Heather and Ryan Are Deliciously Evil Together — and Speaking of Evil, Where Has the Hook Storyline Gone to?

December 5 - 9:

Heather, Ryan and the missing Hook GH

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This week on General Hospital, we were spared the BLQ and Chase drama, as well as the slower-than-ever movie Austin storyline. Aside from the big Heather and Ryan reveal, and Spencer’s return, it was a slower week in Port Charles. 

We All Saw It Coming!

From the moment last week when Heather and Ryan locked eyes in Spring Ridge, it seemed certain that Heather was Esme’s mom. I even speculated about it last week. So fast forward to Heather sneaking into Ryan’s room, calling him lover, and reminiscing as to how they met as Hazel and Richard. Though it took until the end of Friday’s episode for Ryan to confront her about carrying their child, watching these two together was pure magic. And though the name Esme has yet to be dropped, we all know it’s her at this point.

Take it all in Ryan! (ABC screenshot)

I am adoring Alley Mills take on Heather and would love to see a Daytime Emmy nomination and win, for her. Given I’ve only ever seen her in wholesome roles like on The Wonder Years or Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman, watching her play crazy Heather has been like seeing a whole other side of her. Not only is she crazy, but boy Ryan brought out her dirty mind and dirty talk. And while I’m on the topic, I’d love to see Jon Lindstrom get an Emmy for playing Ryan, which he was robbed of once before.

Marty Saves the Day

I was glad to see Martin show up in Ireland to help Anna and Valentin escape the feds. Well, he actually caused more problems for them, but it certainly made for a fun comedy of errors to watch. It’s also nice to see Marty using some of his common senses and finally realizing Anna didn’t shoot Lucy, and now he knows Lucy is still alive. That’s becoming the worst-kept secret these days. However, for such a smart spy, Valentin did a lousy job covering his tracks if Marty was able to trace him to Ireland. Sloppy Valentin, very sloppy!

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Free At Last – But Not From The Hooker?

It’s great to see Spencer finally out, and right in time for the holidays. However I will miss his and Cyrus’ connection, and hope somehow it will continue. This isn’t the last we’ve seen of God’s latest warrior for good.

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Trina and Ava’s discussion about bad boys, and Trina just not being able to quit Spencer, clearly indicates that ‘Sprina’ is far from over. And I just can’t move past the fact that I feel Rory is not squeaky clean. He once again reiterated to her at their anniversary dinner, but before springing the love bomb on her, that she was safe with him. But is she? No soap character is ever this good, and I keep going back to my old hunch that somehow, Rory is the hook. Speaking of the hook, where is the killer? It’s been ages since they attacked anyone. All we get is a mention of the hook here and there, and the focus on Esme. If the writers are trying to keep that one percent suspicion on Esme because she’s locked up, well I don’t think anyone believes Esme’s the hook. Ryan as much as spelled that out when he pointed out the discrepancies in the hook’s letter referring to “me and mine,” and that Esme has no one. Well, she has him, but he’s not going to reveal that.

Where has the hook disappeared too? (ABC screenshot)

The hook or not, after unintentionally crashing his and Trina’s date, Rory has competition from Spence. He knows it thanks to Victor and the talk they had. Plus, poor Trina look like a cat caught in the headlights when he professed his love to her. She couldn’t say it back! If Spencer were to be the next attacked by the hook, maybe at Britt’s New Year’s Eve birthday bash, I think it would add to the theory that Rory is the hook. The only problem that remains is Diane swore the hook was a female.

No Necklace, No Britt, But One Big Secret

Cody’s life is sounding like a country song lately. “I lost my inheritance, I lost my girl, I lost a chance at a great family, oh what a world!” All he has left is the knowledge that Sam is for sure going to not let this matter of his juvie record go and blow up his and Dante’s life. I know many viewers want to see Cody gone, but for me, this is probably the most interesting Sam and Dante’s boring relationship has been. I’m ready to grab the popcorn and watch Sam blow up Dante and Cody’s lives!

Cody’s a broken record with his woe-is-me attitude. (ABC screenshot)

As for the necklace, the discovery of a code in the diamonds is inching us closer to finding out what Victor’s big plan is. Honestly, given how long this has been going on, I’m beginning to wonder if the writers even know where they are going with this!

Apology Not Accepted

So Jeff apologized to Liz, after having his ah-ha moment when Heather chewed him out. Watching Heather serve him his ass on a platter was fantastic. Hopefully, this is the end of this storyline, which overall was a complete failure. It dragged on too long, the focus of it shifted too many times, and in the end, it was just about in part how terrible Liz’s parents are.

Liz got her skill as a liar from her father clearly. (ABC screenshot)

Now instead of trying to move on with Finn, Liz is caught up in Nikolas’ secretly holding a pregnant Esme hostage, which will no doubt blow up her relationship with Finn again. It’s just one more thing she’s keeping from him. Stick a fork in these two because they are done. If I could muster up enough will to care about them, this storyline reminds me why I shouldn’t.

Nosey Nina and the Dex Factor

That Willow doesn’t want to disclose her illness isn’t working for me. Then again, the only reason she isn’t is due to the writers. Should Willow disclose her illness, everyone in town, even the “awful and horrible” Nina, would get tested to be a donor. And that would end this story and the revelation that Nina is her mother before they could drag it into next year at this point. I’m going to guess that it will be right about Christmas that Willow will take a drastic turn for the worst, because why not during the holidays? After all, they killed Liam last year around this time.

Nina’s sticking her nose in where it doesn’t belong again. (ABC screenshot)

Like with Brook Lynn’s lies, Carly working to thwart Drew’s investigation is just another case of sabotaging a couple before their coupledom has even begun. There is far too much of this tactic going on right now, and it needs to be nipped in the bud. 

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Another thing that is getting tiresome is Nina meddling in everyone’s business. This time it’s Joss and Dex she has her suspicions about, especially seeing how they reacted to one another at Sonny’s place. Plus Nina and Joss’ eye-opening discussion, and Joss insisting she was nothing like Nina, has Nina wondering. Watching Joss squirm with guilt over her lying to Cam about Dex, and somewhat comparing her and Nina’s situation while Nina was being nothing but nice to her, were great scenes.

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Michael offered Dex a way out, even giving him his payday… so why is Dex pushing to take down Sonny? Payback for the meat hook incident? Or is there something more going on? Plus taking the out would clear the path for him and Joss to be together.

That’s it for this week. These are only my thoughts, and I’d love to hear yours! Please comment below!

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