Elizabeth Owning Esme Was Pure Gold — and Robert’s Trap Made for a Good Friday Cliffhanger on General Hospital

November 14 - 18:

Esme's Owned By Liz GH

Credit: ABC screenshot

After last week’s amazing episodes of General Hospital, this week felt a little scattered. Dex and Joss continued to burn up the screen, literally with his fever. Both Gladys and Nina’s characters feel like they are going backward. Elizabeth won the week with her masterfully owning Esme. Finally, Friday’s episode up the action and gave us a good confrontational cliffhanger. 

Holly’s Raising Suspicions

Laura’s suspicions about Holly finally started to rub off on Robert, who seems to be taking his rose-tinted glasses off where his ex is concerned. It really came as no surprise that Holly was the one who shot Lucy and framed Anna, wearing an Anna mask no less. And while Days of Our Lives is notorious for using such masks, Faison and Obrecht have a history of using them as well. Watching Holly once again betray Anna by revealing to Victor, and later agent Whitten, where Anna was hiding was heartbreaking to watch. This is eating Holly up, and Emma Samms is fabulous at portraying the conflict in Holly. However Robert came out on top and brilliantly set Holly up, delivering a fake safe house address, and now knows Holly has been working for Victor. I can’t wait for Monday and to see how she explains herself.

Holly’s got a lot of explaining to do! (ABC screenshot)

Credit: ABC screenshot

As for Lucy, we know she’s not dead, and I’m surprised no one has thought to go scout out Cassadine Island at this point. My guess is not only is Lucy there, but whoever Victor is holding over Holly’s head. In last week’s column, I really hoped  Victor has Luke hostage, but it could just as well be Ethan.

The Worst Parents Continue to Prove They’re the Worst

Jeff made his way to Port Charles to try and talk to Elizabeth, but Carolyn stayed home. Why? Is she allergic to the water in town or something? Finn decking Jeff was great, and Jeff’s explanation that Reiko was lonely and that’s why she cheated seemed like a bunch of BS. It took some balls for Jeff to actually ask Elizabeth to give him another chance to get to know her. And Liz walking out on Finn when Nikolas beckoned her, without an explanation, was a palm-to-forehead moment. They’re becoming another Chase and BLQ, with the show just throwing out obstacles left and right for them. Frankly, it might be time for both of them to call it quits. Bring back Hayden for Finn, and then do something to Austin’s character to put his life on the line. Then bring Andre Maddox back and reveal he’s got a flash drive of Franco’s memories, and they can save Austin by putting them into his brain.

You got a little blood on your lip Jeff, as well as on your hands. (ABC screenshot)

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Esme Got Played

It was pretty obvious from the get-go that Esme was faking being in some kind of pregnancy distress. Still, Elizabeth saying she was going to have to perform a c-section without anesthesia was a great way to put the fear of God into Esme. It was glorious to watch Esme scream, “Get your paws off me and my baby!” However, I’m not liking Nikolas pulling Elizabeth into his scheme, because he’s right and she’s now an accessory to his crimes. Then again, Esme is such a liar, would anyone believe her if she told the cops he held her prisoner? And if we are supposed to start feeling some kind of sympathy for Esme as her maternal instincts and emotions kick in, well I’ve gone none to offer her!

Esme is the girl who cried wolf. (ABC screenshot)

Greedy Gladys and Nosy Nina

I had really come to like Gladys’ character and her personal growth since Liam and Brando’s deaths. Now I’m feeling a bit betrayed as she regresses. Sadly as Sonny put it, underneath it all, Gladys is still Gladys. Now she’s going to do what, gamble Sasha’s money away playing poker in Ms. Wu’s secret games? Given all of Mike’s problems with gambling, this seems like the one thing Gladys wouldn’t do.

Mind your own damn business, Nina! (ABC screenshot)

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A good portion of the audience already doesn’t like Nina, and now the writers seem hell-bent on making everyone hate her.  Nina needs to stop running and telling people other people’s business, otherwise, she really will lose Sonny. I hope her vow to stay out of other people’s business was sincere and that she sticks to it because watching her be her own worst enemy is tiring.

Nurse Joss to the Rescue

Last week I joked about all the situations Joss and Dex have found themselves in where he’s shirtless. After coming down with an infection, Joss was forced to nurse the mostly naked Dex except for his tight black undies back to health. That of course meant giving him a bed bath with a cool cloth. Delirious Dex calling her his beautiful guardian angel was sweet. And even if he won’t remember it, as Joss noted with a big smile, she would. It’s so clear that they’re going to end up together and break Cam’s heart. I hope Joss has learned from her parents’ mistakes and will break up with Cam before anything happens between them. But this is a soap, and we know that won’t happen!

Nurse Joss gets an eyeful of Dex and an earful from him. (ABC screenshot)

A Visit to Pentonville

Trina’s visit to Pentonville to see Spencer was touching and gives hope that they can have a relationship once he gets out. Spencer’s not being forthcoming about his real feelings for Trina shows he’s still on some level trying to protect her and let her go on with her life and be happy. However, that’s also the thinking that got him into trouble in the first place. Esme mentioned to Nikolas that Spencer was going to be soon, and it would be nice to see a Sprina reunion for the holidays.

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Britt’s Illness and Cody’s past

Watching Britt’s Huntington’s Disease progress so quickly is hard to watch, especially with the holidays upon us. Why they had to give her an actual real disease is beyond me because there is no cure for it. If they just made up a disease, then they could eventually have had Finn discover a cure as he did for Blackwood’s Syndrome.

Cody continued to show he was not a completely heartless ass in realizing something was wrong with Britt and seems genuinely concerned about her. Still, he lied to Mac, who is in a world of pain right now, so he’s not getting a pass until he sets everything right. He also went and tipped Sam off about something in Dante’s past, which likely is what Cody took the fall for and is in his juvenile arrest record that Spinelli dug up. I’m still not a fan of Sam and Dante as a couple, but this could be a good story if it’s written well.

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That’s all I have for this week General Hospital fans. As always these are my opinions alone and love reading yours in the comments.

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