General Hospital Served Up Two Villainous Returns and Esme’s Clearly Pregnant and the Hook Killer — Or Is That What They Want Us to Think?

October 3 - 7:

Esme and Cyrus return GH

Credit: ABC screenshot

Due to baseball, we had a shorter week on General Hospital. However, Thursday’s cliffhangers were doozies, all centering around Esme and the hook killer. Esme wasn’t the only return, as Cyrus was back to save Spencer, and Briana Lane temporarily filled in as Brook Lynn Quartermaine again. Let’s just jump into what went down in Port Charles this week.

She’s Back!

It was only a matter of time before Esme swam herself back to Port Charles, and it was very convenient she re-appeared the same week that Diane revealed that the hook killer is a woman. And it’s not just any woman, but a woman Diane is certain she knows but can’t place. Sure sounds like Esme, doesn’t it? And the hook struck again by the end of the week, taking out Oz Haggerty. Now it’s clear the killings aren’t tied to Sonny but are people who wronged Esme. It seems even Ryan, her psycho-dad, thinks Esme is the hook too. She tried to deny it, pointing out she barely knew Brando, but we know Joss was likely the real target that night. As I noted in last week’s column, General Hospital often goes with the obvious but tries to throw viewers off track with red herrings. Is this a case of going with the obvious? Because Esme seems a little too obvious. If the show intends to keep her around for the long run, having her be the hook isn’t the way to do so. And we still don’t know who her mother is.

Esme Ryan GH

Is that big coat to hide a big secret? (ABC screenshot)

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Esme also revealed to Ryan something shocking she claimed would destroy the Cassadines and send Ava running into Ryan’s arms. Okay, wait a minute. Has she caught her father’s delusions in thinking Ava would ever go back to Ryan? And while the big reveal didn’t happen on screen, it seems almost obvious that she’s pregnant with Nikolas’ child. Oh Uncle Victor, your help is needed here!

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Saved In the Nick of Time

Joss and Michael managed to save Dex from Sonny’s ringer, and both were appalled at the lengths Sonny went to to get a confession out of him. However, Sonny, who never used this guy before, had no idea the lengths Carver was willing to go to with the knives. Given these two know Sonny, his business, and his tactics, one would think they’d also know that’s not his style. And while we could go with the argument, “but Sonny’s changed after Nixon Falls!,” the Sonny that came back was a much more mellowed out one, not an increasingly vengeful and sadistic one. As many viewers have pointed out Michael and Joss have no beef with Sonny’s line of work when they are on his side AND it plays to their advantage somehow. Now though they have planted themselves on a moral high ground looking down on him.  And once again I am stunned that I’m somewhat defending Sonny here.

Dex strung up

Carver sees Dex shivering with antici… pation! (ABC screenshot)

Sadly, just as I feared last week, this turn of events has turned Dex against Sonny. He’s fully on team Michael and wants to see Sonny pay. I really wanted him to flip on Michael. The only hope of that happening left was Ava’s standing up for Dex to Sonny. She noted he could be trained to be a trustworthy and valuable asset. If Sonny can convince him he never intended to carve up his model-like face and body, maybe, just maybe, Dex can still flip.

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Then there is the matter of Joss. Joss is intrigued by Dex, and after Thursday’s episode, it’s more than ever apparent that he likes her too. He would rather avoid her altogether than have to lie to her about why he’s working for Sonny and reluctant to press charges against him. I for sure see him saving Joss from Esme at some point… I mean the hooker.

Spencer’s Holy Savior

The minute they were sending Spencer to Pentonville it was clear that Cyrus was going to turn up to protect him. And low and behold, he did just that, still preaching his hellfire and brimstone sermons from The Old Testament. Spencer was sharp in immediately suspecting Cyrus wanted something in return, but he keeps claiming he only wanted to save his family member and would have also done so for any child of God. Are we buying what he’s selling? It feels like it’s only a matter of time before Cyrus drops the act, and my guess is this new attitude is to miraculously make parole, or get a pardon as Sonny did, say when he steps in and saves Spencer again. Spencer won the week when Cyrus proclaimed he had a mighty weapon to stand up against the other inmates and his great-nephew answered, “Baptism?”

Cyrus returns GH

Cyrus returns to remind people to read their bible. (ABC screenshot)

Trina, Trina, Trina

Trina kept up with her, “I’m a grown-up” and “I’m not going to forgive Curtis ever!” crusade. I was glad by the end of the week, and after Portia informed her Curtis was going to mortgage The Savoy to help her, that she mended fences with Curtis. However it feels like this is just a band-aid, and it will soon be ripped off. Trina’s become one of my favorite characters not just of the younger crowd, but on the show, so I’d hate to see her ruined. It feels like she’s been hanging out with Joss a little too much, and Joss’ attitude is starting to rub off on her. When Portia’s secret finally comes out, Trina might just go nuclear.

Trina rants GH

Trina’s too old for milkshakes. Fortunately, she qualifies for an adult happy meal now! (ABC screenshot)

Singing in Sequins

The second Dante told Brook Lynn, in confidence, that Jordan was working to get Chase back on the PCPD, I thought, “Here we go again!” We’ll just skip over the fact that Dante told her police business he probably shouldn’t have. This is just going to be yet another hurdle in Chase and Brook Lynn’s relationship. When Chase found out she knew about this and didn’t tell her, he’ll blow his lid. It feels like all the growth Brook Lynn has done has been reset, and the sun, moon, and earth once again revolve around her and what she wants, namely her songs back from Linc.

Elton John called and wants his wardrobe back. (ABC)

The Woman at the Bottom of the Steps

This storyline is still moving at the pace of a slug, but after this week I felt a little more hopeful that things would pick up. After confiding in Terry about Reiko being the woman she saw at the bottom of the steps, and her fears that she or her father may have pushed and killed her, it felt like some progress was being made. Plus Terry offering to help Liz get to the truth made my day. Now let’s just hope it wasn’t all talk, and Terry will become a more prominent part of helping Liz solve this mystery.

Yuri is very into doctors and kissing, and kissing doctors. (ABC screenshot)

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Liz and Finn’s double date with Terry and Yuri was a lot of fun, but will we ever find out what happened between Yuri and Monica? I got a good chuckle when Finn asked Yuri what else besides boy bands he was into and Yuri’s response was, “Doctors.” Yuri always seems to put a smile on my face when he’s on.

Way Down in the Swamplands of Florida

I remain on the fence about Carly’s Nixon Falls-esque story down in Jacksonville. She is starting to show some growth in facing her past, dealing with forgiving herself, and now realizing she needs to re-invent herself as someone other than Caroline Benson or Carly Corinthos. Caroline Spencer perhaps? Drew being there to help her is a clear tactic to force them together, and us the audience, to try and accept them as a couple. I found it odd that Drew kept talking about his past in the navy, the skills he learned, and all the good he had done for people as if he was there. You read a file on yourself buddy, you still have Jason’s life inside your head!

Sonny isn’t the only one who gets to change their name to reinvent themselves. Oh wait, Carly did that already! (ABC screenshot)

Of course, then there is the problematic issue that the show has completely rewritten Carly’s past and killed off Reese as a teen, pretending like the character never came to Port Charles to seek revenge on Carly for stealing her life. Soaps are known to play fast and loose with storyline re-writes, but we are talking about erasing an entire character and her drama in Port Charles!

That’s all I’ve got for this week, and as always, these are just my opinions. Leave your own in the comments below!

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