The Hook Killer Story Has Brought Excitement Back to General Hospital — and Has Viewers Taking Stabs Guessing Their Identity

September 12 - 16:

The hook killer kills GH

Credit: ABC screenshot

The hook killer struck again this week on General Hospital, and the story has breathed new life into the soap, pun intended. For the past few weeks, it’s felt like not much has been happening in Port Charles, and now everything seems to be happening at once. Plus the storyline has fans talking about who the hooker could be.

Who is the Hooker?

I’m loving the hook-wielding attacker storyline, even if they completely stole the look of the hooker and their method of attack from I Know What You Did Last Summer. It’s a fun, classic soap serial killer storyline, and we haven’t had one since Ryan. Plus it’s always entertaining to speculate who the killer is in these storylines, and who will be the next victim.

Brando attacked on GH

The hooker knows what Brando did last summer. (ABC screenshot)

The hooker first attacked Ava, then it looked like they were going after Joss until Brando got in the way. Sonny, after learning Joss left Charlie’s right before the attack, appears to believe there is a connection. But is it to himself, or someone else? After all, Ava and Joss are connected through Trina as well. The most likely person the hooker could be is Esme, and this could be a case of “like father, like daughter.” However, she seems too easy of a choice. Many viewers are looking at Rory, and even Dex, as the assailant. Dex could be the would-be-killer, as Joss noted she couldn’t seem to find him to return his glasses after they both just left Charlie’s. And now Dex is also on Dante’s radar.

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As for Brando, I can’t imagine the writers would kill Liam and then Brando. Does someone at the ABC soap have it out for poor Sasha’s character? Fortunately, by Friday he made it through surgery and opened his eyes, and the teasers for Monday showed Portia questioning him about the attack. It appears Brando, like Ava, has made it… Then again, it wouldn’t be the first time we were given false hope and Brando could take a sudden turn for the worse.

Cody, Card Shark and Horse Tamer

So Cody has now gotten mixed up with Ms. Wu and her card game racket,learly he will regret. I love Ms. Wu though, so the more we get to see her the better. I thought the scenes between Cody and Leo were adorable, but at the same time, it was clear they were purposefully written to soften Cody’s jerky attitude and awful introduction.

We still need answers about Cody though, and I am thinking we probably won’t get them all until November Sweeps. In his chat with Dante, he mentioned the trouble they both got into in the past, and saving Dante’s hide. Cody noted something along the lines of, “Hey, there wasn’t any reason for us both to get in trouble.” What exactly did they do? It sounds like it was a lot more than camp pranks, and that Cody had a serious run-in with the law.

Dex is Team Who?

While he’s no Jason, I’m really starting to enjoy Dex. His dumpster diving session with Joss, and her joking if he goes around looking for opportunities to take off his shirt, was comical. My jaw also hit the floor when she told Dex that she misjudged him and didn’t want to not tell him so as that would make her a hypocrite. Sorry to tell ya Joss, but you come from a family of them!

As I noted in last week’s column when Joss learns Dex’s working for Michael it’s bound to cause problems for their potential as a couple. Cam already seems to be catching on that Joss is running into Dex a lot, something she doesn’t want him to know just how much. Joss is already keeping secrets from her boyfriend about another guy… Like mother, like daughter.

Dex in trouble GH

Is Dex a good guy, or a deranged killer? (ABC Screenshot)

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Dex’s chat with Michael was interesting, especially him noting he doesn’t hate Sonny. That’s okay Dex, you weren’t hired to hate him, and Michael has enough hate in his heart for the both of you. I would still like to see Dex flip on Michael in the end and join Sonny’s side. Then again, some have suggested Dex is the hooker, which means Michael’s revenge obsession has brought him and his reign of terror into their lives. That would be a bad look for Michael, who claims he’s doing all this to protect his family from Sonny.

Carly’s Adventures in Jacksonville

From the bumpy ride to Aruba forcing an emergency landing in Jacksonville, to the cat lady in the airport, and finally a reunion with Reese’s mom at her hotel, Carly sure had a week. While I enjoyed the well-acted confrontation between Peyton Honeycut and Carly, and Carly facing her past in all of the places in her hometown, it all felt out of place. What was the point? Is Carly going to grow from this experience? It just felt like filler, and with the hooker story, enough is going on that we don’t need filler.

Caroline Benson, you seduced my husband with your dirty pillows! (ABC screenshot)

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Couple Conundrums

Liz’s confession to Ava about Nikolas’ shaky alibi led Ava and Nikolas to have an honest talk about their relationship, Nikolas ruining everything, and what future if any they have. As much as I loved them together, Nikolas’ character has been so ruined that I don’t find myself shipping them any longer. Nikolas describing to Ava that he’d never hire someone to kill her, he loves her too much that he’d do it himself with his own two hands was terrible. Way to “kill” the romance buddy.

What is Nikolas doing to Ava?

Love means doing the crime himself in Nikolas’ opinion. (ABC screenshot)

Liz, Finn and the search for what’s behind Liz’s troubling memory has stalled again. But what else is new? How are we expected to be invested in this story when it is only front and center every now and then? The same goes for Anna and Valentin and their quest to take down Victor and save Charlotte.

Spencer may be in Pentonville, but he’s still on a lot of people’s minds and lips. Poor Rory had to sit through another conversation about Spencer with Trina. He really should step out of this triangle before he gets too invested in Trina because it seems obvious he’s going to get his heart broken.

Rory and Trina talk about Joss GH

Run Roy, run! (ABC screenshot)

Hallelujah to the words that came out of Chase’s mouth to BLQ that maybe they should drop the whole revenge on Linc operation because it could cause problems for them as a couple. Sadly, but not unexpected, Brook Lynn shot that idea down. These two are the most frustrating duo on the show at the moment.

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Curtis confronts Jordan about divoce GH

Family isn’t always about blood. (ABC screenshot)

Jordan covering for Stella in the mystery of what happened to the divorce papers was an interesting twist, and their conversation about always being family was well-written and touching. Jordan and Stella have come such a long way. Unfortunately, now Curtis suspects Jordan didn’t file the papers on purpose. I’m trying to have empathy for Curtis, seeing how so many women in his life are lying to him, but he’s been a little too preachy lately. One thing is for sure, both he and Stella will not be happy when Portia’s lie about Trina is exposed. And while she’s trying to be a by-the-books commissioner lately, it shouldn’t be that difficult for Jordan with her resources to run a DNA test on Trina and Curtis and just find out the truth once and for all.

That’s all I have for this week. Please leave your own opinions in the comments below. Who do you think the hooker is?

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