daughter or the fact that she’s doing most of it under Drew’s nose and he hasn’t got a clue. Of course Drew walked out of the room just as Carly was able to match the old photo of the commune leader Josiah to one of the men Drew had files on and quickly hid it. She at least doesn’t know he’s ordered his reporter in Arizona to track down all the Josiahs in the area he can, so he’s bound to show up in Port Charles. And I guess this is another case of suspending reality in soapland. Clearly, facial recognition software and reverse image searches on the internet don’t exist in Port Charles!

Well hello there Josiah! I expect we will be meeting you soon. (ABC screenshot)

Heartfelt Apologies

It was a week for saying sorry. Cody finally manned up and confessed his wrongdoings to Britt, but at the same time also told her that he really did develop feelings for her. He begged for another chance, but she shot him down. It was obvious Britt did so not because she didn’t want to give him a second, or would this be the fifth chance? Instead, it’s because of her Huntington’s and plans to split town. It was at least nice that he made amends before he never saw her again, though he has no idea that really was goodbye.

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But the apology of the week, heck maybe of 2022, goes to Spencer for telling Ava how sorry he was for everything he had done to her. It was long overdue! Ava was so stunned it appeared as if she was about to cry. I even choked up a little with her. And while they joked they’d probably never be friends, I would love to see them get back to that relationship they had when Spencer was a kid. Though with the news that Marcus Coloma is out as Nikolas, his character’s future is unknown. And without Nikolas, only Trina is left to serve as a connection between Spencer and Ava.

A Blast From the Past

Anna and Valentin meeting with Andre Maddox in the Netherlands was a welcomed surprise. The digs Valentin and Andre took at one another were pretty comical too. Thanks to some intel from him, it looks like Anna and Valentin will soon be off to Paris to search for a secret underground bunker of Victor’s where Lucy could possibly be. I’m sure they’ll also partake in some romance while in the city of love. It’s a shame Anna didn’t take Andre up on his offer to go with them, because it would be great to see more of him. Hopefully, he’ll be back again in the future.

Welcome back old friend! Don’t be a stranger now. (ABC screenshot)

Oh, Gladys!

Well, the old greedy Gladys is back in full force. I wrote before that with Mike’s gambling addiction and issues, one would think Gladys would know better than to get mixed up in some high-stakes poker games. And knowing Sonny and Ms. Wu’s other lines of work, you’d think she’d be smarter than to get herself into debt to Selina. Sasha better be keeping an eye on her bank account, because before she knows it, Gladys may empty it out.

Playing With Fire

Dex warned both Sonny and Michael that the Pikeman Security Group is no one to be toyed with, but it appears neither father nor son seem concerned. Sonny believes he can handle them, while Michael sees this as his opportunity to finally send Sonny to prison for good. Didn’t anyone ever tell Michael that little boys who play with fire get burned? Does anyone not think this is going to backfire on him in the worst possible way? I can already see Sonny having to use every resource at his disposal to save Michael and possibly Dex’s butts from Pikeman after their plans go horribly wrong. Something drastic needs to happen and soon, because this feud has gone on far too long, like so many other storylines on the show.

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Michael wasn’t the only one playing with fire, as Esme put her escape plan into motion by setting fire to her pathetic little Christmas tree. Esme may also be the first person ever to willingly throw themselves off the parapet at Wyndmere. And while “Ace” may have been the size of a pea the last time she took the high dive, they certainly aren’t now. We know after all this they aren’t going to kill off Esme, but we are dealing with a soap that doesn’t think twice about killing children. If “Ace” survives, it truly will be a New Year’s miracle.

Esme took a leap of faith that she could survive a second plunge from the parapet. (ABC screenshot)

That’s all I have for this week. Join the comments below, and I’ll see you all in 2023!

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