Is [Spoiler] the Hook Killer After All? And General Hospital Finally Gave Us a Reason to Be on Team Jordan

September 26 - 30:

Is Esme the Hook?

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The hook made another attack, and fortunately for fans of Diane, they didn’t take her out. However, it’s starting to look like the hook’s identity is exactly who many suspected from the beginning. Vanna fans finally got the payoff they’ve been waiting for, and between the Sonny/Dex drama and Portia and Jordan’s huge confrontation, it seems like a lot of secrets are about to explode at once.

Mourning Brando

The scenes between Sasha, Gladys, and Nina were pure gold. Nina can be infuriating a lot of the time, especially when it comes to her “what if’ing” over Nelle, but she is a good and caring friend to those she loves. With Brando gone, I hope we aren’t going to lose Gladys too. Her character has grown so much, including in her relationships with Sasha and Sonny. It was nice to see her also acknowledge how good Nina has been to Sasha, as well as the fact that she and Sasha would always be family.

We already lost Brando, we can’t lose Gladys too! (ABC screenshot)

Diane Got the Hook

Though she got gutted, Diane proved she was the fighter we all love and wasn’t going to be taken down by the hooker. However, with her surviving, the hook is likely to up their game because their poison has been discovered. Joss confirmed to Dante what Brando also heard, that the hooker wore something that jingled. In last week’s column, I wasn’t completely convinced the attacks are related to Sonny, noting Diane is also connected to Trina’s trial as her lawyer. And while the PCPD doesn’t know it, we the audience saw the hook was initially going after Joss when Brando got in the way. With Avery Pohl returning soon as Esme, it looks like she could be the hook. Hopefully, that isn’t the case, because it would feel like a cop-out given she was the first person so many viewers suspected. Then again, General Hospital has a history of going with the obvious, while trying to make viewers feel that’s not the case by throwing out a lot of red herrings. In this case, Dex, the dog tags, and the attacks being about Sonny are the floppy fish.

Thankfully it doesn’t look like we’re losing Diane anytime soon. (ABC screenshot)

Strung Up On You

Sonny’s treatment of Dex after suspicion fell on him as the hooker was shocking. Some welcomed the return of the pre-Nixon Falls Sonny, but as we noted in an article it made Sonny appear stupid, which he’s not. And as annoying as Michael lecturing his father about Dex was, especially given he’s supposedly cut Sonny out of his life, he was right that Dex being the hooker made no sense. Of course, we know Dex is working for Michael, and Sonny seemed so close to connecting those dots. Unfortunately, he didn’t, making the torturing of Dex further frustrating. If Dex simply fessed up, Sonny would have no reason to let Carlos the ringer have his way with him. Plus, it would be great to see the smirk wiped off Michael’s face.

Dex was saved by the bell, a belle named Joss. (ABC screenshot)

I was also annoyed with the torture because I have been hoping Dex would turn on Michael and start to form an attachment to Sonny, but after this latest turn of events, that likely won’t happen. If anything, Dex will probably be more determined to help Michael take Sonny down. The one positive to come from this turn of events for Joss and Dex shippers was Joss stepping up to help clear Dex’s name, further pushing them together as a potential couple.

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What’s The Connection?

While the big question viewers have been waiting for an answer to, whether Cody is Mac’s son, appears to be close to being answered… another bizarre question popped up out of nowhere. Cody seemed to recognize Austin’s last name, or at least the Gatlin portion he took from his mother. Austin also appeared to act oddly when Maxie was going over Dominique, Mac, and Leopold’s history. We already have enough questions about Cody’s backstory and Austin’s as well, so why oh why are they further complicating things by linking these two? Then again, given the way this soap tends to operate, that morsel might be one of those things the writers dropped on us, but have no intention of immediately exploring and are saving for further down the road.

Huh? Say What? Austin and Cody have a connection and not just the fact that they are staring into space together. (ABC screenshot)

The Family Business

Speaking of Austin, what is his real connection to Mason? Are they cousins? If so, does that mean their employer, who has been hinted to be a female, is family? As Mason mentioned, Austin can’t quit the family business no matter how much he might want to. Are they a family? Or are we talking about a mob family type of organization? And after Mason informed Austin to be on the lookout for a patient coming in, all it ended up being was some injured guy. That initially had a lot of intriguing potential, but now it just seems that Austin is the “family’s” patch and fix-it guy. I hope I’m wrong and there is more to this.

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The Cassadine Love Fests

With Esme on her way back to Port Charles, Nikolas’ big confession to Ava in an attempt to win her back already feels pointless. But as the saying goes, it’s the thought that counts! And Ava, for some reason, is thinking about forgiving Nikolas. On a basic level, they are right for one another given all the twisted things both have done. Still, Ava forgiving Nikolas for boinking Esme seems so out of character for her, because love her or hate her, Ava is a fierce and formidable woman, and a prideful one a that. That’s why I was a bit relieved that by the end of the week she told Nikolas she was moving in with Nina as she’s not ready to be under the same roof as him.

Valentin wasn’t the only one who has waited forever to finally make love to Anna. (ABC Screenshot)

It feels like it took forever, but Valentin and Anna finally hit the sheets, and what a steamy scene it was. These two were literally on fire, as they got passionate by the fire. Their discussion about their flaws was also very raw and emotional, especially Valentin admitting his fears over Charlotte’s predicament while acknowledging the problematic way in which she was brought into the world.

The High and Mighty Ashfords and Robinsons

I was glad to see Curtis eat a little crow and thank Sonny for taking care of his father and respecting his privacy when he realized Marshall was on anti-psychotics. However, Curtis’ constant preaching about honesty, and the way he’s treating Jordan, remains an issue. Kudos to Jordan for taking it like a champ and protecting Stella and her mistake.

Making Trina hate on Curtis again pretty much seals the deal that he’s her father. (ABC screenshot)

Then there was Portia, who somehow has tried to make the secret she’s keeping about Trina’s father all about Jordan wanting Curtis back. I’ve always liked Portia, but after how both she and Curtis are acting towards Jordan, I’m all for their lives imploding when the truth comes out. Sure, both she and Curtis think the divorce issue is all Jordan’s fault, but they are acting like Jordan is scheming to keep Curtis to herself. I’ve always found Jordan to be a bit problematic, mainly because she’s so bad at her job, but I’ve finally found something to root for regarding her. Please oh please Jordan, don’t take the high road for once and just tell Curtis the truth!

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Finally, after becoming close to Curtis throughout her trial these past few months, Trina suddenly has a problem with him overstepping and trying to protect her. This 180 in their relationship feels a bit lazy as if they had to all of a sudden make Trina have problems with Curtis before it comes out that he is her father. It’s also exactly what they are doing with Nina and Willow.

As always, these are only my opinions. Please join the conversation and leave your thoughts on the characters and stories in the comments below!

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