Nelle’s Big Return to General Hospital Was a Bust — and Trina Missing Spencer Before He Went to Prison Was Heartbreaking

September 5 - 9:

Nelle big let down GH

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This week on General Hospital provided several interesting storyline developments, but also highlighted the issue of certain episodes ending with mini-cliffhanger, and then the next few episodes completely shifted focus to other storylines. Then there is the matter of Elizabeth finally having a breakthrough last week that she needed help, but was completely absent this week. Let’s just get right into what happened in Port Charles.

A Nightmare of Nelle

Like many viewers, I was happy when we saw the end of Nelle, though we all know that dead is never dead on a soap. When Esme plummeted to her “death,” many suspected she’d be rescued by the not-dead-Nelle, and it was a good guess especially since news broke last week of Chloe Lanier’s brief return to the soap. And while I’m not eager to have Nelle fully back just yet, her return still fell flat for me. I didn’t mind her haunting Willow, and as Willow is clearly growing weaker, that could make a good storyline. Given she’s keeping the truth from Michael, he might suspect she was going crazy if she keeps seeing Nelle! However, it seems like this was just a one-and-done appearance.

Surprise Mom! GH

Hey mom, thanks for visiting and doing the lord’s work in Nixon Falls! (ABC screenshot)

The encounters at the cemetery had me rolling my eyes. Nina was once again playing the “what if I raised Nelle” game, Willow and Nina got into it yet again, and Carly was as nasty as ever gloating everyone was better off without Nelle. She’s not wrong, but knowing that she’s also keeping the truth about a second daughter from Nina just made Carly look petty. Plus they both acted la was starting the drama when they encroached upon her. I’m really looking forward not only to the explosions when the truth comes out but the fact that it will probably cost Carly her boy scout Drew.

The Truth May Set Trina Free?

Last week when Spencer penned his feelings down for Trina, I was sure that letter would pass through several different hands. Shockingly this was one soap trope that didn’t come to pass. While Trina briefly had it, Spencer snatched it away. Fortunately, Ava came to the rescue and finally told Trina what Cam, Joss and even Spencer wouldn’t, that he had always believed in her and was using Esme to try and find evidence to clear her. Watching Trina’s face light up said it all, as did the way she rushed out to try and see Spencer before he was transferred to Pentonville. It’s clear who she wants, but Ava’s advice to choose the person who will do right by her will linger with her. Sadly Trina was too late to see Spencer… and it was Rory who told her that she just missed him.

Trina learns the truth GH

Joss and Cam be damned, Ava spilled the tea to Trina about Spencer. (ABC Screenshot)

I can’t imagine Spencer is actually going to be in Pentonville for three months of real-time. As I’ve said before, there isn’t much of a story there for him. That is unless Cyrus shows up to torment him. Then there is Rory and Trina, who just took the jump into making things between them official. How will Rory react to seeing Trina sprinting to the station to see Spencer? Will Trina tell him the truth about the letter, and what will that mean? This show wasn’t supposed to be the final show of the week, but it did make for a good cliffhanger.

Divorces and Dads

There is still another truth Trina is unaware of, and that’s that Curtis is likely her father. Okay, we all know he is, but we haven’t heard Portia say it out loud yet. But Jordan is getting closer and closer to proving it, especially after TJ told her about Stella having a DNA match in Port Charles, and Trina admitting she took a test as part of a high school class. How much longer are they going to drag this out? I had to Google to remember when it was first hinted at, and it was back in 2019!

At least Stella seemed to finally remember she stole Jordan and Curtis’ divorce papers and tipped them off in a sly way, making Curtis realize he never got his finalized divorce papers. Again, it’s been how long and you are finally just realizing that? And this is a former cop and private eye!

Without Carly, nobody is apparently intimidated by Sonny anymore. (ABC Screenshot)

As for the potential pop and former private eye, I found Curtis’ sudden problem with Sonny a joke. Sonny refused to do one thing for him, and now he’s acting like Sonny did a terrible wrong to him. Watching Marshall back his son up and tell Sonny to leave his son’s club only made it worse.

DNA Tests on the Sly

The soap continues to not-so-subtly beat us over the head with the fact that Cody probably almost certainly is Mac’s son. With Maxie flipping and no longer team Cody, telling Britt she was wrong about him and he is hiding something, yeah that pretty much guarantees he’s going to be her stepbrother. Cody has rubbed a lot of viewers the wrong way from the get-go, but Maxie turning on him seemed to be a bit of a stretch for me. It was clear he and Britt were joking around when the idea of sucker-punching Mac came up. And yeah, joking about violence isn’t funny, but Maxie’s reaction was a little over the top. It felt like the writers just needed a way to invent tension between them before the big reveal about Cody.

How many red shirts does Cody have? (ABC Screenshot)

Credit: ABC screenshot

I did get a good chuckle when Felicia told Mac that it was his choice to find out whether Cody was his son, but she couldn’t stop Maxie from doing a DNA test on the sly. The big question is, how long are we going to have to wait for one of those? Between Curtis and Trina, and Nina and Willow, this is now a third of these stories going on. It’s a little too much at once, and they should resolve at least one before adding another in the mix.

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While I am not someone who usually cares too much about fashion on the soaps, Cody’s red shirt is rubbing me the wrong way. Not that I dislike it… but does he own anything else?

A Cry for Help

First things first, what was Lucy thinking in taking Sasha to a public place to ask her to step down as the face of Deception? Did she really think Sasha was going to take the news well? That said, Sofia Mattsson continues to hit it out of the park as the grieving and falling apart Sasha. And can we all shout “Amen!” now that her latest breakdown has finally caused her to realize she needs help? But just like that, we never returned to the story to find out what happened next. This is a major problem the show continues to have.

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Burying a Good Mystery

Like many, I did not like that they killed off Franco and then brought in hippie-dippie Austin for Roger Howarth to play. While I’m still not liking him and Maxie as a couple at all, his mysterious backstory is the one storyline that has me intrigued the most right now. Is Mason really his cousin? Who is their mystery female boss? And who is this patient coming to GH that Mason ordered Austin to take an interest in? I’d actually like to see them push this story more to the front burner.

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That’s all I have for this week. As always, these are simply my thoughts. Please leave your own in the comments below!

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