Deconstructing GH: A week of betrayals, secrets, but not forgiveness

September 5 - 8 :


Overall there was some predictability in several of the storylines, especially with Sonny and Ava. However, the diamond story continues to get more interesting, and Hayden’s final scenes were heartbreaking and infuriating. Betrayals and forgiveness, or the lack of forgiveness, were recurring themes in Port Charles this week.

Hayden’s final scenes poured more salt in fresh wounds.
Hayden running out on Finn was cruel in so many ways. She lied to him and told him that she lost their baby due to a complication, which she probably thought would make it easier for him to forget her. However, that lie just compounds the loss he’s feeling in losing her as well. Given that Finn is still fresh out of recovery, how could Hayden not realize this could push him off the wagon? It was great to see Finn check himself into rehab to prevent that from happening. With the outcry of viewers on the move to let Rebecca Budig go from the higher ups at “General Hospital,” hopefully they will rethink this decision and bring her back as Hayden ASAP.

A new big bad, or an old villain back again?
Anna and Andre’s search into Spencer’s diamond led them to a woman named Cassandra Peirce in Europe who has been involved in selling stolen jewels. It appears she may have been involved in stealing the necklace from Nina’s shoot, and who Valentin reached out to get it back. The woman’s name is a known alias, so she could be anyone really. I mentioned in last week’s Deconstructing GH that many hope this is a way to bring back Nikolas Cassadine, though it would have to be a recast seeing that Tyler Christopher has joined Days of our Lives. Given that Andre noted Cassandra was involved in some extremely nasty crimes that even Valentin may have wanted to steer clear of, could she be Helena? After all, Valentin dealt with her before in selling her the Chimera. This could explain why Nikolas had the jewels and Spencer got one of them. If Helena is alive, she could also possibly have Nikolas, who many believe was poisoning her. The theory is that she knew about Nikolas’ plot and revealed this in the cryptic painting she left him in her will featuring her drinking tea.

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An ex-mobster, a doctor and a priest.
Ava’s attempt to give comfort to Griffin after he lost his young patient backfired in a huge way when she misinterpreted his feelings for her and planted a kiss on him. He quickly shot her down, stating he only wanted to be her friend and help her after her accident. I have to side with Ava. Griffin was being a bit hypocritical, and using his priesthood as a crutch. He should have realized a woman in her condition being given such strong attention from a man was bound to get the wrong message. I like Griffin and Ava together and hope this isn’t the end for them. Predictably though it sent Ava, who thinks Griffin may have been tempted to betray his vows if it weren’t for her face, running to Valentin for his miracle fix.

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Married to the mob.
Fans continue to cry foul on social media and on’s message board about the Sonny show and constant propping up of Sonny, Carly, Jason and Sam. Many are equally annoyed that Sam was so quickly forgiven for shooting Sonny because she was ill. Likewise, Carly, Jason and Sonny often have excuses for those they’ve wronged, but they continued to treat Franco like dirt when he tried to give Sam his condolences about Jason. I really hoped Sam might begin to see things differently after what she went through, but it doesn’t look like that is happening. It also doesn’t look like Sonny is getting out of the mob, which is not unexpected. The writers seem to love all things Sonny and the mob. Hopefully they’ll begin to listen to the viewers and at least balance out the storylines.

Franco’s Jason obsession.
Franco began to suspect that his not-so-imaginary friend was in fact Jason Morgan given a photo of Jason as a child looked exactly like the mystery boy in the photo with Franco. Franco thinks this may explain his obsession with Jason, though it’s likely the little boy is just Jason’s look-a-like that is going to be played by Steve Burton. Scott suggested if anyone would have answers about the photo and the boy it would be Heather. I love Heather and can’t wait to see what insane story she comes up with this time. She already tried to pass Jason and Franco off as brothers, so I wonder now if she’ll claim there was a secret twin after all and it just wasn’t Franco.

Maxie sets her eye on Crimson.
Maxie made a plea to Nina for her job back at Crimson, which made me so happy. Maxie belongs there, and her and Nina were great together. However Nina just can’t trust Maxie after she betrayed her to help Lulu get closer to Charlotte. I was so glad that Maxie pointed out that Nina’s forgiven countless others who betrayed her, including Valentin. Nina needs to get over it!

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– Dustin Cushman


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