Leo’s Love Potion Pushed Several Couples’ Stories Forward — and Friday’s Cliffhanger Was Off the Hook

August 22 - 26:

Leo's love potion leads BLQ and Chase to kiss GH

Credit: ABC screenshot

Unlike the past few weeks on General Hospital, this week moved several stories forward and gave viewers a lot of fun scenes at the Quartermaine picnic. And once again the ABC soap showed it knows how to do a Friday cliffhanger like no others. Let’s dive into what went on in Port Charles.

The Sicilian Thunderbolt

At first, I thought the Nona’s old-world love potion bit was going to turn out to be corny, but I have to say it led to a fun couple of episodes. Plus it finally gave Chase and Brook Lynn the push they needed to admit their feelings. Olivia and Ned’s reaction to Leo telling them he saw Brook Lynn and Chase kissing, “It’s about time!” was hysterical and said it all. And that was some kiss. I just wish now that they’ve admitted their feelings and jumped into whatever they are calling this relationship that they’d give up on the whole Linc revenge scheme. Yeah, we know BLQ isn’t going to let that go and it’s only going to cause big trouble for them.

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BLQ and Chase Kiss

To quote Ned and Olivia, “It’s about time!” (ABC screenshot)

Dante and Sam’s continued conflict over Lulu’s memory and moving in together was resolved, but it still fell flat. I have yet to be given a reason to like these two as a couple or even root for them. And with Sam seemingly being upset that Drew had something going on with Carly, it doesn’t help me want to ship them. It felt like Sam only agreed to move in with Dante, who is moving in with her, simply because Drew wasn’t pining over her any longer.

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As for Drew and Carly, to quote Dr. Evil from Austin Powers, “How bout Nooooooo!” I love them as friends, but as lovers? It just feels like she’s replacing Jason with his brother on some level. Perhaps time will tell and they’ll prove me wrong, but it’s going to take a good storyline to win me over to team Carly and Drew.

Carly and Drew kiss GH

To borrow a line from Simon Cowell, “It’s a no from me.” (ABC screenshot)

Yuri and Terry appear to have been the lucky two to get Leo’s thunderbolt potion, though I guess we’ll never know who drank the love juice. I’m thrilled to see Terry getting a second shot at romance, and also love the idea of getting more Yuri on our screens. But what about poor Monica? Well, you snooze you lose Monica, and Terry and Yuri already are proving to be a lot of fun.

Yuri and Terry Flirt

These two have more chemistry than most after only two episodes. (ABC screenshot)

Willow’s Decision

I pretty much called it in last week’s column when I said Willow would find another excuse not to tell Michael about having leukemia. Now she’s just waiting till her second trimester to start chemo and tell Michael. Yeah, we all know this isn’t going to end well. Plus, the ever-lurking Nina seems to be jumping to the conclusion that Willow and TJ have something going on after clearly misunderstanding what she heard while TJ was on the phone with Molly. I like Nina, but she just can’t seem to keep from screwing herself with her actions.

Meanwhile, watching Michael once again snap at Sonny when he made an appearance at the picnic had me rolling my eyes as always. Michael’s constant nastiness towards Sonny is only ruining his character more and more with each of these scenes. I’m expecting it to be one of these lash-outs that Willow’s cancer causes a health crisis, and Michael will blame Sonny for causing stress for Willow and the baby.

Pool Proposal

The reaction several characters had to Curtis’ pool proposal, “You proposed how?” was pretty funny. However, it was a clever use of the set. The whole proposal though was just a way to push Trina’s parentage storyline forward, and it’s about time they did so. Portia, making the classic soap mistake of discussing personal business in public, was overheard by Jordan making a genetic counseling appointment for Trina. So Jordan has finally figured it out, but will she reveal the truth to Curtis? The real question is not will she tell him, but how long will she sit on it before telling him?

Curtis portia engaged GH

Don’t get too attached to that ring, Curtis hates lies! (ABC screenshot)

The proposal should hopefully push Aunt Stella… where are you Aunty?… to recall stealing the divorce papers and then them getting ruined. Though, shouldn’t Jordan and Curtis wonder why they never got any official notice of their divorce? And will Curtis get arrested for bigamy when he and Portia go to file for marriage?

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Ava’s Not Off the Hook Yet

I’ve found myself feeling for Spencer lately. He knows he’s lost Trina. Heck, he’s distancing himself from her so she can be happy with Rory. Plus not only is he headed to Pentonville for three months but now he’s found out his dad banged Esme. Nicholas Chavez once again knocked it out of the park in his scenes as Spencer reacting to his father’s betrayal, and I could see him winning another Daytime Emmy for his work. And as if I already didn’t hate what Nikolas’ character has become, his blaming Ava for purposely sabotaging his relationship with Spencer, and bringing up the fact that she’d never get to fix things with Kiki, was lower than low.

Hook hand killer GH

Here’s ‘hooking’ at you! (ABC screenshot)

Credit: ABC screenshot

Friday’s cliffhanger, with Ava getting hooked in the stomach, was something else. They played it that it was Mason, fearing she heard too much when he was talking with Austin, who gave her the hook. However, could it have been a drunk Spencer? An angry Nikolas? Or is it Esme back from the dead?

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Mac Meet Your Son?

Mac’s reaction to meeting Cody seemed very telling. He didn’t see Leopold in the man at all, but could see Dominique… and maybe he saw himself too. He was shaken by Cody’s looks. And what with Felicia and Mac recently discussing if Mac regretted not having any biological children of his own, it looks like they are setting Cody up to be his kid. As I’ve said before, Cody’s rubbed so many viewers the wrong way with his attitude and treatment of Britt that the writers have to find some way to turn the character around at this point.

Cody meets Mac GH

Is Mac a father after all? (ABC screenshot).

Liz’s Past Trauma

Originally I assumed Finn had called Liz’s mother Carolyn, but now we know it was Sarah he called. With Liz discovering her sister calling Finn, and having another flashback of fighting with another woman at the top of the stairs over Jeff,  it seems this storyline has received the push it needs to go somewhere. As much as it’s dragged on for far too long, Rebecca Herbst is doing a great job portraying Liz’s emotions as being all over the place.

As always, these are simply my opinions. Please leave your own in the comments below.

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