Brando’s Death on General Hospital Stung — But Liz’s Story Is a Mess, While Victor’s Has Run Ashore and Is Stuck

September 18 - 23:

Brando Liz Victor GH

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This week on General Hospital felt like a rollercoaster. At times it was exhilarating, at other times I just wanted to get off because it was giving me a headache. The hook killer is still the best thing the ABC soap has going on, and it appears they’re finally putting more of an emphasis on storylines that have been mostly on the back burner. Still, some of them feel like they are on repeat with the dialogue.

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Who Hooked Brando Corbin?

In last week’s column, I felt that Brando waking up could be a fake-out, and indeed it was. The hook struck twice, and it was a deadly toxin that ended up killing Brando and not the impaling. I can’t believe they’d do this to Sasha, and part of me hopes they have faked his death to lure the killer out. However it does seem that the character is gone, and as we’ve pointed out, it could play into a storyline of a “dying” Willow pushing Michael and Sasha back together.

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Before he died, Brando recalled the killer jingled in a sense, as if they were wearing something similar to a charm bracelet. Immediately in the next scene, Dex’s dog tags clinked together to make a sound. By the end of the week, Diane was the next to be attacked, and again Dex was left behind by Sonny to lock up after she was done going over Brando’s legal papers. It all just seems a little too obvious they are setting Dex up, so it isn’t going to end up being him. And with it appearing the killer is going after people close to Sonny, it seems unlikely it’s Rory. Then again, Diane did defend Trina and prove Esme as the guilty party in the sex tape. I’m not convinced the killings have to do with Sonny just yet, and could still be tied to Trina.

Diane is attacked GH

First Brando, now Diane… Hopefully, Finn has an antidote for the poison! (ABC screenshot)

Seeing the killer has two hands, Ryan is out, but Esme could still be a contender if it’s about Trina. Because of the snake poison used on the hook, my mind has been leaning towards Peter or Faison back from the dead, though I can’t see why they’d go after Ava, Joss, Brando, or Diane. There is also crazy Cassandra Peterson who blew up on a boat, but again, why would she attack these people? The storyline has me hooked though, pun intended.

Way Down in Jacksonville

Some viewers are already calling Carly’s Jacksonville storyline her Nixon Falls arc. No doubt Drew is probably going to be joining her in Florida in no time. As I said last week though, what is the point of this? Is it simply to keep Carly out of town as Willow gets worse, so she can’t notice and reveal the truth about Nina? Will it lead to a revelation for her? A turning point and a new direction? Then they’ve got this Poltergeist-like story going on with a cemetery being relocated, and it happens to be where Virginia is buried. I’m just not sure why I’m supposed to care about this. Hopefully, it doesn’t drag on as long as the Nixon Falls storyline did.

Carly visits Virgina

Hey mom, sorry I haven’t been back to visit, and that they’re digging you up. (ABC screenshot)

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Liz’s Ever Changing Storyline

I’m just going to come out and say it, Liz’s storyline is a hot mess! Are the writers just flipping a coin each week to choose a new direction? We’ve gone from Franco haunting Liz to Liz seeming to be suffering from DID. Then it became about her father in some way, and now Finn’s dead wife Reiko is the woman Liz was fighting with and was possibly pushed down the stairs.

Liz draws Reiko GH

What does Finn’s dead wife have to do with Liz, Sarah, and Jeff? (ABC screenshot)

Things got even wackier when Liz saw Reiko’s photo on Finn’s phone, and he told her that he’d been thinking about her because a recent case reminded him of a good friend they lost in the Mariana Islands. Liz rushed home and low and behold found an old photo of herself and Sarah where else, in the Mariana Islands! She had to have been about Liz’s age back then, so was Jeff having an affair with a teenager? Could Reiko still be alive? Can this storyline get any more out there?

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At this point, I want to throw myself down a set of stairs. For the love of the almighty, someone please make this story make sense! Actually at this point, just wrap it up so we can move on from this nightmare.

The Haunted Star Sets Sail

Victor abducted Lucy on the Haunted Star for their lunch date, where he once again began spewing about the dangerous storm to come which was going to be earth-shattering, and only he could potentially save everyone. He’s been spouting this since he appeared over a year now. Let’s move this along, shall we? I’m interested in where this is going, but it’s just taking too damn long to get there. We’ve been in the air forever now, so it’s time to land this plane, or at least begin the descent.

Lucy and Victor romance GH

Lucy’s going to have some ‘splaining’ to do when Victor finds out she’s playing him! (ABC screenshot)

That’s all I’ve got this week. As always these are just my thoughts and opinions. Join the conversation below and leave your comments.

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