Trina’s Exoneration Was Almost the Perfect Ending General Hospital Fans Deserved — Plus, Liz’s Story Has Our Heads Spinning

August 15 - 19:

Liz and the secret staircase GH

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Trina’s trial finally came to a close on General Hospital, ending at least one drawn-out storyline, though maybe not to everyone’s satisfaction. Willow’s story continues to follow predictable soap tropes, while Liz’s is all over the place. The Cassadines coming together to contain the Esme fallout looks to have potential, but Victor still hasn’t elaborated on this big bad threat headed their way.

Trina’s Stunning Exoneration

I almost had to pinch myself to make sure it happened, but Trina is finally free. Not only was she exonerated, but she didn’t have to rely on Dex, Sonny, and the jury tampering to win. I noted in last week’s column this was the satisfaction fans needed in the resolution of this storyline. Well, seeing Esme go down would have been nice too, but I’ll take this win.

Baby, I think we need to go over the plan again, just to be safe. (ABC screenshot)

I was also stunned that the plan to wake Oz up worked, and it didn’t go all kinds of wrong. Because all Portia and Curtis did over the past two weeks was talk about the plan and how it could blow up in their faces. And boy did they talk about it, a lot, at every chance they got!

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Now if you are a Sprina fan, perhaps this trial didn’t end exactly as you hoped. However, we did at least get to hear Spencer admit that he loved Trina, as did Joss and Cam, though he’s naturally decided not to tell Trina. The decision to let Trina be happy with Rory is probably one of the noblest things Spencer’s done at this point. I can also see it coming back to bite him in the butt. Trina likely won’t be happy that Spencer once again kept the truth from her about his feelings, especially when they affect her life and choices. I also suspect Joss won’t be able to keep her mouth shut for long and will be the one to tell Trina the truth.

Trina and Rory probably should grab their happiness while they can, because now that the trial is over, that other explosive secret is probably going to come out. The show has beaten us over the head with the hints that Trina is Curtis’ daughter for months now, and Portia has been worried she’ll inherit Marshall’s genetic disposition for mental illness. Will the show go there with Trina after all they just put the character through?

Willow, Willow, Willow

Willow’s storyline has devolved into her coming up with excuses and reasons to wait in telling Michael about her leukemia. Next, I gather she’ll say she wants to wait to tell him after her first treatment, in hopes the response is positive. Then again, she may choose to forgo treatment and keep that from him. Willow should know Michael hates when people keep things from him.

How long can Willow keep lying? Nine months maybe? (ABC screenshot)

Then there is Nina, who we saw spying on TJ and Willow’s talk on the terrace, you know, where she was making excuses for not telling Michael she was sick. I suspect it won’t be long before Nina realizes Willow is sick and keeping it from Michael. It would be nice if Nina and Willow could use this as a way to make peace, and help Willow, but that’s probably not going to happen. More than likely Nina will try to use the information to her advantage. And while soaps play fast and loose with time, I hope they don’t follow the natural order of a full nine months in seeing this story to its resolution.

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Liz’s Secret of the Stairs

Liz’s storyline has taken such a 180 that it’s making my head spin like the little girl’s in The Exorcist. We’ve gone from Liz’s self-haunting over Franco’s death to some secret involving her father and an incident when she was a young girl. If they somehow connect this to Heather Webber, it could potentially be a way to bring everything somewhat full circle. Otherwise, it feels as if the writers decided that Franco’s ghost was bombing, so they just completely shifted the focus onto Jeff and Carolyn now.

Someone get Nancy Drew on the case of Liz and the secret of the staircase! (ABC screenshot)

With Finn finally reaching out to Carolyn on Friday’s show, hopefully, this storyline will be wrapping up. However, the memory Liz had of the two young girls standing at the top of the staircase has me suspecting this is going to drag out through the fall for the spooky story factor. And doesn’t this feel like shades of Franco and Drew as kids and the secret of the other staircase?

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Team Cassadine

Ava headed back to Wyndemere lickity split once she learned Jordan was determined to find Esme. The “nothing brings two people who are at odds together like a dead body” plot was in full effect. Plus, now Ava is in part indebted to Victor for his quick thinking in throwing Jordan off the trail. However, for a supposedly savvy businessman, someone should tell Victor that MySpace isn’t what the kids are using anymore.

Valentin, have you heard of this thing called MySpace? You can get to it through AOL. (ABC screenshot)

Once again Victor, in meeting with Valentin, dropped the tease that the family needs to be united for the looming threat. This threat has been on the horizon for months now. Is it The Nothing coming all the way from Fantasia? Because it feels like this is a case where the story is being written as we are watching it unfold. Those were all references to The Neverending Story for those who may not have caught on.

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Odds and Ends

• What was the point of Dex’s big lie about his past that got Sonny all upset? To humanize him? To make us sympathize with him and realize he’s not a total jerk?

• Maxie’s comment to Britt that Scott is used to getting punched and Luke Spencer did it all the time was a great nod to the character’s history.

• Olivia’s tantrum over Nina and Sonny being together at the restaurant, and then running to tattle to Carly, was over the top. This isn’t junior high girls! If the Metro Court starts to suffer it’s going to be Olivia’s doing at this point for refusing to put the business first and try and work with Nina.

• As news of Cody’s biological heritage spread, it seemed like more people were focused on the Bell name rather than the fact he was Dominique’s child. It feels like there is a clue there. Then again, as I noted last week, so many people hate Cody’s character and simply want him gone. Now the news has broken that Britt is headed off the show by fall, making this entire storyline dead on arrival.

• I feel I could have enjoyed Chase’s rock-n-roll fashion show a lot more if I cared about this storyline or if it wasn’t reduced to one episode a week.

• Where is Aunt Stella? She still needs to remember she stole Jordan and Curtis’ divorce papers.

• What happened to Miss Wu? She’s amazing and we need more of her!

These are only my opinions. Agree or disagree, please leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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