General Hospital Has Us Wondering If Holly Is Faking Her Amnesia Or Is She Brainwashed? — Plus, How Will Fans React to This Major Recast?

October 24 - 28:

Heather and Holly GH

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This week on General Hospital, it’s the calm before the storm as November Sweeps is upon us. However, Friday’s episode already brought the crazy! Carly is back in town just in time for Willow’s life and secret leukemia to begin exploding on screen. Britt discovered what Peter left her, but we think we’ve already figured out where this storyline is headed. Finally, Rory is giving up sketchy vibes. Let’s jump into the highlights of what happened in Port Charles this week.

A Huge Recast

Let’s just get the big news out of the way first. On Friday, Heather Webber returned, but now Alley Mills is playing the iconic nutjob. Granted Robin Mattson was the third actress to play Heather, but she played the role the longest and it is hers in most fans’ eyes. It will be interesting to see how Alley is received, but I have to say, she made one hell of a crazy first impression!

Heather is back! GH

I remember, I remember when I lost my mind. (ABC Screenshot)

Frame Job

Anna’s being framed for Lucy’s “death” is one of those classic soap stories that have us rolling our eyes. As Jordan and Mac put it, how can ADA Arden not see all the evidence against her is just too perfect? And as Anna told Marty, if she wanted Lucy dead, she wouldn’t have been so sloppy as to let herself be filmed. Then again, we just went through the same thing with Trina and all the stacked evidence against her. Jordan noted Arden was in a rush to charge Anna, and Anna’s arraignment being fast-tracked, just smells of Victor’s doing. Like Deputy Mayor Ashby, it’s clear Arden is in Victor’s pocket. Especially after he mentioned a future donation to her campaign.

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So Johann broke into Anna’s house not only to steal evidence to frame her but plant evidence. Are we to assume Anna, a WSB agent, doesn’t have her house well-armed and secret cameras everywhere? Or did Johann just find and disable every single one?

We also know the show wouldn’t dare kill off Lucy, so how will Victor’s plan pan out when she returns alive? Or by that time, will Victor have accomplished what he’s set out to do and not care?

Holly’s Lost Two Years

In last week’s column, I pondered if Holly was lying about having no memory of where she’s been, or if she’d been brainwashed by Victor. Holly sure seems interested in all things Victor. Sure it could be because her friends told her they suspect he killed Luke, and that slap she gave him was epic. Still, when Felicia felt Holly was lying to her, Holly’s reaction was one of, “Oh crap, I’ve been found out.” Of course in true soap fashion, Felicia was barking up the wrong tree and thought Holly was pretending to be okay. I’m still not discounting that Holly somehow framed Anna, and dove off the pier to conveniently swim to shore at the Quartermaine estate. Regardless of what Holly’s up to, it’s been fantastic having Emma Samms back. She is as lovely, as brilliant, and as clever as ever in the role.

Is Holly being entirely honest? (ABC screenshot)

A Diamond Necklace to Die For

I’m just going to call it as I see it… The diamond and ruby necklace in Peter’s safe deposit box was indeed stolen or acquired from Faison, who got it through Leopold, who stole it from Dominique. This is why Cody was initially interested in Britt and explains his reaction to Britt hiring Sam to find out where the necklace came from. Someone should tell him he has nothing to worry about with Sam on the case! When the truth comes out, Britt, who is developing feelings for Cody, will leave him and town.  If this pans out, I feel like it will be a huge letdown, but a quick wrap-up likely due to having to write Kelly Thiebaud out just as they began this story with Cody.

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend! (ABC screenshot)

I know a lot, I mean a lot, of people hate Cody and want him gone. I’m in the minority in that I wish Kelly wasn’t leaving, so they could have developed a more complex storyline for them than the mystery of Peter’s necklace. What started as a con I see as turning into something more, with Cody caring about Britt. And Britt has come to support him in his issues with the Scorpio clan. Dante also recently mentioned something regarding his and Cody’s past and Cody taking the fall for him. So it seems clear the show intends to keep him around, as they’ve already hinted at another story from his past that hasn’t even begun to be explored.

Too Nice of a Family

It seems the writing is on the wall, and Cody will turn out to be Mac’s son. Georgie, after being nasty to Austin, ran up to Cody and immediately liked him. That seemed to be a slam dunk and a no-brainer that Cody is family. And with Cody in deep with Ms. Wu, that will make for a complicated relationship with Daddy Detective Mac and Uncle DA Robert.

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Making Love Out of Nothing at All

After what felt like an eternity, Chase and Brook Lynn fans finally got to see them hit the sheets, in an episode that had several couples enjoying some love in the afternoon… well evening. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the moment it could have been, because Brook Lynn once again is avoiding helping Dante get Chase back on the force, which she knows is where he wants to be. Her selfishness in wanting her songs back from Linc is going to sink this relationship. Which begs the question, why should we invest in a couple we know is going to blow up eventually? Then again, that’s soaps for you!

Chase is bringing sexy back. (ABC screenshot)

I will say, the scenes on Friday with Olivia walking in on Chase sprawled out on BLQ’s bed in a seductive pose were hilarious. The conversation that followed, with Brook Lynn noting every woman in the house had seen Chase naked now, was equally as good. Especially Olivia blurting out, “Not Monica, and it’s her house!” Chase got a great line in to try and ease his embarrassment when he added, “Because Alan gave it to her!”

From Prison to Comic Con

Joss and Cam finally visited Spencer, and it took them long enough. Still, I thought the dialogue between Cam and Spencer was well written, especially Cam saying he was stuck with Spencer as a cousin, but chooses him as a friend. Naturally, they blabbed all about Trina knowing the truth that he had always believed in her and was playing Esme, but it was interesting they didn’t tell him that it was Ava who filled her in. Maybe it was smart given how much Spencer dislikes Ava. Naturally, Spencer was bummed that she hadn’t contacted him, but he still wanted her to be happy, even if it was with that cop.

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Speaking of that cop, the fact that Rory “accidentally” was given a room with one bed set off my radar. How did this happen, when at check-in most hotels confirm your room details? Did he really call the front desk angry, or was it a fake call and he had already arranged for a cot to be sent up, just in case? Or am I reading too much into this, and forgetting not to overthink reality on soaps?

One bed? As the church lady would say, “Well isn’t that convenient!” (ABC screenshot)

Then there was Trina fantasizing about Spencer while making out with Rory. Yep, she’s not over him, and this is going to become a huge issue. I am still reflecting on Trina telling Ava about the trip and saying, “at least I’ll know I’ll be safe with Rory.” Aside from the fact that Diane swears the hook killer is a woman, Rory is checking off all the boxes for me as the killer. And like I said last week, he could be dressing up in drag while performing the killings. When the hook strikes again, if Esme is still locked in Wyndemere, we should be able to cross her off the suspect list. Plus, the next victim could help flesh out the pattern further.

Wrapping Up Jacksonville

I’m glad the Jacksonville saga is over, and frankly, it turns out it was just a way to get Carly and Drew together as a couple finally. Sure, they mixed in a little of Carly having a reawakening of who she is and who she wants to be going forward, and deciding to take Spencer as her new last name, but it felt like a long and roundabout way of getting there. Though like I’ve said, at least it didn’t last nearly as long as Nixon Falls. Oh and how about that Florida beach? As beautifully shot as some of those beach scenes were, it was so obvious that wasn’t Florida.

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Ned Puts Michael and Drew in Their Places

Friday’s episode was just full of great moments and was one of the best episodes in a long time. It has me excited for sweeps! I loved watching Ned own Michael and Drew. Michael had some nerve in claiming Ned would never put the family first, seeing he’s secretly working to take down Sonny which will destroy half of his family. And hallelujah to Ned for finally bringing up what Drew and Carly did was insider trading! I was screaming that from the get-go, even referencing Martha Stewart as Ned did. Drew was left quaking in his boots. Go, Ned, go!

Liz’s Trip to California

The week ended with several bombshells, one being the return of Jeff Webber, now played by William R. Moses. I’ve been a fan of the actor going back to the reboot of Perry Mason, and probably even before that. I can’t wait to see what he brings to the table!

Daddy's Home GH

Daddy’s home! (ABC Screenshot)

As always, these are simply my opinions. Join the conversation and leave yours in the comments below.

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