How Long Will Rory’s Death Keep ‘Sprina’ Apart on General Hospital — Plus, We Can’t Wait for Nikolas and Liz’s Lie to Explode

December 12 - 16:

Rory dies and Liz and Nik's big lie. GH

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The hook struck again this week on General Hospital after an almost two-month dry spell. Sadly this death could cause even more problems for ‘Sprina’ fans. Elizabeth and Nikolas’ big lie has us shockingly rooting for someone we never thought we would be. And watching Denise screw over Carly was a delight to watch.

Rory Had to Be Sacrificed for ‘Sprina’

Last week in my column I questioned what had happened to the hook killer storyline. And just like that, it sprung into overdrive. With Rory blurting out the L-word, Trina on the verge of telling him that she just wasn’t into him that way, and Rory foolishly going off on his own to follow a lead on the killer… Well, it was clear Rory was going to get hooked.

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I was surprised they killed off the too-good-to-be-true cop. In true soap trope fashion, they could have kept him alive and had Trina stay with him out of guilt, but they just did that with Willow and Chase not long ago. However, Rory’s death still looks to stand in ‘Sprina’s’ way, since Trina was left devastated and guilt-ridden in Friday’s episode because she didn’t say she loved Rory back.

Rory dies in front of Trina

Sorry you had to die Rory, but did you at least get a look at the hook’s face? (ABC screenshot)

Meanwhile, Rory’s death changed everything for Spencer, who told Cam he wasn’t relocating to Europe after all. Hopefully, this is a case of Spencer realizing he can’t leave while his friends are still in danger, and not Spencer seeing Rory’s death as an opening to reunite with Trina. If Spencer selfishly uses this opportunity, ‘Sprina’ may not happen until 2024 at this pace.

With Rory dead, there goes one more suspect as to the hooker’s identity. Even though Diane insisted the hooker is a woman, part of me was expecting a twist that made Rory the killer. However, the hoop earring in Rory’s pocket points to a woman. Now it seems it’s either the dirty ADA Arden or Deputy Mayor Ashby. Both of those would be a bit of a letdown, so I’m still hoping for a twist. Perhaps it’s Esme’s nanny Magie? But then again, Diane felt she knew the killer somehow…

Baby Love

Heather and Ryan are quickly becoming my favorite couple on the show. With the confirmation that Esme is their daughter, and Ryan revealing he’s fully capable of doing anything that doesn’t require two hands, I’m wondering how long before they break out of Spring Ridge and try to find out what has happened to Esme.

To somewhat quote Poltergeist, “Now let’s go get our daughter.” (ABC screenshot)

The Worst Lie Ever

I was already over Liz and Finn after the resolution of the terrible Reiko and Jeff affair and sleepwalking storyline, but with Liz lying to Finn that she’s pregnant, I’m quickly getting to the point where I’m just over Liz. And then there was Nikolas who bounced from wanting to make his marriage with Ava work, only to realize he can’t do so while keeping up the secret about Esme, so he embraced Liz’s lie. It feels like we are headed for a predictable storyline in which Liz and Nikolas try and pass Esme’s baby off as theirs.

I’m on team-anyone who blows up Liz and Nikolas’ lives at this moment. (ABC screenshot)

I’m going to need Ryan and Heather to break out and rescue Esme at this point. Who would have thought I’d ever been on the side of three psychopaths? But that’s where this storyline with this lie is pushing me, and the feeling they are going to try and pass her baby off. I mean how do you get an audience to be sympathetic toward a character like Esme? I’m also going to bet on Nikolas and Liz keeping Esme locked up, especially over the holidays, is going to “change her.” She already seems to be softening. Maybe she’ll be visited by three ghosts? And as for Ava, give Nikolas hell girl! Watching Liz and Nikolas blow up their lives should be entertaining.

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Carly Gets Out Carlied, and Willow Opens Up

Watching Denise squeeze more money out of Carly to keep lying to Drew about Willow was a great twist. Carly’s scheme is already blowing up in her face, even before it’s been exposed. Denise could very end up being the wildcard in all of this, with greed going to her head. After all, she has to realize Drew has far more money than Carly, who is supposed to be broke, does. How long before she taps into that Quartermaine fortune?

Denise doesn’t want to hear Carly’s justifications for what she’s doing, she just wants cold hard cash! (ABC screenshot)

Willow was forced to confirm Drew’s suspicions that she’s sick and that’s why she needs to find her biological family. It’s pretty unbelievable that nobody else has figured it out yet either, especially since she looks tired and as if she’s been crying all the time. I still maintain her keeping this secret is foolish and doing more harm than good to her cause, but this is a soap and it’s clearly all to build up the explosive drama to come.

Support for Obrecht

Watching Obrecht break down, and Sonny of all people be there to support her, was a fantastically written and acted scene. I continue to maintain that both Kathleen Gati and Kelly Thiebaud should get Daytime Emmys for their work in this storyline. With Nina now knowing the truth about Britt, how long will it be before everyone knows it? Then again, I was really shocked Brad didn’t catch on when Britt told him she was leaving everything to him in her will. He’s known for months now that something is wrong with Britt, so why didn’t he put two and two together?

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Nina Makes a Profound Choice

Nina is constantly her own worse enemy, but this week she showed great restraint in her decision regarding a relationship with Donna. Joss calling Nina Sonny’s latest in a long line of girlfriends clearly got to her and has her wondering if she and Sonny will last, so she suggested it was best she keep her distance from Donna. She even admitted the hole in her heart from the loss of her child, well children but she doesn’t know that, could make her easily attach herself to Donna to fill that void. By golly, Nina showed serious growth in that scene and proved that she’s not just the heartless homewrecker that Michael, Willow, Carly and Joss believe her to be.

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Austin, Austin, Austin

I’m a big fan of Roger Howarth, which is why the Austin character is killing me. While many fans want to see Cody gone, for me, Austin is the blandest and most boring character on the show right now. So far his being there for Britt has been about the only thing likable about him lately. He and Maxie simply don’t work as a couple, and there are no onscreen sparks between them. And even if Maxie does decide to give him a second chance, we know there is still the secret of his cuz Mason and their shady boss still looming that will probably be the nail in the coffin for them. If that storyline ever gets resolved that is.

Roger deserves so much better, and we deserve better than Austin. (ABC screenshot)

That’s all I have this week. As usual, these are only my opinions. Join the conversation below in the comments.

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