Britt’s Devastating Diagnosis Broke Our Hearts on General Hospital— and Cody and Brook Lynn Showed Their True Colors — Which Weren’t Very Pretty

November 21 - 23:

Britt Cody and BLQ on GH

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Due to the holidays, it was a shorter week on General Hospital, and thanks to various pre-emptions we’ll have to wait for the pizza and singing at the Quartermaine’s until next week. Let’s just dive into what went down in Port Charles.

Britt’s Devastating Diagnosis and Cody’s Foot-in-Mouth Disease

As I said in last week’s column, it’s baffling why the show gave Britt Huntington’s Disease, because it’s a real disease with no known cure. Fans have been hoping that somehow Victor tampered with her test results, but it’s not looking like that’s going to happen. Sure it still could, and they could make up another neurodegenerative disorder for her that could be miraculously cured, but it seems like this is the end for Britt. At least, for now. Kelly Thiebaud was amazing at portraying Britt’s devastation at learning she was in stage three and her outlook was far less time than she’d thought she had. The scenes with Kathleen Gati were equally amazing. My heart broke when Obrecht said, “You need your mother, but I need my daughter even more.”  I really am going to miss Britt so much! She’s gone from the character you love to hate, to the character you just love.

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Our heart is breaking for Obrecht too. (ABC screenshot)

Meanwhile, Cody once again made all the wrong moves. He started out strong and actually showed he can be a carrying person on some level by telling Britt she deserved to be loved. But when he didn’t understand that Britt was not talking about the necklace as her father’s legacy and suggested she just give it to him, well it was all over. Britt rightfully tore him a new one, and in the end, Cody didn’t even get the necklace because Robert took it. It’s made in part of stolen cursed diamonds, did he really think he’d get to keep it? Scotty telling him to run for the hills from any part of the ice princess was hilarious. Cody’s thrown away a relationship with Britt and Mac for nothing, and with Sam wondering what he and Dante had going on in their past, he could wind up losing Dante as a friend.

Holly and the Cursed Necklace

Holly confirmed what most suspected, that Victor was holding Ethan hostage. Not just that, but the way Victor talked to her about having no problem killing Ethan just as he had done her sister Paloma and Luke, well it really made Luke’s death real for me. I had been hoping Luke was who Victor had hostage, but it isn’t so. And while death on a soap is never a finality for a character, the tone in Victor’s voice sure made it seem finale.

Man down! (ABC screenshot)

Emma Samms and Tristan Rogers, along with Carolyn Hennesy were fantastic in their scenes together as Holly drugged Robert as Diane watched in confusion. Tristan Rogers has such great comedic timing, and his face plant onto the table, and Diane’s reaction were both hilarious. On a positive note, Holly betraying Robert and his friends once again for Victor paves the way for Diane and Robert to be able to have a romantic relationship. Plus we know Samms’ return is only temporary. It feels like we are heading towards a huge turning point, one in which hopefully we will learn what Victor’s ultimate plan is, and see Anna proven innocent. We also know Lucy is alive somewhere, so her inevitable return will also help clear Anna.

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Speaking of Anna, how is it that Valentin pieced together that there were two shots fired, but only one casing was found? Also that a spy like Anna wouldn’t need two shots to take down her target? Oh, what am I saying, this is the PCPD we are talking about. Of course, they can’t do their jobs!

Dex Gives Joss Fever

Dex’s fever finally broke, but things got even hotter when he pulled Joss into a kiss. At least Dex was the instigator, but he was also the one who pulled away and ended it, even though Joss was clearly into it. Just last week I was hoping Joss would end things with Cam before pursuing anything with Dex, but I don’t think that’s going to happen. I’m gonna need mini-Carly to take some time out when it comes to lecturing others like Sonny and Nina about being unfaithful homewreckers.

Dex is burning up for Joss’ love. (ABC screenshot)

Chase Deserves Better

Chase finally learned from Dante about the letter Brook Lynn has been stalling in writing to support him and is starting to see BLQ for who she is, putting her wants and needs ahead of his. Still, he’s such a good guy that he’s trying to give her the benefit of the doubt when he told her, “I trust you to do what is best for the both of us.” Poor Chase is striking out when it comes to the ladies. First Willow, now Brook Lynn. However, there was definitely a spark between him and Blaze!

It’s time to use those detective skills and see what BLQ is really up to Chase. (ABC screenshot)

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Brook Lynn meanwhile left me utterly disgusted. I’m trying to hold out faith that Chase’s statement to her will eventually sink in and she’ll do the right thing all around. When she finally stood up to Linc and threatened to bring him down for being a disgusting sexual harasser, for a moment I thought this ridiculous storyline would be over. However, Linc bought her silence and her support by offering her songs back to her. Seriously Brook Lynn? You are going to put your own selfishness ahead of other women who Linc will inevitably treat like he did you and is doing to Blaze? That was the lowest of the low, and the show is making it hard to root for her and Chase at this point.

Carly, Carly, Carly!

Though Carly and Nina have found themselves mortal enemies, they are a lot alike in some ways. When Carly is good, she is great. But when Carly is bad, she’s infuriating. Case in point, Carly’s offer to help Drew with his investigation into finding Willow’s birth parents. You just know she’s going to do everything she can to sabotage him from finding out it’s Nina! In the end, this will cost her Drew, but also will put Willow in a worse position health-wise and will likely infuriate Michael. Of course, Carly still doesn’t know about Willow’s leukemia, but when she finds out… well we will have to wait and see if Carly does the right thing.

That’s it for my thoughts on this week’s episodes. Please comment and leave yours below, and have a wonderful holiday weekend!

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