General Hospital Has Us Questioning Whether Esme’s the Hook Killer — or Not — and Why Michael Could Be Digging His Own Grave

Esme not the hook GH

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Thursday’s episode got knocked out this week for politics, but overall, General Hospital had us pondering who could and couldn’t be the hook killer. Lucy proved to be the wrong person for Anna to turn to for help, and Michael’s feud with Sonny is starting to affect his other relationships. And as if the soap doesn’t have enough storyline’s taking forever to resolve, they reminded us of one we’d long forgotten about.

Lock That Hooker Up!

Esme was caught trying to swipe some money from Nikolas’ safe and indeed she revealed she had a baby Cassadine bun in the oven, just as I guess in last week’s column. Nikolas finally did the first smart thing he’s done in months and locked Esme up in a room in the old wing of the house. Of course, this is Esme we are talking about, so I’m sure it won’t be long until she finds a way to break out. However, something tells me she won’t get out of there until the hook attacks again, proving she’s not the hooker. That is unless there are two hook killers?

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As Trina was talking with Ava about her reservations on whether to go on the out-of-town trip with Rory, something she said struck me. She casually commented that at least she’d be safe with Rory given he’s a cop. But would she be? We know the attacks are connected to Trina at this point. However, there is Diane’s revelation that the hooker is a female, and someone she thought was familiar. Could Rory and Esme be working together? Or could Rory be dressing up as Esme while committing the hook attacks? Hey, stranger things have happened on soaps!

We’re back to thinking Rory might not be a good guy after all. (ABC screenshot)

Another factor that makes me think Esme is not involved is the fact that she’s pregnant. It’s doubtful she’d want to do anything to put her ace in the hole in jeopardy, and physically attacking people does just that. Plus, for once Esme sounded sincere when she said she wasn’t the hooker, and I’m starting to think she’s not.

Lucy’s In Trouble!

I’m finding it hard to have any sympathy for Lucy right now. Anna and Valentin both told her to back off from Victor, but she wouldn’t listen. And while she did provide them with the dirt on that no-good deputy mayor Ashby, she got found out by Victor for eavesdropping on his call. And how the heck did she get her lipstick on the phone? Never once have I put my mouth on a phone to that degree!

Don’t quit your day job, Lucy, because you are a terrible spy. (ABC screenshot)

Now Victor is onto her and gifted her with more diamonds, but this time the necklace has a bug in it. Lucy better watch her mouth, and her back! I was glad to see Martin back in town, and hopefully, he can talk some sense into Lucy because she’s playing with fire getting too involved in these spy games.

Ava’s Big Mistake

As Ava teeters on forgiving and taking back Nikolas, she’s getting a lot of feedback. First Portia told her that she hoped she walked away from Nikolas and never look back. Then there was Sonny, who had a hilarious reaction to Ava hinting where she was thinking about moving to, and blurted out, “Don’t tell me!” Sonny and Ava’s newfound relationship, which I’m not sure what to call it, has been surprisingly fun to watch evolve. When they aren’t at each other’s throats, they are good together.

Of course, Ava and Nikolas’ reunion clearly won’t happen once she finds out about Esme. Frankly, though, I don’t see Esme carrying to term. I wouldn’t count out the old soap trope of a fight and tumble down the steps at Wyndemere. Though if Esme isn’t the hooker, I could also see her becoming a victim and while she would survive, her baby wouldn’t.

Brando’s Memorial

Brando’s funeral service had several touching moments, and some aggravating ones as well. I was moved by Sonny’s support of Gladys, refusing to let her leave town, and telling her that she’d always be family. And my jaw almost hit the floor when Olivia complimented Nina and told her that the set up at the Metro Court Gardens was beautiful and well done. I think Nina was just as shocked.

We’re still not okay with the show killing off Brando. (ABC screenshot)

Of course, then came Michael… who just couldn’t handle watching Nina being kind to Sasha and Gladys, and seeing her with his father, so he had to go get a drink because he couldn’t stomach it anymore. I feel the same about watching you, Michael!

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Then there was Nina, who couldn’t help herself in her ongoing suspicions that something was going on between Willow and TJ. Nina, like Carly, tends to be her own worst enemy. She did have a point when she warned TJ that he doesn’t want Michael as an enemy. And while we know there is no affair going on, Michael still won’t be happy that Willow kept the truth from him about her cancer and has been leaning on TJ. I imagine he’ll have a problem that she was getting support from a man who’s not him.

Michael’s Vendetta

Michael and Sonny once again got into it, and Brando’s memorial wasn’t the place for it. Frankly, their fight there was downright tacky! While Sonny reaching out to his son was a nice gesture, it seemed they were making progress until Nina reappeared. The minute Michael saw her, he went off on his dad. It’s starting to feel like this is less about punishing Sonny and more about Michael’s issues with Nina and what she’s done to him and his family. If Nina were out of the picture, would Michael work things out with his dad?

Michael’s on his way to making trouble for himself. (ABC screenshot)

Dex made an excellent point to Michael that this goal of his to take Sonny down will make enemies of his siblings and family. Dante’s already had it with the feud and now believes Michael lied to him about Sonny torturing Dex. I’d like to see Michael cross a serious line in his determination to take Sonny down only to realize he’s become the very thing he’s currently claiming he hates about his father. And what’s bad for Sonny is bad for Ms. Wu, so it would be interesting to see Michael make an enemy of her in the process. Of course, she knows Sonny’s family is off-limits, but she’s a smart cookie and could likely find a way to hit Michael where it hurts, just not in a physical way.

The Vote in Jacksonville

After Carly’s impassionate plea to the Jacksonville Beautification Guild to save Virginia’s grave, she found out it didn’t make a lick spit of difference. Peyton gleefully told her she failed and would have to relocate Virginia’s remains. It’s looking like Carly’s time in Florida is coming to an end, but she’s been able to find closure with that part of her past and is realizing how important Drew is to her. This new and improved Carly likely won’t last though, because we know she’s still holding onto that not-so-little secret about Willow and Nina.

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Cody and Britt Are Short On Time

In grilling Cody about his blackmailing of Spinelli for a date with Britt of all things, he flashed back to learning she was Faison’s daughter. Hopefully, that means we will soon learn what in the heck he wants with Britt, and how Faison factors in. They have to wrap this up because Kelly Thiebaud is going to be off the show soon.

Just spit in the damn tube already! (ABC screenshot)

Britt’s departure is problematic for many reasons, aside from her becoming such an awesome and fun character. We still don’t know what Ms. Wu blackmailed her about doing with Faison years ago, and the show also just on Friday brought back up the fact that Peter left her a box of trinkets, which she swore to find out why someday. Honestly, I had completely forgotten about that! With so many unanswered questions and so little time left, I’m hoping Britt’s exit from the canvas is only temporary.

Oh, and when the heck is Cody going to take that damn DNA test?

Missing in Action

We got a break from the Ashford family drama, and I can’t complain about it. The show has been on overload with their story for a few weeks now, and it feels like it’s going nowhere. With November Sweeps around the corner, hopefully, the truth about Trina and Curtis will finally come out.

Likewise, Liz’s storyline was once again dropped like a hot potato. Again, November Sweeps better wrap this one up, because it’s become tiresome not only in how long it’s gone on but in the constant shifting of the storyline and what the heck it’s supposed to be about.

Whatever happened with Alexis’ and Gregory’s big published letter to the hook killer? It seemed like it was going to be a big deal, but like so many other storylines, it seems it’s gone nowhere.

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Finally, though Maxie mentioned a date with him, Austin’s been missing in action. When are we going to find out what the big mystery between him and his “family” is?

As always, these are only my opinions. Feel free to leave yours in the comments below!

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