Holly’s Explosive Sendoff From General Hospital Left Unresolved Issues — and We Hope Nina Takes Carly’s Advice Regarding Willow

November 28 - December 1:

Robert, Holly, Willow and Nina GH

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We finally got our non-traditional Thanksgiving on General Hospital this week. Sadly we also saw the end of a few couples, or in one case, the beginning of the end. Nina and Willow were at it again. A big tease was dropped about Esme’s possible mother. Finally, it seems Sonny has a new problem to be worried about. Let’s dive into what went on in Port Charles.

Live Turkey Twist

I have to say, having Olivia unknowingly order a live turkey for Thanksgiving was a different, yet unique, way to ruin the Quartermaine dinner. And little Leo setting the turkey free was pretty funny, as was watching them all hide outside from the giant bird. I’d still like to be surprised one year and see them actually get to have their turkey dinner, and maybe just burn the pies instead. Also, did anyone notice how good Willow looked on Thanksgiving? Every other time she looks like she’s on death’s doorstep, and, oddly, nobody seems to recognize something is seriously wrong with her.

It’s turkey lurkey time! (ABC screenshot).

Great Balls of Fire!

The explosion at the cabin, and Holly rushing out engulfed in flames, were some impressive and expensive special effects for a daytime soap opera in these days and times. I was impressed that they pulled out all the stops to give Holly an explosive sendoff. Robert and Holly faking his drugging, and Felicia helping Holly pull off the explosion, were brilliant twists. And as heartbreaking as it was for Robert and Holly to say goodbye again, I can’t help but be thrilled about the prospects of a Robert and Diane pairing.

Holly, you’re on fire girl! (ABC screenshot)

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Still, with Ethan still held hostage, it all feels largely unresolved. Then there is the fact that after all this time we still don’t know what Victor is up to. The writers need to throw us a bone on that one and soon. Speaking of Victor, I adored Holly reaching out to Ms. Wu for help in paying Victor back in kind by drugging his drink. But when will we find out what it did to him? If anything? Because it seems he didn’t drink it all and instead smashed his glass upon learning the necklace was lost.

Mommy Is That You?

It was a very brief, but powerful scene. Heather running into Ryan at Spring Ridge dropped that big clue that she may be Esme’s mother. Heather knew who Ryan was, and he recognized her as well. We know he doesn’t know the real name of the woman who mothered Esme, so that could have been his shock upon seeing her and hearing the guard speak her name. Also, this wouldn’t be the first time Heather shipped off one of her kids after birth. Plus, it’s a great reason to keep Alley Mills around, as I’m enjoying her take on crazy Heather.

No wire hangers Esme! (ABC screenshot)

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Brook Lynn, You Are the Biggest Loser… Goodbye!

Brook Lynn finally tried to do the right thing by Chase, but it was too little, too late. She only tried to step up AFTER he dumped her, and even then, it did no good as Chase still lost his badge. Now she’s scrambling to somehow fix things by calling in help. Even if Chase and BLQ survive this, along with the Linc fiasco, at this point we all expect the writers to throw even more drama at them to keep them apart. As I’ve said a million times before, it’s as if the show doesn’t want us to root for these two.

Carly Questions Doctor Joss

I thought Carly and Joss’ discussion about her decision to change her major to pre-med, how much Dex factored into it, and what about poor Cam, was well written. I also applaud Carly for warning Joss that she was going to come out as the villain in this, and people would whisper, “Like mother, like daughter.” Hey, at least Carly is owning her reputation! But Carly was right, Joss needs to talk to Cam, and the sooner the better. I said as much in last week’s column but didn’t expect it to happen because this is a soap. And what did Joss do? She jogged herself over to Dex’s place and pretty much told him that she wanted to be with him, leading to a passionate kiss. Given Carly isn’t one to take advice, I guess we can’t expect Joss to either!

Big surprise, Joss gets Dex out of his shirt again. (ABC screenshot)

Sonny’s Got Trouble

Valentin showed up out of the blue with a business proposal for Sonny from the Pikeman Security Group, which was less of a proposal and more of an order. Frankly, I haven’t been missing the mob aspect of the show, but someone in charge must have felt it was time to bring it back, along with a way to un-soften Sonny. What will this means for Dex and Michael’s plan remains to be seen, but if Sonny grows more ruthless, it could drive a wedge between Sonny and Nina. And I think everyone has been expecting trouble to brew for these two at some point. And after Friday’s warning from Dante that there would come a time he wouldn’t be able to look the other way regarding his father’s crimes, it feels like something bad is coming Sonny’s way and soon.

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Regrets, Cody’s Got a Ton

Watching Britt’s body break down at The Savoy was heartbreaking. Kelly Thiebaud has been amazing showing Britt’s fragility, yet strength, during this storyline and I hope she earns herself another Daytime Emmy for it. Obrecht coming to Britt’s defense, especially when Victor realized Britt’s Huntington’s Disease has begun to progress, was amazing as well. Can we get Kathleen Gati a Daytime Emmy too? Then there was Cody. Maybe he and BLQ should hook up? Because as the song goes, they don’t know what they’ve got until it’s gone. Cody was finally honest with Obrecht in admitting he initially was after the necklace, but then thought he could have both it and Britt. Now like BLQ, he’s got nothing.

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Willow Versus Nina, Round 365

As with Chase and BLQ, the absurd lengths the show is going to create drama between Willow and Nina before the big mother-daughter revelation has been over the top. Then again, this is a soap! Nina should know at this point just to stay away from Willow, as there is no way she can do anything Willow won’t attack her for. I found myself taking the opposite view of a lot of commentators on the recaps and message board regarding Willow and Nina’s latest fight. I agree with many, that having Nina go over to Willow’s place was ridiculous. I didn’t though see this as Nina being selfish as usual. Instead, for someone who always accuses Nina of making everything about herself, it was Ms. Willow Tait who made Nina’s request all about her. Willow knows Nina loves Sasha as a daughter, and that Sasha loves Nina back. So claiming Nina’s trying to help Sasha out during the holidays was a self-serving attempt to make herself look good, and worm her way back into Willow and Wiley’s life, was absurd. This wasn’t about you or Wiley, Willow!

Willow’s looking in the mirror as she attacks Nina. (ABC screenshot)

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I will say I was pleasantly surprised that Carly told Nina she believed her and that she didn’t come to purposely fight with Willow, nor would she ever want to bring harm to her unborn child. I hope Nina takes Carly’s advice to heart and just stays away from Willow because watching those two have the same fight over and over is enough to give anyone a migraine. And Michael, yes Michael, impressed me when he told Willow that he doesn’t think Nina would purposely start a fight with Willow if she knew Willow was sick. For once, I found myself agreeing with Michael. Of course, we know Willow won’t come forward about being sick, mainly because that would completely derail Carly’s self-sabotaging herself in keeping Drew from finding out the truth about Nina and Willow.

That’s all I’ve got, and as always these are only my thoughts. Please join the conversation and leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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