Holly’s Betrayal on General Hospital Could Set the Stage for an Amazing Twist — Plus, Th-Th-That’s All, Liz’s Folks?

October 31 - November 4

Holly Betrayal and Liz's folks GH

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November Sweeps is in full swing, with some big returns, new characters, and still more to come by the hints being dropped. While most of the week was fairly exciting and fast paced, Friday’s General Hospital episode turned into a bit of a snooze fest with rehashed dialogue and flashbacks. 

Laura to the Rescue

The week got off to a great start with Sister Laura and Father Kevin coming to Valentin’s rescue in Switzerland. What a fantastic surprise that was, and it’s great to finally have Laura back. However as quickly as she and Kevin swooped in to save Valentin, the trio were off our screens for the rest of the week. Fortunately the previews for Monday have Valentin back in Port Charles and assuring Anna that he has a plan. But what about Laura, Kevin, and most importantly, Charlotte? It seems Valentin can’t bring her home without facing the ire of Victor, but I hope he finds a way to.

Laura pulls off one heck of a Sister Act. (ABC)

Narrowing Down the Hook’s Identity

After the hook’s letter to Alexis, it all seems but certain that they are targeting people close to Trina’s trial, and those they feel wronged her. For a hot minute, I really pondered the theory that Trina was in fact the hook. With Portia’s secret about Curtis’ being Trina’s father on the verge of being exposed, and Curtis finally going through genetic testing to see if he carries the genes for schizophrenia, it could be plausible it’s Trina. Portia was panicked that the trial would push Trina over the edge and cause her to break. What if it did? What if Trina is doing these things without even knowing it?

Joss and Trina learn their sophomore year is going to suck as much as their freshman year. (ABC screenshot)

However, the letter and Jordan’s suggestions have both Joss and Trina on lockdown. Maybe not to the level of Esme’s lock-up, but it’s hard to imagine Portia and Curtis allowing Trina to somehow slip out at night to go hooking without their knowledge. Then again, Joss was able to give Carly the slip to go looking for Cam. Speaking of Cam, I’m glad the show addressed how his going to the footbridge alone at night with a killer on the loose was a stupid move. Here I thought Cam was the sensible one of the bunch!

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Should Trina eventually be accounted for when the hook attack nexts, the theory that it is the ADA Arden doing the killings after her slam dunk case against Trina went down the toilet is possible. I’m hoping though that there are more twists to come.

Retconning Reiko’s Death

Not only are Elizabeth’s parents deserving of the worst parents of Port Charles award, but should probably both lose their medical licenses for drugging and brainwashing Liz to forget what happened with Reiko in the Mariana Islands. At least on some level the story kind of made sense in the end. It wasn’t Franco she was being urged not to forget, but Reiko. And the sleepwalking incidents in the present seemed to be connected to her doing the same in the past shortly after Reiko’s death.

A young Liz couldn’t wait to tell Finn that his wife was a home wrecking whore! (ABC screenshot)

However originally Reiko didn’t contract Blackwood’s Syndrome from a blood transfusion, which she needed because of her fight and tumble down the stairs in Liz’s house, but because Finn accidentally exposed her to it. The minute this storyline became less about Elizabeth and more about Finn and Reiko, it was obvious there was going to have to be some kind of retcon to make it remotely make sense.

As a psychiatrist, how could Carolyn think this plan to brainwash and abandon Elizabeth was a good one? Worst mother and shrink ever! Then let’s add in the fact that Jeff is a serial cheater, and she’s still with him. As Liz said to Reiko in her memory, she wasn’t the first and wouldn’t be the last!

The worst parents of the year, er past two decades! (ABC screenshot)

With Denise Crosby out as Carolyn Webber, does this mean we’ve also seen the last of Jeff? Fans have waited for years, heck decades, to have Elizabeth’s family back and now they are just gone? If so, what a joke! I guess now we wait for Elizabeth to return home and break the news to Finn about his cheating wife who he adored, and her part in their death. At this point, given how this long this has been playing out, I wish I could tune it out like Liz did Reiko’s death!

Holly’s Betrayal and Peter’s Necklace

I’ve pondered in my last two columns if Holly was lying about her memory loss, and low and behold she was. It was also no real surprise when we learned Victor had held her hostage, buying her from Winston Rudge, and was blackmailing her into working for him. Of course, that last part was important because we at least know Holly isn’t brainwashed. Thank goodness for small favors.

Victor threatens to squash someone important to Holly should she not play his games. (ABC)

Victor teased that he was holding a man important to Holly to make her do his bidding. Her son Ethan is the obvious choice. Recall that Holly made excuses about contacting him when she returned from the dead, so to speak. But a bigger and better twist would be for it to be none other than Luke Spencer. Killing Luke off-screen was a terrible thing to do to such an iconic character, and this could help rectify that mistake.

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Of course, there is something else to ponder in all of this, which is how Peter’s necklace plays into it. Victor was able to get a photo of it and commented, “This could be it!” Does this go back to the ice princess? The clock on November Sweeps is already ticking, and we better find out some answers to this. So many of these storylines that need to be wrapped up have been going on for what seems like forever now.

Odds and Ends

Alexis had one of my favorite lines of the week when Drew asked, “Would this be an example of insider trading?” She responded, “Hell yes!” If only she added, “Are you stupid?” to her statement, it would have been perfect. How did Carly and Drew never realize this? Or perhaps when we viewers called it out from the beginning, it gave the writers an idea of where to take the story? Now fans are already speculating Drew and Carly will end up marrying so they can’t testify against one another should this be investigated. Because Carly’s been in this situation before!

Are you stupid? Yes Alexis, apparently Drew is! (ABC screenshot)

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I loved seeing Sonny stand up to Carly and tell her that she doesn’t get to dictate Donna’s life alone and whether she can or cannot see Nina. Carly always has one set of rules for her, and another for everyone else.

So Mac admitted he wants to be Cody’s father, or the chance to be, while Cody remains indifferent about it. It feels like this is going to be the longest few days ever in Port Charles as they drag out the DNA results as long as they can.

Sam enlisting Spinelli to help her investigate Cody is clearly going to backfire, given we have been given the hint that Cody took the fall for something in the past involving Dante. Sam and Dante have been way too boring easygoing, so obviously they need some kind of drama injected into their lives.

Portia and Curtis setting a wedding date for Valentine’s Day? Please oh please don’t let this storyline with Portia’s secret regarding Trina’s father drag out till then! I don’t think I’ll make it much longer, especially given everytime Portia and Jordan are alone they have the same exact conversation about it over and over.

Linc’s artist that he wants Chase to duet with being named Blaze is fitting. Why? Because BLQ’s sitting on the chance to help Chase get reinstated and doing nothing is going to burn her relationship to the ground, and Blaze may be there to swoop in and steal Chase from her. Plus, Chase already has that urge to save Blaze from Linc after meeting her only once.

As always, these are only my thoughts. Leave your own in the comments below!

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