General Hospital Served Up Some Great Twists In the Hook’s Identity — and Teased Us With the Return of Yet Another Crazy Villain

November 7 - 11:

Is Esme the hook? GH

Credit: ABC screenshots

What a week on General Hospital! This is how it’s done on a soap. So much was going on, and pretty much every show was a winner. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt so excited about tuning in every day, and hope this pace keeps up.

The Hooker Is Back… Or Not?

First off, Esme’s escape attempt scaling down the side of Wyndemere’s tower with bed sheets was pretty ballsy. One wrong move and she or her baby could have been goners, and that baby is her meal ticket right now. Instead of fleeing once on the ground, she said, “No, Nikolas must pay!” Then the next thing you know, the hook is attacking him.

Peekaboo, we see you Esme! (ABC screenshot)

It seems clear from the face in the photo that it was Esme. She fled after failing to hook Nikolas, and Nikolas noted the hook was from his own boat house. It also seemed much smaller than the one the hook has been using from the Quartermaine estate. It seems to me that Esme used the cover of the hook to try and take out Nikolas. Later though she swore she didn’t attack him. She also made it to the mainland, even though Nikolas shut down the launches right after the attack.

So was it Esme? Was it the real hooker? This story is throwing out a lot of good twists right now and keeping everyone guessing, so bravo to the writers for that. One thing feels certain, in the end, it won’t be Esme. Why? Because the hook either will have to go to prison or meet her maker. Avery Pohl is such an exceptional actress that I can’t see the show wanting to lose her. She is the Heather Webber of the younger generation in a way.

Just Walk Away

I’m glad this nightmare of a storyline with Liz, her dad, and Reiko seems to finally be over. But I was a bit shocked that once Liz told Finn everything, he just walked out. Then again, he did have a lot to contemplate. I’m still expecting Jeff to turn up in town to explain more of the situation with Reiko. That might be incredibly awkward seeing Finn has slept with both his girls and has a child with the daughter that he’s never even met. This could pave the way for Hayden’s return to the show, which I’ve been waiting for forever at this point.

So much for being there for Liz no matter what. (ABC screenshot)

Hayden’s return could also work, especially if Liz and Finn are finished over this latest revelation. And the fact that Liz’s first thought after calling Terry was to turn to Nikolas had me hoping they aren’t going to dare go there again. However it seemed to simply be an excuse for Liz to learn something big is going on with Nikolas and Esme, as he came to her rescue from the psycho teen on the pier right before she passed out.

Cody, Cody, Cody…

I’ve been in the minority of viewers trying to give Cody the benefit of the doubt, but after this week, I’m struggling. The second Britt told him that he could have a claim on her necklace through Leopold, it was a slam-dunk no-brainer that he was going to lie about those paternity results. What baffles me is unless Cody knows something we don’t, there is no certainty that Leopold came upon this necklace legally. There is the possibility it was Dominique’s, or that the wicked witch herself Helena was the actual owner, especially since Victor is after it because some of the gems are from the ice princess.

Your breaking Mac’s heart for what, a cursed necklace? (ABC screenshot)

I do feel in his warped way Cody cares for Britt, even if this all did start out as a con. Likewise, I think he felt guilty about lying to Mac, which is why he reached out and suggested they try and be friends. He’s not a completely heartless monster. Also, he was about to hand over the results to Felicia when she asked to see them, but Mac stopped her. What would he have done if Mac didn’t tell her to drop it? I’m surprised Felicia has dropped it, or perhaps she hasn’t and will keep digging on her own. One thing is for certain, Cody doesn’t appear to be going anywhere, and this is going to crush Mac when the truth inevitably comes out. Love him or hate him, Cody at least is helping to give Mac and Felicia bigger parts on the show lately.

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A Prisoner Transport? What Could Go Wrong?

Port Charles, we need to talk. How many high-profile prisoner transports have to go wrong before you figure out some type of better system? Regardless, at least Anna is out and can work to nail Victor, and hopefully find out where Lucy is. That’s something that they could at least clue us in on, because we know she’s not dead.

Don’t skimp on the fries, and don’t forget the ketchup! (ABC)

Heather escaped in the botch prison transport, though she did not attempt to terrorize anyone. Heather genuinely seems to feel at home at Darkham and wants to go back. Could this be the beginning of her redemption and eventual release? Alley Mills has delivered as Heather Webber, making the role her own instead of trying to be a carbon copy of Robin Mattson. She’s been a wacky fun-crazy Heather, and her scenes with Cam were especially fantastic in chowing down on the much-missed BLT. However, with Dante taking her back into custody, it seems her run appears may be done. Hopefully, we will see her again soon.

The Laura We Love

Genie Francis was a powerhouse this week. Her suspicions of Holly not being fully honest are right on the money, and her dressing down the deputy mayor was fantastic. Why though, didn’t she just fire that snooty Eileen? Then again, they possibly need her to get to Victor.

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Laura confronting Victor and dangling over him the fact that she brought both Charlotte and Valentin home was pure magic. I’m looking forward to the final showdown between these two, and Anna better not steal all the thunder! With Victor’s interest in the ice princess necklace, it seems we may finally be learning what this grand plan of his is, and what the danger to his family is all about.

Glory to God for reuniting brother and sister. (ABC)

Laura’s unexpected run-in with Cyrus in Pentonville teased that Heather might not be the only crazy from the past who we might see again. Cyrus warned Laura that Olivia Jerome was looking to welcome Anna to Pentonville in a special way. It could just be name-dropping, but I’m hoping there is something more to it. Otherwise, why mention Olivia? It would be interesting if she turned out to be Austin and Mason’s boss, though that would mean she’s running things from behind bars. And call me crazy, but I’m starting to think Cyrus might actually be sincere in his redemption and discovery of God.

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A Bone Marrow Transplant? What A Twist!

We all knew Willow was going to need some kind of transplant from the start of this story, yet we are all here to watch this perfectly predictable messy plot play unfold. Of course, nosey Nina and her completely wrong assumptions about Willow and TJ blew up in her face, but at least she had the good sense to try and apologize. Willow telling her to drop dead only increases the friction between the two for when the inevitable revelation of how they are related comes out.

Michael gave us a glimpse of the old him before he became filled with all this bitterness for Sonny and Nina. Nina was right about one thing, he does sound like a broken record all the time with the venom he spews. Maybe Willow’s sickness will be the wake-up call he needs to refocus on what is really important.

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Willow not telling anyone about her sickness is clearly not going to play in her favor given what Carly knows. I would have loved to have seen Nina offer to be tested in secret, be a match, and anonymously donate to Willow. Though I can also see the storyline playing out with Carly being forced to reveal the truth, only for Willow to decide she doesn’t want Nina’s help because she’ll expect it to come with strings attached involving Wiley. Whatever happens, I can’t wait to watch the fireworks!

Why Bother Wearing A Shirt?

The situations Dex and Joss are getting constantly thrown into are getting to be a little over the top, especially since he’s always losing his shirt around her. We get it, something is inevitably going to happen between them. It also feels like they are trying to make Joss and Dex into Carly and Jason 2.0, especially with Joss sewing up his gunshot wound. Still, I am enjoying Joss with Dex, the chemistry is there, but his secret with Michael is going to complicate things between them. Then there is poor Cam, who deserves so much better than this.

So now Joss is also undressing Dex? (ABC screenshot)

As always, these are simply my opinions. Please leave yours in the comments below!

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