Entertaining a General Hospital Fan Theory on the Hook’s Double Identity — Plus, a Very Quartermaine Christmas

December 19 - 23:

Is Esme a twin GH?

Credit: ABC screenshot

Christmas Eve and Day were in full force this week on General Hospital. Some people got Christmas miracles, others some holiday heartache. And a major break was made in the hook killer case which could play nicely into a fan theory about who the killer is. Let’s dive into the week that was!

Double Hooker Trouble

DNA tests on the earing found among Rory’s effects, after he was hooked, indicated it belonged to Ryan’s three decades old dead wife. How is that possible? Well, it was one of Ryan’s trophies that he kept on his chain of trinkets that Heather swiped when she left him years ago while carrying his child. Recall she claimed Esme grabbed one of them off the chain when she was taken away by social services to be put up for adoption, and it was that trinket that led her to Ryan in time. So what if Esme was a twin? It’s a popular theory and plays into the fact that Ryan and Kevin are twins. Did Esme really accidentally grab her trinket, or was it given to her by Heather? And could she have done the same for her sister? Given Heather’s history of splitting up twins like Jason and Drew, and even using her own child Franco to stir the pot and make them wonder if Franco was Jason’s twin, I wouldn’t put it past her to be keeping a second baby a secret.

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Peekaboo, we see you Esme! Or maybe your twin? (ABC screenshot)

Also, recall when the hook attacked Nikolas, Esme swore it wasn’t her. It sure looked like her when we got a glimpse of the hook’s chin while sporting that cowl. And the hook’s letter referred to “me and mine.” What if it wasn’t referring to a family in general, but a twin? If Esme has a twin, does she know about her? Are they in this together?

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As for Heather, does she know where the twin is? Could she have secretly raised her while giving Esme away? If this theory pans out, it opens up a lot of possibilities. Plus it’s way better than having the DA or Deputy Mayor turn out as the killer. Oh and Heather dressing up a stoic Ryan at Spring Ridge was hilarious!

Do you recall? The most infamous killer reindeer of all? (ABC screenshot)

Spencer Becomes His Own Man, and Ava’s Out for Blood

Spencer once again found himself let down and disappointed by Nikolas after his father continued to play along with his and Liz’s big lie that they slept together. That lie mind you, is the worst! It’s causing so many more problems than the problem it’s supposed to be solving. Ashamed of his father’s actions, Spencer had a talk with his Aunt Alexis about whether he was doomed to be like his father. Alexis gave him some fantastic advice to not let the Cassadine name and family live rent-free in his head, and find what makes him happy. Well, we all know what, or who, that is! As for Alexis, we need way more interaction between Spencer, Alexis and the Davis girls going forward.

It’s a ‘Sprina’ Snowmance! (ABC)

Spencer immediately went to see Trina after that talk. Given Rory’s body is barely cold and not even in the ground, I was a little shocked that she just invited Spencer in to talk and hang out. Then again, she was on her way to pretty much dump Rory when he was hooked. With both of them blaming themselves for Rory’s death, for different reasons, it seemed natural that they team up to draw Esme out. Of course, they don’t know Esme is the hook, but the hook clearly is targeting those around Trina. And if the hook is Esme’s twin, it could turn out to be one hell of a reveal if they think they’ve lured Esme into a trap, only we the audience will know it’s not her. Oh and how cute was it when Spencer left and Trina brushed the snowflake off his nose?

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Meanwhile, Ava, one of the other people who Liz and Nikolas’s lie has hurt, was out for vengeance this week. Her comments when confronting Liz in the chapel, about how Liz wasn’t afraid of being struck down by lightning, were spot on. But I have to declare Liz the winner of that confrontation for getting fed up and telling Ava, “Shut up! Not everything is about you!” Even I was surprised when Ava learned Liz “lost” the baby she felt some kind of compassion and was unsure if she could attack Nikolas at that moment.

Carly Digging Herself in Deeper

With Alexis’ help, Drew figured out Denise was lying through her teeth about Joan. When confronted by Drew, Carly slyly let Denise know if she told them the truth that she’d make it worth her while, meaning more cash. Just last week I couldn’t help but wonder why Denise didn’t offer Drew the truth for even more money, playing Carly against him. Then again, that would be another one of those realities that would ruin the soap drama we have to suspend disbelief to enjoy. Denise was forced to admit Joan was a story Harmony told her, and that Harmony was on the run and very scared of something or someone. She used that to try and persuade Drew to drop it, but we know he won’t. And then like an angel sent from heaven, Phyllis reappeared! Drew questioned her about her relationship with Harmony. Oh poor Drew, he was so close! Phyllis knows Harmony was in tight with Madeline, but nobody knows or suspects Nina had twins.

My money is on Phyllis helping to expose Carly’s latest secret. (ABC screenshot)

Cody, We Have a Problem

As with last week when he reached out to help Maxie, Cody showed he’s not a total scumbag when he contacted Mac to bring Dante and a worried Sam together after Dante didn’t come home the night Rory died. The major problem that remains is how he breaks the news to Mac he chose an expensive necklace, which he doesn’t even have, over him and his family. My guess is when Sam blows up Dante and Cody’s long-held secret, he’s going to have to go to Daddy Mac for some help and will finally reveal the truth.

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So Long Austin, Hello Spinelli?

I think almost everyone will agree that Austin and Maxie ending their farce of a no-chemistry relationship is the Christmas miracle we all needed. But now what will they do with Austin? My guess is since Sasha is alone, and Austin is alone, they’ll throw the two of them together. Hey, why not, that’s pretty much what they tried to do with Maxie and Austin. Now Maxie seems to be getting drawn back into Spinelli’s orbit and a possible romantic reunion could be coming, especially after their little Christmas airport reunion.

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O Holy Night, The Night When Dex Saved Joss

Joss swerving off the road while trying to get home on Christmas Eve? Exciting stuff! In the next episode when it was revealed she just had a flat and low and behold Dex arrived to save her, predictable. Joss keeps saying she’s going to tell Cam the truth about how she feels, but she’ll never get there if she doesn’t tear her lips off of Dex’s. I’m going to guess that on New Year’s Eve, Cam will go looking for Joss and find her in a liplock with Dex at midnight. Or worse, in bed with him!

A kiss in the moonlight… er… headlights. (ABC screenshot)

A Very Merry Christmas Eve and Day

Thursday and Friday’s episodes before Christmas weekend were definitely made up of a lot of filler and fluff. The Gingerbread Jam in Rice Plaza was meh for me. The only thing I could concentrate on while Blaze and Chase were singing was the obvious wind machine they were using to make Blaze’s hair blow. It was very… Xanadu! Chase got his own miracle and the review board is going to take a second look at his case in the spring, but he’s not yet ready to forgive BLQ. He shouldn’t so quickly, but we know in time he will. However, if it’s going to take until the spring… so many might lose interest in them by then if they haven’t already.

The Christmas with the Quartermaines episode was a fun little distraction. I hope though, like pizza on Thanksgiving, they don’t make this an annual thing. It did have some good puns, such as Olivia opening the door to the pregnant Mary actor and saying, “Holy mother of God!” And Ned advised Olivia if she ruined dinner that Luigi’s wasn’t opened. However, my favorite part of the episode was the final tease that Ellie, back for this singular episode it seems, is dating Griffin Munroe. What a fun way to potentially bring both characters back down the line!

I’m looking forward to next week and Britt’s big New Year’s Eve bash. Something tells me it will be a killer good time!

As always, these are only my opinions. Agree or disagree, leave a comment below!

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