Holly’s Welcome Return to General Hospital Has Provided Few Answers So Far — Plus, Is Alex Back or Is That Someone Wearing an Anna Mask?

October 17 - 21:

Anna's framed and Holly's back GH

Credit: ABC screenshot

Between Lucy getting shot, Anna being framed for it, and Holly’s return, it was a pretty exciting week on General Hospital. Liz’s story was MIA again, but it does appear that Austin and Mason are family from their brief appearance. Then there was Brook Lynn ignoring a request from Dante to help get Chase reinstated. I just can’t with the show’s desire to put the dumbest of obstacles between these two anymore! Let’s dive into what else went on in Port Charles this week.

Victor’s Got His Fingers in Everything

Victor was a busy bee this week, and perhaps that means we are getting closer to the reveal of whatever this big plan of his is. He orchestrated getting Valentin out of town, under the guise of sending him to see Charlotte, but did he? Or was it a trap, and is he trying to weaken Anna’s support by removing them one by one?

Anna's done playing games with Victor GH

Anna’s ready to wring Victor’s neck, and we are here to help her. (ABC screenshot)

Credit: ABC screenshot

He also presumably took Lucy out, but it appears from a drone recording that Anna did the shooting. By the end of Friday’s episode, Anna discovered the gun and outfit her double was wearing were planted in her trunk. So is it someone in an Anna mask, or could Alex be back? Honestly, with Victor in town, Esme back, and Holly’s return… bringing Alex in might be too much right now.

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One thing is for sure, watching Anna chase Victor around the interrogation room was quite a comical scene! Victor’s supposed to be such a clever villain, and he has been so far, but Charles Shaughnessy has made him a bit cheeky and it keeps giving me Mr. Sheffield vibes.

It’s About Time!

After two, count them two years, Holly was back. This time we knew of her return ahead of the game, so it didn’t have that same oomph as it did when we saw her on camera being held prisoner after the Monte Carlo story. So far though, Holly seems to remember nothing about where she’s been. Or does she? Austin noted he sees no medical reason for her lack of memory, and her seeming hesitant to call Ethan was suspicious. Then again, having two years of missing memory also screams of Cassadine programming. Could Holly have shot Lucy, much like Helena and Victor have controlled Drew in the past?

Where have you been Holly? (ABC screenshot)

Of course, Holly’s reappearance comes right after Anna had a talk with Robert about his lack of a love life. Given Emma Samms’ return is only temporary, they set the stage for something between Diane and Robert earlier in the week. Their scenes in the hospital were cute, but I’m not sure if I’m sold on them as a couple. Still, anything that gives Diane more of a story is good in my book! And off-screen romances really don’t cut it on soaps these days, so I can’t see Robert and Holly back together.

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Not Exactly a Flower in the Attic

As I said in last week’s column, Nikolas locking Esme in the north tower of Wyndemere was the smartest thing he’s done in a long time. Plus, he even thwarted her escape attempt and punished her by basically stripping the room of anything she can use as a weapon or means of escape. He might not fully have his brains back, but it’s a start! I’m begining to have faith in Nikolas again.

Could Esme be getting careless? (ABC screenshot)

Esme dropping the bomb on Nikolas that she knew who her father was, that he was a powerful man, and would punish Nikolas was something I didn’t see coming. When it happened, I was so hoping she’d lose her temper and reveal who her father is. There is still time though, but Esme hasn’t shown herself to be so careless in the past.

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So far one of Nikolas’ reasons to keep Esme locked up appears to have merit, there hasn’t been another hook attack. Of course, it’s only been probably a day or two in Port Charles’ time. As I said last week, I also reiterate this week based on Esme’s insistence she’s innocent… I don’t think she’s the hook killer.

What’s In The Box?

Last week I mentioned with Kelly Thiebaud leaving as Britt soon, there was still a bit to do in wrapping up her stories. Peter’s box of trinkets contained a safe deposit box key, and now she and Cody are going to track it down. I’m guessing whatever is in it will be something from Faison, which will likely and neatly wrap up whatever Cody’s interest in Faison is as well. The sooner the better, because with Britt leaving, I find myself not caring about that tidbit and am more invested in learning whether Cody is Mac’s son. And will we ever find out what Britt did with Faison that Ms. Wu was using to blackmail her?

Wrapping Up Jacksonville

Peyton suddenly saw the light and told Carly how wrong she had been about her, and how she was so sorry for how she treated her. Sorry, but that entire forgiveness speech felt like it came out of nowhere, and didn’t fit the story so far, but this is about Carly burying her past in a sense and moving forward. Carly was able to rather swiftly have Virginia exhumed and cremated so she could scatter her ashes into the ocean and move on with the next chapter of her life. Enjoy the moment Carly, because it won’t last. The Jacksonville story may not have been must-see-soap-tv, but it at least gave us a break from watching Carly, Nina and Willow scream at one another. So that’s something! And it also doesn’t appear to have lasted nearly as long as Nixon Falls.

Drew, did you ever know that you’re my hero? (ABC screenshot)

The Ashford Family Drama

The Ashfords were back this week. Fortunately, we didn’t get an overload of scenes of Portia and Jordan arguing about Portia’s secret, which has become redundant. However, with Curtis doing a 180 and deciding to look into genetic counseling, it looks like Portia will probably be getting that push she needs to come out with the truth. Especially if Curtis gets troubling news.

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That’s not the face of someone thrilled to be going away for the weekend with her boyfriend. (ABC screenshot)

And while she’s only Ashford adjacent, for now, Trina didn’t look ready to go away with Rory for the weekend. After everything she’s been put through, I don’t want to watch something awful go down for Trina on this trip. But I fear that’s what is going to happen.

Nina Versus Herself

Here I thought after Olivia was civil to Nina regarding the preparation of Brando’s memorial that they may have reached a turning point in their working relationship, but alas no. Olivia still wants to buy Nina out, and one can’t blame her. At least Nina seems to be accepting of the fact that not everyone is going to forgive and forget what she’s done… Though don’t get me started on the fact they do it for so many others!

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Nina also needs to back off the TJ and Willow thing. TJ was nice enough to accept her apology, but Nina just couldn’t stop pushing it. Nina’s going to end up with egg on her face, and Michael and Willow even angrier with her, when she probably and predictably exposes TJ and Willow’s “affair,” forcing Willow to reveal her leukemia and what’s going on.

The Bible Can Be A Powerful Weapon

Cyrus was armed with the word of God in beating back those who wished to harm Spencer in Pentonville. I’m still not convinced this come to Jesus moment of his isn’t a con and his ticket out of Pentonville. Cyrus showed he’s still got bad in him when he planted a shiv on Book. Spencer’s right not to trust him, but I can see he might start breaking down given his hazing, which might be what Cyrus wants. Could Cyrus be controlling everything?

Cyrus gets Book booked. (ABC screenshot).

And when oh when is Laura going to get back? Between Holly’s return, everything going down with Victor, and now Cyrus all up in Spencer’s business, she’s got a lot she should be dealing with in Port Charles.

That’s all I have for this week. These are only my thoughts. Please leave yours in the comments below!

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